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  1. That would have to be the best helmet i've seen. Now I have an idea for my next helmet
  2. motiv

    lets test our keyboards out

    ADEGIKLMOPQRSTUWY Asus pro50v Laptop keyboard
  3. motiv

    What's up with this?

    Just my 2 cents worth As I have also received the same before. If you look at the original email from Sony. It is up to TPG to respond back, not you.
  4. motiv

    Interstate Moving

    Kent Moving, Grace removals, King Moving, move management, Movements international. These are some of my clients are are generally helpful, Couldn't be too sure on rates though.
  5. As you do, every once in a while you stumble across a video that gets your attention. Sorry if this had been posted before http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=dsU3B0W3TMs&...feature=related Time to put my creative mind to work..
  6. motiv

    A game like mirror's edge

    +1 to assasins creed. If you have a 360, I find the Naruto games a quite fun - Especially with all the Speed jumping on rooftops.
  7. motiv


    Saw that vid a while ago, Couldnt help but laugh again. Have a squiz at this vid http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=0W1ym3yggR4&...feature=related
  8. motiv

    The great Aussie heat..

    Hi, With my property basically being a glass house, I am having the greenhouse effect inside. Im sure if I plant some seeds in my ears, I could grow a forest.. Now, Pending approval, I am not sure if I am able to get a split system installed as our body corporate are stuck up little pansies. Question? How effecient are these portable air-con units? Yes they are bulky, but it looks like my last resort if I cant get approval for a split system. so for those who have them, let me know on your feedback Cheers Rob
  9. motiv

    Nasty boss - Taught a nasty lesson

    What an arsehole. Maybe plug that hole of his with some of that norwegian chocolate. Might help a little
  10. motiv

    Motorbike Trips

    One of my fave roads would be the 'Bells line of roads' to Lithgow. Starting from richmond. National park is ok if you start from the Waterfall Ramp (or emu plains, Cant remember) - But This is too common and gets done alot. If you are keen, Make your way to Kangaroo valley if your up for a 1-2 day trip. Bring your camping gear as well... I'll try remember the roads and let you know.
  11. motiv

    Buying a new car

    Not unless your work is covering the repayments :P
  12. motiv

    Buying a new car

    Currently doing the above for the past couple of weeks. Currently it is working like a charm. But one thing I have to include into this, which I find has dropped dealers price on 08 cars, is Finance. My benchmark is Suttons Holden in Homebush which current have finance @ 4.99%. You would be suprised at what dealers would try to do so they wont lose a sale after I tell them, "Why would I get a car from you when I can pick up an "Astra" with 4.99% finance??" This has helped to knock off a substantial price for the Corolla I want. And I agree, Dont be a dick, be professional and put them in a corner and stand your ground. Your the one who is handing over your cash afterall.
  13. motiv

    What's your gamer name?

    Kazimaru is my main used And very often do the variation on Enigma
  14. motiv

    World of World of Warcraft

    so when is the release date in AU?? I really... really want to pick this up
  15. motiv

    Petrol versus Diesel vehicles

    I am also currently in the situation of what I should buy. Here are a few figures I ran today based on the Hyundai i30 Petrol/diesel Petrol Fuel Economy: 7.2l / 100km Tank size: 53 Litres Todays 91RON (not E10) price: 95.9c (sydney) Cost to fill tank: ~$50.82c Cost of Fuel per 100km: ~$6.90c Diesel Fuel Economy: 4.7l / 100km Tank size: 53 Litres Todays Diesel price: 124.9c (sydney) Cost to fill tank: ~$66.19c Cost of Fuel per 100km: ~$5.87c As you can see, there is not too much of a difference, but a mere $1.03c extra to run a petrol engine car vs the diesel. Sure you will be at the bowser more often, but who cares. I say test drive both, and see which one you would like and feels better. I would probably go the diesel route as the torque levels are much higher and would help moving the car around. Take note, that with the major fluctuation on fuel prices and so many factors involved that affect fuel economy, these wont be static figures. And just for fun, I'll throw in the E10 Calculation Todays E10 price: 92.5c Cost to fill tank: ~$49.02c E10 cost of fuel per 100km: ~$6.66 (hrmm, quite an interesting figure aye) Edit: I should also add that figures normally quoted by manufacturers are either Highway driving or a combination of highway/urban with the AC/Electronics off. This is just a part of their sales tactics. If you mainly do urban driving, Add atleast an extra 1-2l+ / 100km
  16. motiv

