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    Restaurant etiquette

    If I was at Hog's Breath I'd be pretty keen to get the f*** out of there to be honest. If you're at a nicer restaurant though you generally assume that the table is yours for the rest of the night once you arrive.
  2. xidus

    Women and airbags

    So, really, you mean 'people who position themselves unnecessarily close to the steering wheel while driving... and airbags'. Or am I missing a boob reference?
  3. xidus

    Got pulled over by the cops...

    I agree. Although, per employee head, there are a high amount of cunts compared to most other professions. Having said that - my story. I'm not particularly proud of this, but here goes. I was working at a pub and had been for about six months. I lived around the corner and was the cellarman at the time. Being the guy that lived around the corner, I was given a set of keys, and had to attend to all of the out of hours shit that comes along with with a pub. Things like out of hours deliveries, alarms going off, vandalism etc, etc. Alarms go off at pubs A LOT! These hours were all unpaid, and were in addition to the long hours I was doing. Being the "dude around the corner" I was also the go to guy for when people were late, or didn't turn up to their shift. People don't turn up to their shifts at pubs A LOT. Anyway, the pub is sold and is handed over to new management. New management turns up to and has a meeting with us - nothing is going to change. I turn up to my shift and there's a whole lot of people I don't recognise, most of them very blonde, very young and very female. As I walk through the door, I get pulled aside by the new manager and told that I have been terminated. Apparently I "haven't performed well". I said, "How the fuck would you know, I haven't worked here under this new management. Let's cut the bullshit - I'm not blonde or big titted enough". "Whatever you want to believe". To add insult to injury, they didn't pay me my previous week's wage, stating that I had no "proof" that I'd done the hours. So I think to myself "righty-oh". I plant myself at the bar, under the camera, and proceed to have a few drinks. I tell the patrons at the bar what has happened. The whole time the new manager wanker is watching over me like a hawk. Eventually he cuts me off for being "intoxicated" and has security escort me out. But the dickhead forgets to get the keys off me. Later that night I return and, armed with the back keys to the cellar, proceed to engage in the Great Paddington Beer Heist. What I don't know is, being the first night under new management, the manager is still upstairs with a few mates and catches me in the act, with a case under each arm. He tells me to stop. I refuse. He grabs me by the shoulder and I put the cases on the gorund and tell him if he touches me again, I'll tear his head off. I know where the cameras are and there's none where we are, and no witnesses. He backs right off and I pick the cases up and start walking home. He follows me at a safe distance and I realise the fault in my masterplan - they know where I live and he's following me home in any case. I think to myself - "fuck it!". So he follows me to my door, the whole time telling me he's going to call the cops and have me charged. I tell him to go fuck himself, I'll drink the evidence. And so, 10 minutes later, the police duly arrive at my door. They ask me what has happened. I figure it's best to tell them the truth. They listen and ask me why I think it's acceptable to help myself two cases of beer that don't belong to me. I tell them the situation, how I was summarliy sacked, how they have refused to pay me for work performed. I said "as far as I'm concerned, what they have done to me mightn't be illegal, but it's no less immoral". Both police nod their head. "Do you have the keys to the premises on Oxford Street sir". I'm shitting myself. "Yes I do". "Can we have them to return them to the owner?" "Yes you can". I hand them the keys with a gulp. "Mr. Frobozz (name changed to protect the guilty), please stay here, we may wish to question you further. They come back about twenty minutes later. "There's no footage of you entering or leaving the premises. Now, are you sure, given that there's no evidence, that it's your word against his, that we have told the manager that we're not interested in obtaining a warrant to search your premises, that you took two cases of beer?" and does a big comedy wink. "No. I'm an honest man with no criminal record. I would never steal anything". "Have a good night sir!". Case closed! You know, the potential trespass aside, a good lawyer could easily convince a judge that you had lawful title to [your last week's wages] worth of beer, your beer heist certainly isn't a unique occurrence. Sometimes I love the way Australian property law works.
  4. xidus

    Battlefield3 first thoughts.

    Hit 2 KDR and 450 SPM last night... then trolled my way back down to 1.97 and 420 after a few games of jeep suicide bombing and knife only :(
  5. xidus

    No regular petrol in NSW after July

    Unfortunately, my family's penchant for european cars (and all the massive service bills and mechanical headaches that come with them) has had us tied to 98RON for a long time. However, my hand-me-down volvo has done almost 200k km, every single one of them on 98. Last service the mechanics at the volvo centre, that have looked after it since new, took the engine apart when they did the timing belt and had a look around. They pointed out that it was immaculate given its age and, at least for my car, a diet of clean-burning 98 does wonders for the engine. This might not be the case for a lot of other cars, but for mine it has saved me god knows how much in repairs and maintenance. I'll never forget the time Mum accidentally filled Dad's car with E10. That was a very unhappy sounding Audi, it ended up needing its stomach pumped.
  6. xidus

    Battlefield3 first thoughts.

