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  1. Virtuoso

    if the worlds economy collapse

    Nah, I tried people once and they made me bloated and gassy.
  2. Virtuoso

    How do you handle trolls?

    Mostly I ignore them, However, it it's a boring match, sometimes I like to wind them up til they're absolutely frothing. It's not hard to outwit a halfwit.
  3. Virtuoso


    Xbox is evil. And in with this next generation, becoming more so.
  4. Virtuoso

    A book from childhood.

    A Dark is Rising movie came out a few years ago... a sad turkey of a film. Believe it or not, the producers made the hero an American, and the setting American, totally at odds with the Arthurian theme and context. The actor who played the key character of Uncle Merriman also didn't work for me. It was sad to see such great books bastardised in such a way.
  5. Virtuoso

    A book from childhood.

    Really? Believe it or not I just re-read the whole series (which you can now buy in one paperback) from end to end. I must have read them a half dozen times when I was a kid.
  6. Virtuoso

    Any woodworky types here?

    If possible you want to dry it slowly. If it dries too fast it will crack. Keep an eye on it while it's drying to ensure it gets no mould or fungus, which can happen in humid environments. Then you will want to seal it. Water-based acrylic lacquers are easiest to work with, but a hydrocarbon-based lacquer (ie one which requires turps to cleanup) will be much harder wearing and in my view worth the extra hassle. You may find that you need to glue the bark back on it, as when it dries it will shrink and the bark may fall off.
  7. Virtuoso

    Why is no discussion on Muslim / Islam allowed ?

    Reasoned debate is healthy. Racial vilification however is illegal. Unfortunately, some of the posts in the those threads were the latter, and not the former.
  8. Virtuoso

    Might makes Right

    Conservatives have also been found to be more ''fearful'' people... of crime, or other cultures and religions. Perhaps if you're a more fearful person you also spend more time bulking up and becoming stronger. So 'might making right' may be correlation rather than a causality. Just a theory.
  9. Virtuoso

    Muslim Fear thread

    Muslims come in many different shapes and sizes. They range from don't-believe-it-but-going-through-the-motions, to progressive, moderate, fundamentalist, and extremist. Just like Christians. The extremists are quite bad indeed. They do regressive and sometimes evil things, like killing rape victims, and invading western oil refining facilities, and taking people hostage, and planning to wipe out Israel, and so on. Which gains them a lot of media attention. Moderates and progressives don't get much media attention because frankly they don't do much of anything worth writing a screaming headline about. The disproportionate media coverage given to extremists leads otherwise sane non-Muslims to incorrectly think that all Muslims are evil regressive extremists. But that simply isn't correct. I currently live amongst Muslims. I employ Muslims. Some of my senior clients are Muslims. Some of my sons' best friends are Muslims. They are generally kind, gentle, polite and respectful people. I pay them courtesy by dressing respectfully, not drinking alcohol in their presence, not being concerned when they go to prayer breaks, not swearing in front of them, and not letting my dog sniff them. Muslims are not to be feared. Extremists - be they West-hating Muslims, Quran-burning Christians, cordial-dispensing mid-Western sects, separatist Catholics in the IRA, or gun-totin' good-'ol-boys convinced the US government is ''out to git em'' - are to be feared. Extremists recruit poor and uneducated Muslims from the least-developed parts of the world... Afghanistan, Pakistan, northern Africa, and (oil-poor) expanses of desert in the middle east. These uneducated and impoverished locals have witnessed for many decades West-installed dictators and regimes and companies come into their countries, exploit their labour and natural resources, and give very little back to the local people. It's not hard to understand how poor and uneducated people, who see no future for themselves or their children, are able to be exploited by the extremists and turned into suicidal Jihadists. However, we have to keep things in perspective. We should not pillory all Muslims just because the bottom 0.1%, who never got a fair deal in life, have been brainwashed into becoming terrorists. We should save our hate for the people who exploit the poor and uneducated, be they well-funded middle eastern aristocrats or cynical western neo-cons.
  10. Virtuoso

    Farewell to a Mod

    Found that pesky old password and can now repeat my sentiments under my actual Atomic id :-) Again, thanks Maxx for being a wise and sane moderator for all those years. All the best for a happy future. Cheers, Virt
  11. Virtuoso

    Your fondest Atomic memories

    The term ''threadshitting'' hadn't been coined back then. So, I picked a different and unlikely word to describe what Atomicans had been describing as 'spam' - uninteresting/unhelpful/unnecessary posts in the threads. It was a fun Crusade, though of course, ultimately doomed to glorious failure. Some other things I should have added to my earlier list: 1. Morris's many photos with texta'd forehead and rolled back eyes. (I still have the personalised version he made for me in my photo archive.) 2. Hulkster's and Moz's co-written Atomican columns (the best period of that column, IMHO). 3. When Ben banned Kathleen from Gamedude, denying a generation of 15 year old virgins further access to her magnificent mammarial self portraits.
  12. Virtuoso

    Your fondest Atomic memories

    I would have liked to have created some kind of eloquent essay which captured the special decade of my life in which I was first and foremost an ''Atomican''. However, I find myself still trying to mentally parse it all. So here instead is a collection of the memories which floated to the top of mind when I first learned of the magazine's demise. Meeting Ben. Ignoring Takoma. The Mandatory Sticky Thread at the Top of General Chat. Alts including General Chat, Man of Few Words, and The Mod Squad. Late night shennanigans in V1, repelling spam attacks, docking thread counts, deleting system errors and double posts. Alt ranks days. Wooting and Badgering. My threads: alien confession; dramatic declaration of not leaving; Beijing bathtub; the many song parodies. Customising a black balaclava with a green 'V'. Raging 20 page debates, back when it seemed like winning a raging debate on the internet might change the world somehow. The PMs I occasionally got from other Atomicans to tell me that my views on a subject had influenced theirs. Making my 20,000th post in the thread of a new Atomican who had just made his first post. The term, the idea and the spirit of the ''Atomicommunity''. How honoured I felt to be awarded a POTM, then Superherodom, then a Custom Rank. Being humbled to follow in Mael's footsteps as a moderator; then anguished when I eventually decided I should step down. The sheer camaraderie of Tranquility Base. The night I was set to meet the other mods, only to be hospitalised in the afternoon with a kidney stone. Meeting Atomicans at Meets - without ever being able to tell them who I was. The privilege of being invited to write the community column for the magazine, and the ensuing terror of monthly deadlines. The Crusade Against Albert. Posting Without Pants. Jet-lagged nights in hotel rooms around the world, posting instead of sleeping. Being right in the end about the evil of Xbox :-p Being wrong in the end about Nikey. Feeling bad that Taranthor would never accept my apology. The Nuke Button. Accidentally banning myself. The great mates I made. The young acquaintances we lost. While I knew them only as avatars and userids, I will never forget them, or stop wondering if I could have done more. But most of all... the sense of honour, fulfillment and satisfaction I felt in contributing to the small team of dedicated amateurs, who dreamed of creating a special geek haven, in the earliest days of the internet, before anyone knew much about what an online community should or could be.
  13. Woot! I'll update my Probing Schedule accordingly.
  14. Virtuoso

    What of Atomic?

    R.I.P. Atomic Magazine. You were something very special, during a time of so many special things.
  15. We have laws and a legal system which enable action to be taken against those citizens who break our laws. * violence against police * unlawful damage to property * inciting others to criminal acts and hatred (eg inciting beheading) Those laws and judicial processes should be fully applied in this instance, through the Courts, business as usual. That is the best way to preserve our way of life and society, in the face of individuals who ignore our country's laws and societal values.