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    Asus Transformer

    i'll post a reply once i get mine, but at the moment, still waiting, and the shipping isnt the extra speedy one from amazon, so might not get it till a another couple of weeks i did play with one in store at harvey norman and jbhifi very nice, and a little snappier when the 3.1 update was applied to it also i felt that it was a little tricky at first to get the tablet in and out of the keyboard dock, but i guess i only tried a couple of times, and its just something i imagine you'd get better at (plus i was in a hurry to get back to work from my lunch break) i like the screen better than the acer iconia tab and the xoom device its very nice, the build quality was good, i didnt get the feeling it was a "cheap" keyboard worked very well, responsive (but then again i was in a hurry so did just a quick test out of the keyboard) so my impressions were that i really liked it, and glad i ordered one i managed to get it from amazon, plus the dock from amazon ($499USD for tablet $149USD for the dock) not inc shipping i also ordered the asus case for $50 price tag at harvey and jbhifi is close to $799 for 32gb (which includes the keyboard dock)
  2. makaveli

    Asus Transformer

    both the 16gb and 32gb will work with the dock. the dock is an optional accessory (for a price) apparently on facebook, countdown begins with release on the 25th as mentioned in this forum, but the same statement says that the list of suppliers in AU will e disclosed closer to the 25th not the 19th, so not sure if we'll know on the 19th i'd like to order one myself, everywhere is sold out, but prices in the states are better than over here, i wish asus AU had offered it at better prices, based on demand, they will still sell, so probably no hope of any early prices unfortunately B&H wont have more in stock until 31st may, excaliberpc.com have stock coming in on the 13th, but who know how much stock they will get and most likely they wont be able to fulfill the current set of orders (plus they only take wire transfer not international cards) so maybe, we are all but destined to buy locally and pay the more expensive price...... i do wish however, that there was a mini or micro USB actually on the tablet as opposed to just the docking keyboard accessory though...but thats the way it goes i guess.
  3. makaveli

    HTC Desire HD vs Samsung Galaxy S

    i own the desire hd so i'm putting my vote for that actually i like the screen from the galaxy in terms of it being better for me in low light, but end of the day i'm better of being able to see the screen better in sunlight. i really like the desire hd, there's still places to get them online, go pay a visit to whirlpool as theres discussion there on where to get desire hd from and stuff like that
  4. makaveli

    Android tablets

    for those that are interested, there may be some news around the notion inks adam over at notionink.com looks like they are about to announce pre-ordering, although some people are getting tired of waiting as the blog entry suggests it will be real soon
  5. makaveli

    Desire HD

    just an update the htcsense web site seems to work at the moment location finder works, although it says i'm a block away from where i actually am people tab of the site works well, and the sms section, so basically everything on the site works the only thing is that the whole site seems sluggish (maybe due to load at the moment), it seems like the site is just not ready for the world, like a beta or something just little things like when scrolling through my contacts on the site, it wont load them all up, but only some, then when i get to the botto of the scrollable list, only then does it try and populate the rest of the list if i delete or edit a contat, once it does the save, it moves me back to the top of the list, not where i lieft off (BUT if i scroll up or down, then automatically it moves to the spot in the list where i made the edit) anyways, more time with the phone, i'm still loving it, i had a few issues with syncing and getting my contacts (i have a couple of gmail accounts linked to facebook) and ended up with something like triple the contacts, so i had to sort that out. but thats not the phoe, its more software issues like the androd OS, HTC and google mail thats the cause battery life doesnt seem to be too much of an issue, still havent run into any real issues, but YES the battery COULD have been better,i'm just keeping an eye out on the things i do at the moment, hoping in a few more days i'd have a better picture of this. i've taken some video and photos, and they look great so far
  6. makaveli

