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    VB Database basic questions

    Thanks or your reply! yes I can kind of see now how i didn't specifically ask a question. My implied questions were in my goals here: Anyway I think I have found a way to solve my problem but I have a a bit of a roadblock you or someone else may be able to help with. I have another "learning project" with a table that has 4 colums "name", "c1","c2"c3", name as string, c1,c2,c3 as bit. I have used the following line of code to filter c2 column based on it being selected or not: Tbl1DataGridView.DataSource = Me.DbaseDataSet.tbl1.Select("C2=1") The problem is i get a DBnull error for column C3 which i am presuming is because C3 is unchecked and has a 0 value? Is there anyway I can fix this as I am pretty certain I would be able to solve the whole program on the basis of fixing this issue. Thanks
  2. I have very limited programming knowledge and have tried to start a very basic project but have quickly become stuck. The concept of what I am trying to create is a database with a series of columns where the user selects the criteria and it will narrow down the search to the point were the user can choose from one of the selections. In my example to understand how to achieve what i want i have done the following: Create a database with a table inside the table has the columns.. team name | red | blue |green| yellow | black team name is set as varchar(50) with the rest being bits data that would go in would be "roosters" with red + blue checked or eels (blue + yellow check) (for those who follow football). Next I used the add query in the table adapter and made 2 queries "where (blue = 1) and were (red = 1) this works to select all the records that have a red box checked or a blue box check but it won't work for red and blue. Ideally I would like to have checkboxes for each colour so the user can select the combination of colours it returns matches for. Also I am unsure how to "reset" the queries so that all the records will be displayed again. If anyone would be kind enough to look at my example project you can grab it here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/e2eup0r4m19v5pb/W...pplication1.zip I know this seems really basic, but hopefully someone can help thanks
  3. If u want to simplify it even more u could rate certain areas out of 5. for example: Features, Performance, Value. Then maybe give the user a rating in each of those so they can match up to see what suits them easier?
  4. zan777

    Going to US next week - what should I buy?

    EEEPAD transformer?
  5. zan777

    help logging on to site with heaps of traffic

    I really don't think they'd have a manual way of doing things, cause the program reserves a certain amount of spots for each unit. Plus the uni network is atrocious and i bet would be much slower. Thanks anyway are there any adjustments to my actual system that will do anything?
  6. So it's about that time again were I have to log on to create my uni timetable again. Normally opens at 9:00 AM and even though i am trying to log on straight from the very beginning because of the amount of people trying to connect it usually takes me 10 minutes and by that time the good tutes etc are gone. Can anyone give me some tips/advice that may help me connect quicker over other people trying to connect at the same time. Thanks
  7. Sorry to jump in; i'm looking at buying the dell inspiron being mentioned, and was just wondering from the base model would there be any worthwhile improvements by upgrading to one of the higher specced models in basic tasks such as web-browsing and Microsoft office use simultaneously. Also if your thinking about buying this model and are a member of NRMA (or some other noted companies) you can go here and grab a code for an extra 5% off. they have a code for 10% of xps laptops aswell. http://www1.ap.dell.com/content/topics/top...&lid=831285 thanks, Zan
  8. Hey Guys, I found an old JB-Hifi Gift card i had and was looking forward to using it in the sales until i realised it expired a year ago. the Expired date is just written in permant marker, so i was thing i could just use some metho or somethnig to rub the old expirey and put a new one in that gives me enough time to use the card. Would this work? or do the gift cards have some kind of built in expirey that is activated when the card is first activated?
  9. Thanks for clearing that up. For future reference and learning experience, how were you able to tell??
  10. Hey Guys, I got given this free Hewlett Packard Computer free, and seeing as I am on rather the poor side it has to do for now. It's a bit sluggish atm, so my first point of call is to chuck in a 2GB Kit of DDR2 ram (to make 3GB total). next I'm gonna chuck in a cheap graphics card. And finally thinking of upgrading the CPU. At the moment it is a Pentium D @ 2.8 GHZ. I'm trying to work out if the motherboard can take core 2 duo CPU's but since the mainboard is generic it is hard to find the information I need. will there be a significant speed increase from pentium D to C2D to warrant upgrading? Computer is a HP Compac dx7200 Slim Tower HP s/n: AUD642020X p/n PU818AV some more info from CPU-Z Pretty much, what CPU's can i upgrade 2? thanks Zan
  11. zan777

    MSY new website

    MSY About bloody time. But it seems MSY has finnaly listened and decided to upgrade there website. At first glance it looks pretty bloody decent. Outstanding for their web standards at least. Indivual product information seems to be listed for most products, as well as the amount of stock for your chosen store. Also exciting however will probably take a long time to implement is "delivery" as a shipping method. Thoughts?
  12. zan777


    I'm glad i got home the day b4
  13. zan777

    simple file opener

    Before you go attacking me, maybe you should read the OP a little better and thanks SquallStrife worked a treat. Although in the mean time i made a html page as Periander said, and i think that its a better solution especially as it is more compatible with mac which is used at school. will still finish of my little project however. thanks for the help guys.
  14. zan777

    simple file opener

    it seems there is only the shell command in 08 express and not shellExecute?
  15. zan777

    simple file opener

    For school, we are given digital copies of our textbook on CD. They are usually in PDF but some files are html. We also got given 16GB USB sticks, so i decided to copy all the files necessary of the CD onto folders in my USB and then i could just run the required PDF or HTML to access my textbook. Since i am lazy and for some of my friends who don't know were to find the right files to open in the folders i wanted to make a simple program that when u click the buttons it opens the file to start viewing that textbook. so i have made simple form in visual basic express 08 with a button and when u click it i want it to open the file. just for ease of use say the file is "C:\txtbook\opening_page.htm" now atm i have tried the code: Shell("C:\txtbook\opening_page.htm", AppWinStyle.MaximizedFocus) And i get a file not found error? The command works fine when u use it to open an exe path of say word or excel. does this command work to open files? I searched but couldn't seem to find any more file opening commands. I'm pretty much a novice in programming especially visual basic. thanks for any help you may be able to provide Zan