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  1. Im looking at getting a Asus P6T Plus or P6T SE motherboard and running 3 GPUs. Considering 2 x 4870x2's and one 4870 on the SE or 2 x GTX295's and 1 x GTX285. The reason I am considering this kinda set up is that I want to have 1 x 26"+ monitor and 2 x 22" monitor. My understanding of the crossfire and SLI systems mean that I can run one monitor on 2 of the GPUs and the other 2 monitors on the remaining GPU. The Main monitor will then be able to run games at high frame rates, while still being able to have 3 monitors when I have to do work. Am I right in my understanding of Crossfire and SLI? Which set up is less likely to have issues? I will be using Windows 7 as my main OS, I know that will cause issues but other than the standard windows issues what issues can I expect?? Thanks in advance
  2. Hi, I been around for a bit but not so much posting stuff. Thanks for the tip with paragraphs etc. Don't seem to use them so much with the work I do, no room for gramma etc so tend to forget lol. It had service pack 3, I had reinstalled the modem and the VMC software a couple times after changing different things. And yeah I checked plug and play was running no probs. I spoke to my friend today and she decided it all sounded like to much work so she has taken the lappy back and will be buying a new one in a few weeks or so. But thanks for your help and advice. Ill keep it in mind for any future posts.
  3. I have a Compaq notebook of a friends with XP Pro installed that she bought second hand. She has a vodafone mobile Broadband USB stick modem and up until recently there was no problems but then she got an error stating RAS error 720. after much poking and proding I was able to find a fix for this in a program from Microsoft called RArepair.exe. I ran this reinstalled the VMC software and all seemed good, started to connect and looked like it would work. Then I got another error Get Profile Failed. after more looking around I found that it had to do with remote access. Then I notice all the modem devices other than LAN (which btw doesnt work) were no longer showing so I tried to add the connection manually. When I go to do this in Internet Properties - connections I get the error cannot load the remote access connection manager service error 1060: the specified service does not exist as an installed service. Having a look at the services installed in administrative tools, it isnt an available service and I cannot find anywhere any info about this. As the PC is second hand it hasnt got the XP Disc, - tho does have this license. My question is has anyone come across this before and what did they do to fix it. My thoughts are to get an XP Pro disc (which I would be able to get my hands on tho not easily) and do a repair failing that a reinstall. Tho if there is a way to just fix the remote access prob without doing that it would be preferable. Does anyone have any thoughts or been thro this themselves?? Thanks in advance.
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    Wireless N/Gigabit Network

    Ok so with the thoughts posted on here, and talking to people I know I am thinking of changing tact. Basically my office is about 10 - 15 meters away from my lounge room. I primarily have one computer in the office, however am looking at adding a 2nd, along with any computers I fix up for people. My PS3 and Media Center are in the Lounge. I Currently have a billion 7300G Modem/Router. If I was to place this in my lounge and connect both the PS3 and Media center to this, then add a Cisco SD2005 5 Port Gigabit Switch in the office this would give sufficient ports for further expansion. I am aware that the switch wont run at full speed as the modem/router is 10/100 but I will be looking to replace this when I can make my mind up on a replacement model in a month or 2. My understanding of networking is limited to basic stuff, but this to should work rather well. My understanding with the switch is that it wont matter if I am running a patch or crossover cable to my office, is that correct. Has anyone got any potential problems they can foresee with the setup I am suggesting. If this works I am considering replacing the Billion 7300G with a similar (probably billion) Wireless N product that has a 4 port gigabit switch and potentially adding a Wireless G access port for the Nintendo Wii as it only supports WEP encryption and from what I am seeing this has been ditched in the Wireless N product line up. If anyone has any thoughts it would be very much appreciated.
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    Wireless N/Gigabit Network

    Thanks for the clarification, makes more sense.
  6. bmandrews

    Wireless N/Gigabit Network

    Yeah ive had a bit of a look into POE as an option however I believe it works best on the same circuit, I have a number of circuits in my apartment. I may be misunderstanding circuits etc but im assuming that due to my apartment being broken down primarily into 2 parts on seperate circuits with safety switch for each. As for MIMO - yes I am after this I thought that dual band routers were this, am I wrong and this is 2 different technologies?
  7. bmandrews

    Wireless N/Gigabit Network

    There is one other issue I forgot last night. As The Wii and PS3, and Ipod Touch all only work with the G standard, will this cause an issue to the performance of devices running N when I upgrade. Would my best move be to get a gigabit switch and add both a G access Point for my G only devices and then another N access point for those which can use it? or is there a way with the dual band N routers to make one band G only and the other N only. Failing all this I am thinking I might have to move the modem/router into the lounge room, use the gigabit switch for the PS3, and media center and add a wireless card to my desktop. Only hassle there is I often have other peoples computers on my desk to fix for them and would like to have a wired connection there as well. any thoughts.
  8. I currently have a Desktop PC, a notebook, a media center PC, a Wii and a PS3. Currently I connect the Desktop Via Ethernet (10/100) and the remaining via a wireless G network. I am considering upgrading to a Wireless N network as I do a lot of media streaming between these systems. I would like to have the fastest speeds possible as the network currently isn't keeping up with the demand I am placing on it. I am talking particularly about intranet not internet access as I am only on ADSL1 (ADSL 2 not supported by my carrier in my area but thats another story). I would like Gigabit ports on the next modem/router and preferably dual band N. However the problems I am facing are is the fact that the PS3 and Wii are both b/g only going to cause a wireless N setup to give a poorer performance when streaming video from my media center to my desktop for instance. also I am finding it hard to find a modem/router that has both gigabit ports and dual band N. Am I being unreasonable in my expectations. As I live in a rented apartment I am unable to hide network cables if I was to run them thro the place so prefer not to do that. What are peoples thoughts, suggestions etc. Price isn't a huge factor tho would like to keep it reasonable so long as it works (im expecting between $400 and $600 including adapters if needed).