    Desire HD

    ok so here is my review not really a review as i've never done one before, so a whole bunch of words really...... ok so basically i've had mine for about 3 days the phone is big...exactly what i wanted, its heavier than the desire and would have been a nice touch if it had kick stand but oh well... first, there are a couple of negatives the panel for the battery isnt the easiest to put back on, but no biggie, but still something that wasnt as easy as i initially thought it would be the phone comes with the battery in place, but a plastic wrapper around it so you need to take it out, remove the wrapper and put it back in the bottom panel for the sim card and the micro sd is easier to put back on, but there is a small gap between the panel for it and the aluminium casing of the phone, a very small gap, but a gap nonetheless on the side the volume rocker is kinda flush with the device and doesnt have the tactile feedback that many would like to have. the top sleep/power button again is flush with the device and not the easiest to press in the dark if you didnt know where to push, but after some usage, you'll get used to it the screen is 4.3", but the resolution is no different to the desire, its an lcd screen, some people have discussed lcd or if it was slcd, i'm not sure which it is, except that its definately not as vibrant as the desire (my desire had the amoled screen) so compared to it, the desire hd looks washed out and faded. compared my desire hd to my first gen ipod touch and the colours are pretty much the same with the desire hd being much brighter than the ipod touch (brightness/contrast whatever) the frame around the screen isnt flush with the actual touchscreen so there is a very small ridge around the screen the screen is still good, just not as vibrant as the desire, its easier to read in daylight though the phone was easy to setup, pretty much the same as the desire setup process, with it asking for wifi, google account, etc etc there is a few extra steps in the setup where is asks to bluetooth desire data over, i didnt find this too helpful, as it only sent across contacts and not sms messages which i had hoped YES, the phone is much snappier and responsive which i guess is due to not only the slightly optimised cpu (snapdragon 1ghz) but also the ram being 768megs so right off the bat i like this very much i have no other defects like light screen bleeding, or anything like that, the touch sensitive buttons on the bottom work great the headphone jack is at the bottom of the device, and to be honest i actually quite like the placement, top marks for that the back of the phone has the dual led flash and 8mp camera and the camera doesnt have a cover or anything like that (i'm pretty sure everyone already knew that) one thing i noticed is the micro usb port is upside down compared to the original htc desire (if you know what i mean) unsure what i think of that but thats much of a muchness the speaker is in my opinion possible louder than the desire, and doesn't distort like the desire did, apparently the software has srs and dolby, but i think you can get the benefit from that only if you plug in earphones rather than just use the devices speaker overall the speaker is ok, could be better, but i'm not complaining i havent had too much time with the camera but did take a couple of shots and they came out looking pretty good, flash worked well in complete dark, although the autoflash's intelligence could be improved when recording 720p, you cannot zoom, but the video did come out looking nice, best is daylight rather than room lighting conditions though. i've not had the proximity issue that some people talk about, so no defects in that arena, however there was a newer firmware that i upgraded to recently its nice to have the larger screen real estate, friendstream looks like it contains a little more text, and the contacts/people widget options there are also pretty good. One thing i like about the htc sense and android is the use of widgets, i cant get enough and there are plenty there for use, plus any widgets from any other apps that you instal i had previously sync'd my installed apps with app brain from my desire, but when i used my desire hd, i'm not sure if i did something wrong but they never came back across, so i had to manually download them again i havent had much time with gps and google maps and also locations, but it seems to work like advertised, no surprises, the digital compass works and thats about that the new and improved htc sense is great, not just scenes, but you can have actual themes to use, you can preview them and thats nice to have in the clock widget, the animation is back again (that wasnt in the desire) where the actual "cards" of the minutes and hour segment flip into place, which is a nice touch i havent tried the DLNA out yet, havent had time, i have my PS3, but like i said havent yet tried it out the micro sd comes with some pictures, the user guide in pdf and a copy of htc sync app, so after i plugged that in, i managed to sync my music and pictures. browsing pictures is nice as its more responsive than the desire, there are nice photo editing "filters" and options present there too battery life basically i dont think i have really used enough power cycles to get pull potential out yet, i hear sometimes it takes a few power cycles before battery is running full speed, but at the moment, i'm getting about a day usage the day involves twitter and friendstream widgets connecting each hour as well as email, some small wifi usage, some 3g web browsing and some sms during the day also. i reckon i dont have much issue with the battery being underpowered, but time will tell. still would have been nice to have a better battery like the desire. i think the screen is the biggest waste of battery life, and i think the screen on the desire hd uses less than the amoled one of the desire, but i'm not sure by how much the web browser is snappy and loads pages faster than the desire (and a HELL of a lot faster than my 1st gen ipod touch) with a nice big screen its nice to see more of a web page than before, flash player works well, so i'm pretty happy another nice touch is that you can pinch to zoom out and it will give you the option of another browser tab (before in the desire you had to go to options to add a new tab/window) the keyboard is great, again due to the larger screen but i've heard that there have been some small enhancements to the behaviour of the keyboard, i've not encountered any issues myself, so i'm pretty happy, and the desire hd nicely moves from portrait to landscape and back again. i honestly think this is an excellent device, but it could have been an absolute leader in the market had it not been for the small things like the battery cover and the power button and lack of amoled screen (or super amoled like the galaxy s i think) everything works well, the htc sense in my opinion is the better "skin" options for android out there and htc have done some nice things with copy and paste and quick lookup i reckon its best to go in and play with one first, but this may not be practical for some people and of course its not publicly released by vodafone yet, although i hear you can preorder from them at the moment what else....oh yeah htcsense.com well, this thing just straight out doesnt fully work i signed up, and can get the web site to ring my phone which is nice, but i havent got it to import my contacts, or do the phone locator yet, but many many people are complaining that the site just isnt really ready or something like that you can download map packs (aussie and nz was about 300meg) for free to use in the locations app (which is not google maps, but rather htc and some partnership deal with someone) well, thats about all i can bear writing at the moment, feel free to ask questions, in my opinion if the original desire had the same RAM, and internal storage (as many many apps still dont move to the sd card) i'd think it would be one the greatest sellers in the market today, with the desire hd being for a niche for people who want a larger screen....me....i would have gone for the desire hd anyways cause i wanted the larger screen, but still...for average joe, desire should do the trick if it had what i just mentioned. also, i have found one app that i think doesnt work on the desire hd and did previously on my desire which a locally developed one to track my TPG isp usage, it force closes, but thats about it. from my end, i love this, cant put it down and despite the screen not being as vibrant, totally recommend this device to anyone wanting android in a large screen, the samsung galaxy s is also great with a 4" screen, but htc sense have done a great job with their flavour of android and if you dont like it, then you could always just root the device i guess. i got mine from handtec for $700AUD including shipping, and that came with a 2 year warranty also, but like an idiot i didnt get any cases or screen protectors, which would have been nice now there are plenty of youtube videos (by the way, the new improved youtube app for android rocks and i love it) of this desire hd and video footage of what 720p looks like, but you really need to see it in person to appreciate how great it is, and its size i love this thing, and am very happy with my purchase PS: since it came from UK, its got this amazon uk music integration in the music player, which you pretty much cant do much with, i dont really wanna sign up, but the icon is there and you cant remove the app i forgot to mention that you can have "all inbox" view which is quite nice, and you can compose new email from the top there unlike previous email client on the htc devices kinda the same with the sms app as well, so there are like i said some nice touches there.
  7. makaveli

