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  1. motiv

    Damn RROD!

    It gave me 3 rings. I'll google to see what went wrong with it
  2. motiv

    Damn RROD!

    well. I just might be the first one to have it. I double checked and im pretty sure I have one of the new batches. Anywho, Hopefully I should be ok for an exhange at EB. They allow 7 days after christmas for direct refund or exchange if I had not liked it or if it is DOA.
  3. 1. Head over to your local servo 2. Buy PP Visa 3. Book ticket online 4. Done
  4. motiv

    What Are You Cooking?

    mmmmmm.. doughnuts.....
  5. motiv

    Another Epic Bargain Buy :)

    Where did you get all your mario plush's from? I'd be interested to pick up some myself. I have always been a nintendo Fanboi!
  6. motiv

    Another Epic Bargain Buy :)

    Nice. Funny that, I also had a great deal over the weekend. Only because I chucked a stink at the salesman at EB. They were suppose to hold one for me as they only had one left, only to arrive at the store and get the line "Sorry, we sold it to another person 5 minutes ago" So after venting to the guy for wasting my time, they held another Xbox at a nearby store for me with some extra goodies. This is what I walked away with; Xbox Pro with 4 free games (current deal) + Battery pack for controller + VGA cable + Pre-owned Forza 2, PGR 3, DOA 4, Eternal sonata Win Win
  7. motiv

    Should i tell him?

    Well according to Bear in Man vs Wild. It is ok to drink your own Pee. Especially in Australian conditions.
  8. motiv

    Most embarressing typo EVER!

    I heard somthing on the radio of a NBC presenter in the states talking about Barak obama. One of the lines he said was " He is the Son of a Black Man, and the Son of a White Man " - Or along those lines. Not a Typo, But similar in that sence.
  9. motiv

    I'm Being Naughty...

    glad you got it fixed. But the true fix is to uninstall :P On another note, let me Guess. Disc 3??
  10. My guess is that he was looking for a collider himself. As the buyer says, It may create a black hole. Thats Atomic ain't it?