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  1. czerney

    Roll Call!

    I'm sure it's been >10 years for me. I forget. That said I've not been a regular visitor since the last issue.
  2. Thought I'd drop in - been a while! .....it has changed somewhat though! To think back 10 years ago or whatever it was...
  3. DE : AD : DE : AD : DE : AD The Dell R720 I've built blue screens at boot and some digging shows the virtual mac address assigned (via lifecycle controller interface) is the above. For those of you who may have come across this......n resolving has this been an issue with the PCI slot or is in fact a dead NIC ? Cheers
  4. czerney

    ESXi 5.1 Server

    Check out the VMware hardware compatibility guides before you put down any $ on hardware you don't have. http://www.vmware.com/resources/guides.html If you don't have a supported NIC you wont be able to complete the ESXi install. If you're going to run your VM's off your NAS you're going to want to have pretty good throughput for disk I/O to... depending on the load. In a home scenario having shared storage benefits (from a VMware POV) only if you're taking advantage of advanced clustering features such as HA / DRS - which of course requires vCenter Server.
  5. Needs are: - Reliable - Wireless (PC, mac, ipad, iphones etc) - GBit nics for PC - Support VPN Any recommendations? Prepared to pay a little extra for reliability.
  6. czerney

    Minor announcement.... I got married!

    Thanks guys :)
  7. I just realised I hadn't let anyone here know. Some might remember me from the days of "lilac" (and with whom I'm still friends) but since then I met a girl who I managed to convince to marry. We did the deed on 26th of May at Caversham House. Awesome weather on the day as well with rain the week before and the week afterwards. Will be sure to bring her along and introduce if us Perth guys catch up again! Been a while since I came to the last Lazarus sponsored lan!
  8. czerney

    Street safe suburbs in Perth

    Yeah def have to catch up again. Been a few years hasn't it!
  9. czerney

    Street safe suburbs in Perth

    Thanks for the tips guys. I've lived in Perth all my life and know the place well, but unless you live in a particular suburb or have friends in areas you pretty much don't know what each place is really like. Como is well located... Maylands perhaps. Yanchep would be great, but with family in Perth hills would make travelling a bit difficult. Other than that very compelling... Anyone know much about Vic Park?
  10. I live in Midland and whilst I've had no problem myself, my wife has on about five separate occasions been harrassed or scared by aborginals in the area since she moved in with me in Feb. To the point where she's pretty much fearful of leaving the house by herself. Midland's not the best of areas, although it's a huge amount better than it was when I bought 7 years ago. But given the situation, I'm looking to move. I have to do some research as haven't been keeping informed in realestate market... but can anyone recommend some 'safe' suburbs in Perth metro I could consider - or alternatively ones to ignore? I work in the city so something not too far out is preferrable. Cheers!
  11. czerney

    Motorbikes riding up center of traffic

    Well been a couple days and seems this subject has definitely drawn opinions. As someone who's ridden motorbikes, cycled to work, and now only drive a car think I'm fairly qualified to have an opinion: 1. The reasoning that a bike is SAFER because they can get in front of traffic - well that's only for 10 sec until they catch up with the traffic ahead of them and for this 10sec of SAFETY they are willing to take the risk of lane splitting to navigate to pole position. In my opinion this risk outweighs the benefits and makes this argument invalid. 2. I wouldn't support legislation that bans it altogether but I would support legislation that makes the rider 100% at fault if their actions cause damage to others. By damage I also mean the poor person who has to live with the fact that they accidentally killed a bike rider - that would be a hard thing to live with even if it wasn't their fault! 3. Chrisg.... re your comments on the bicycles riding on the road. Know exactly what you mean. They've just built a brand spanking new bike path right up along Guildford road near Bassendean, and on Monday arvo in the afternoon peak traffic I had to navigate carefully around a bike rider who still preferred to ride on the road when this path was about 3m away. How stupid can people get? 4. The person who posted earlier in the thread who's all up about drivers whinging really needs to wake up. I hope the kid that sees you waiving at them doesn't get to see you get killed because you not only split traffic, but you weren't paying attention. Anyway in the meantime, I'm going to make sure that I leave as much space as possible for bike riders to get past. Most of them do the right thing and at least that's a good thing.
  12. czerney

    Motorbikes riding up center of traffic

    I quickly memorised his number plate first thing I did but I guess once I saw there was no damage I cooled down a bit. I guess I'm not a big one for having confrontations where I can avoid it. I was extremely angry mostly because he didn't pull over straight away but in the back of my mind I was thinking this guy hasn't got long to live. I didn't add it to the OP but he never apologized (although I understand that due to insurance implications to admitting fault) but he made excuses about how the bike has been handling crap lately and needs a bit of work done.... as if it was a legitimate excuse rather than realising that it made his actions even more stupid! Sadly Darwins targetting system is off, and it's not the retard that gets killed it's an innocent.
  13. So what's your opinion on guys (or gals) riding their motorbikes up center of stationary rows of traffic to get to the front? As someone who's ridden motorbikes in the past I'd say more power to them. But couple of mornings ago I'm in my car on the inside lane in pole position waiting for the lights to change when theres a big bang on my left. I looked over and saw a bike rider had hit my left door mirror with his handle bar which flung him wobbling extremely badly into the intersection. How he managed to not fall off I don't know, but as luck would have it the lights had turned green at that moment so there were no other cars in the intersection otherwise pretty good chance he'd have been cleaned up. So the guy gains control of his bike and I'm pretty pissed off as you can imagine and drive up behind him flashing lights indicating to pull over. But he doesn't and guns it off the road and onto the on ramp of an intersecting main road. He wasn't really on a very powerful bike so I took off after him and proceeded to flash and hang on the horn till he ended up pulling over maybe 200 m down the road. It was heading into peak morning traffic so it wasn't really a chase so to speak... (so no speeding etc if you're thinking!) I got out and checked for damage and to my suprise there was only just the tiniest nick in the mirror because it had rotated on it's hinge which absorbed the impact. So other than that I pretty much told the guy to take it easy could have killed himself. Particularly as roads are wet etc etc. He made up a story saying he wasn't trying to get away from me was just trying to find a good spot to stop which we both knew was crap. Then the next day another rider did the same thing... shot up the middle and barely missed my mirror then shot through the green light just as I'm accelerating. So in effect he's riding up center of traffic which was immediately merging from two lanes to one on the other side of the intersection! I'm of mixed thoughts about it now. I'm not sure what the actual law is regarding this activity, but I think more riders have enough risks on the road to deal with without adding the risk of damaging cars, or getting run over because they can't navigate to the front in time. Anyone else have a take on this?
  14. Yesterday I decided to move my PC into the living room and plugged it into my 55" samsung led tv. Played BF3 and SC2 most of yesterday. Awesome fun and now I'm thinking I'd like to have something in the living room on a more permanent basis. Has anyone put together a box for this kind of purpose recently? Requirements are: Max resolution is 1920x1080. Prefer a case that would suit going into a hifi cabinet as well. Probably 2TB of storage for movies. Wifi Good quality wireless keyboard / mouse.