    Desire HD

    just received mine!!!! but gotta actually work, so wont be able to do anythng till later tonight, i did unbox though looks very nice, but a small gap between the sim card/micro sd card slot and the main casing, very small gap though, but still a gap. the rest will have to wait till i get home.
  8. makaveli

    Desire HD

    didnt someone overclock the G2 or nexus one or something like that recently, remember reading something about it in some blogs over the last few days......i'll try and see if i can look it up found the link: http://phandroid.com/2010/10/22/your-droid...ock-to-2-0-ghz/
  9. makaveli

    Desire HD

    I ordered this from handtec on the 30th september, got tracking info yesterday, should arrive tuesday apparently, so i cant wait
  10. makaveli

    Android tablets

    I think some manufacturers are waiting for gingerbread as it may have updates specific to tablets.also many manufacturers are wondering about chrome so are unsure.maybe Chrome was supposed to be ideal for tablet devices but now with the adoption rate of android, they should just roll chrome functionality that works well into android or something like that maybe I've been hanging out for notion myself actually
  11. makaveli

    Looking for a decent phone

    highly recommend the htc desire its android 2.1 (eclair) not as many apps as the apple app store, but hopefully that'll chage over time nice and snappy due to its 1gz snapdragon processor very very nice, have had it for about a week now, and havent been able to put it down telstra have exclusivity in australia till october though once again, highly recommend it....go into telstra and have a play with one
  12. makaveli

    win 7 xp mode problem

    I have win 7 ultimate 64bit and installed xp mode (and virtual pc) When in xp mode i installed an application. you should be able to go windows 7, virtual pc, xp mode, xp mode applications but i dont see xp mode applications submenu anywhere? not sure whats going on? any one have any ideas?
  13. makaveli

    COD:MW2 drops next week.

    cheers guys, WAW had campaing co-op, actually i wish this did also.....oh well....
  14. makaveli

    COD:MW2 drops next week.

    i have a question that might be stupid, but I havent found a conclusive answer elsewhere (or really suck at searching) Eveyone is talking about the multiplayer elements, the different multiplayer modes and the spec ops too. What I want to know is, can you play 2 (or more) player co-operative on the MAIN CAMPAIGN, not spec ops or other multiplayer modes?? I'm reading reviews, but most talk about all the kill streaks and the loads of multiplyer options, i dont want to just make an assuption
  15. its sitting on its own on a chest of dawers. not under any papers or anything. its not on its side though. it works fie until i switch the power off at the wall (yes i've been switching most of my gadgets off overnight and while i'm away at work) even after an hour it gets real hot, online i read somewhere that you could change its capacitors or something like that but i never bothered and wouldnt mind an excuse to upgrade my modem. if i swich it off, then i have to wait ages to switch it back on, if i switch it back on straight away, i just get that red light on its display. only after a while when its cooled down will it let me switch it back on. but i've had dropouts and stuff like that (and i know its not always the modems fault)