    Overclocking a E4300

    263x9 = 2367MHz. Decent stock voltage OC. You should be able to get a fair bit more than that, though. Mine's running at 340. I've given it a little extra voltage, but I'm sure I got it way over 263 on stock voltage. Maybe you've hit an FSB wall of your motherboard, or have your ram running too quick. Or, maybe the temps are an issue - what cooler are you using? Quite interesting... I have an EP35 - DS3, Although I find I can O/C other CPU's alot better reaching higher FSB levels on the Mobo. Was there any other builds of the E4300 because I purchased 4 at once for multiple PC's and all were the same..
  17. motiv

    9800 GTX question

    Be wary of Plasma screen burn. PC's have a tendancy to be big culprits for this. What I did was change my desktop to a boring black colour. Anywho, What I did was purchase a DVI-HDMI cable rather than go the adapter route. Just make sure that the cable/adapter you pick up supports Audio as I now have a redundant cable doing nothing.
  18. motiv

    Damn RROD!

    Good one MS. So I support you guys. and guess what happens. 7 days into owning the console. I get a RROD already.. WTH!! anyone else have this happen?
  19. motiv

    Damn RROD!

    Hey in relation to wanting a HDMI 360 console have you seen the HIVE Console Cooler attachment for the 360? http://www.jbhifi.com.au/games/microsoft/x-box/360/ Check the bottom left. Apparantley it plugs into the back of the 360 and lets you use any standard AV connectors HDMI, VGA, Component, S-Video etc. It also has some fans a bunch of USB connections to make up for the one it covers. I haven't got one myself but have been thinking about it becuase my pre-HDMI 360 is still ticking along quite nicely and I can't justify getting another one just for the sake of HDMI. Just because you're using a HDMI cable doesn't mean you'll be outputting at 1080p though... To add as well, It would not be wise using one of the items unless its powered seperately. There have been known cases for these intercoolers to cause a 3RROD in the Power side of things.
  20. motiv

    Crappy graphics for The Force Unleashed on Wii

    Hell yes. And a Dog shits all over the grass Back on topic, all of the above are correct.
  21. Time to get my dusty reflector telescope out. Im still interested on how "spectacular" it would look without the aid of or scope/binoculars.
  22. motiv

    Damn RROD!

    It would be 3 years from the date of purchase for the extention on RROD. It's kind of unfair for the owners of the original Xenon Xbox's. E.G - Purchased in dec 06, Warranty on RROD till Dec 09. IMOH, They should extend by an extra 3 years from the date of announcement. At least that would give them a little bit more peace of mind. Anywho, Im pretty happy they EB exchanged without any fuss. Its just a matter of time. Oh, and just to add, I called MS this morning and this is part of the conversation that was quite interesting Me: I got a RROD after 4 days, Can I exchange with no fuss. MS: Sure, All you need to do is bring your console (minus HD) and Powerbrick to the place of purchase within 30 days Me: Why do I need to bring my Powerbrick if it is just the console problem MS: Because we need to test all parts out Me: Well, what about my HDMI cable?, my Composite cable ETC.. MS: No, we just need the powerbrick Me: But you just said you need to test ALL parts out And what I got told today by EB, where information from them is like reading the inquirer.net. There was an announcement that the new batches had problems with the powersupply connections within the Xbox. - Funny that. 2 pieces of information from different sources relating to each other.
  23. motiv

    Overclocking a E4300

    I find that this cpu has a FSB wall of 263mhz (and I have tested 4 of them, all the same) Voltage increase can do a little bit more but I find it becomes very unstable.
  24. Just to add. MS have a 3 year warranty for RROD errors
  25. motiv

    Damn RROD!

    Thats pretty crazy. Was just reading an interview with an ex MS employee about the failure rate. Previous consoles state 30-50% Worldwide failure within 12 months. Apparently the new batchs are to decrease that to 10% worldwide. Guess im just on of the unlucky ones.