    Being called ghey and a fag sounds so much better in a foreign language. You should try playing on a console.
  7. xidus

    How to Surpise/Impress GF

    Play BF3 with your bros all night. She'll be impressed by your sick fragging skills. If she's not then it's time to get a new GF.
  8. xidus

    Anonymous goes ballistic

    I'm going to use the words of a great Judge, who shall remain nameless (he wasn't talking about internet mischief but something roughly related): "heh, clever little bastards. It's times like these that I consider it fortunate that I have to be impartial, because as much as they like to spit on our laws, it's pretty bloody necessary sometimes. I couldn't pick a side if I had to"
  9. xidus

    Congratulations to any University goers

    Also if you can't work out unit/class enrolment etc. then don't worry, I still have trouble every other semester.
  10. xidus

    The *real* reason the Prequels sucked

    Almost cried laughing at "I liked the new Indiana Jones movie"
  11. xidus

    The thin blue line

    Strict gun control is a good thing, it's about minimising risk. We hear plenty of stories from the USA about some kid finding his Daddy's gun and accidentally blowing his best friends' arm off with it. The father may be a responsible firearm user, but because he isn't legally required to keep it under lock and key it's far easier for someone who isn't to chance upon it. As far as I'm concerned that's the main advantage of gun control but idiots, criminals and lunatics will always find ways to get guns if they really want them. Without going too far out of context, Bazza O'Fazza wants to give aspiring police officers the option to take an even shorter training course - something to the tune of 8-10 weeks before they get their badge and gun. As most people who've spent some time with firearms will tell you, 8-10 weeks is not enough time for a person in a country where most won't have grown up with guns to develop proficiency and understanding. And that's without considering the fact that they also need to develop, among other things, an understanding of the law in that time. I've spent a good deal longer than 8-10 weeks both around guns and studying law and I still know a pittance about both.
  12. Awesome marketing campaign though: "how can we get our new game plastered all over the media?" "gratuitous violence?" "nah, that's just banal now" "I know, how about something in a moral and legal grey area?" "brilliant - sexualising teenagers it is!"
  13. xidus

    The thin blue line

    There are 5 purposes of punishment for criminal offences: a) Incapacitation of the offender b) Deterrence of potential offenders/reoffence c) Restitution/compensation for the crime committed d) Rehabilitation e) Retribution Let's go through this with regard to assaults/murder on police: a) Should the offender be incapacitated for longer because the offence is committed against a police officer? Are they more of a risk to society than someone who commits the same offence against another citizen? What if that citizen is a judge, prosecutor, doctor, teacher, academic, paramedic, firefighter or nurse? Are they less important to society than police? The law should uphold the sanctity of the life and wellbeing of ALL people. If you advocate harsher sentences for people who murder police, you should be advocating harsher sentences for all murderers. b) Will the risk of a longer sentence deter someone from killing a cop? I highly doubt it. Someone who kills a police officer clearly has some serious agenda or unresolved issues. Many things may go through their mind during the commission of the act, but recent NSW law reports are not going to be one of them. Again, a potential killer isn't going to be deterred from killing a police officer in a situation where they might not be similarly deterred from killing another member of society, nor should they be. c) No amount of compensation can replace a human life. All human life is equal, thus the compensation for taking or affecting one should be equal for all. d) Jail does not rehabilitate anyone. Most criminals, particularly murderers have severe psychiatric/psychological disorders or drug problems. These go unresolved in jail and generally fester, leaving the criminal more depraved than ever when they're released. If the person is unable to be rehabilitated then perhaps locking them up and throwing away the key is the best remedy, but this is a matter to do with the offender and would largely be the case regardless of who the victim was. e) Retribution is the big one here. The media and police propagate a kneejerk reaction every time a police officer is assaulted or killed but this public outrage is no way to sentence someone. As for the argument that killing a police officer shows a blatant disregard for our laws, it shows no more disregard than killing anyone does in my view. In NSW the Crimes Act designates some classes of victims (police included) as being an aggravating factor in the commission of a crime, and it may well be. However, this could also be seen as something of an anachronism, as clergymen are listed alongside police officers as one of the classes of victim, clearly a vestage from the days when Australia was a heavily religious nation. Is a preacher's life worth more than anyone elses? Not In a secular state. Now, before you go off calling me an insincere, anarchist bastard, I'm not trying to belittle the death of this police officer nor any other. I'm simply pointing out that in my view, the life of a police officer is worth no more or less than the life of any other member of society and there is a solid argument for this being reflected in sentencing when you scrape away all the media hype. Every case needs to be taken on its own facts and mandatory sentencing for people who commit offences against police officers is just stupid. I know very little about the law, but what I do know is that in criminal matters true life is often stranger than fiction. Policy makers can never predict or foresee the facts of many of these cases.
  14. xidus


    Not a fan of that. It's just a whole lot of hot air