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  1. hrmm, Sounds like my local contractors..
  2. motiv

    New Toy!

    Oooo, I want I want I want!!! That reminds me, I have to ask my sister what happened with her B&W Enlarger..
  3. I have just made this decision not that long ago and I am looking at giving it a test whirl soon. But I am also debating of scratching my battery and get something a bit larger. External Battery/Case - I have gone for a 26AH Deep cycle battery (gel type). I would only recommend using either AGM/GEL types as the internal plate system is much thicker and you don't need to worry too much about killing the battery/Buildups. If your intention is to run a Laptop. Depending on its rated AH draw, try to keep clear of standard SLA or Car batteries. I have killed one too many in the past by over discharging on the field and risk stranding my car (no manual kick start here) + 12vdc to universal dc converter up to 21.5V (I think) - I could of gone down the route of inverter, but then it becomes an issue of more wires and packs to carry around. My decision was purely on the basis of less wires. Rob
  4. motiv

    The next picture will...

    That is one nice image Takoma. What really puts it our there is the red lighting used. Maybe I should just copy your photo for your "next image" request :) Laden with intent - in my interpretation of your meaning The next image will be Atomic...an Rob
  5. motiv

    Camera porn

    Love all these eq. Time to start listing my gear, pics to follow Digital Camera bodies: Canon 400d hydrogen alpha/IR modified Nikon d5000 Lenses: For canon; Canon 18-55 IS kit lens Sigma 24-70 f2.8 EX DG Macro For Nikon; 18-55 kit lens 70-300 tamron telemacro On my lens wish list at the moment, in line of purchase order Sigma 105mm Macro Canon 70-200 f2.8 usm Camera Accessories; Yongno YN-465 t/l flash Canon 430EX II flash Intervelometers for both 5x batteries for both cams Battery grips for both cams Now for my astrophotography gear Scope: skywatcher ED80 black diamond series Guidescope: 50mm finder scope attached to a QHY5 CMOS guide camera Reducer: William optics PflatII 0.85x Mount: skywatcher HEQ5 pro Filters: baadar 2" hydrogen alpha/uhc-s and oxygen III Regards, Rob
  6. motiv

    Awesome gun prototype

    "...Then go for your walk. Get's nasty... Get down to business.." Love the Americans
  7. motiv

    Some preliminary nightshots

    hah, For once, I found facebook useful :)
  8. motiv

    Some preliminary nightshots

    Congrats on the publication. Tell me, did you send them through to the network, or did they spot it out on the vast interweb? Rob
  9. Hey, I own 2 of the yn-465 (without the LCD screen but ttl). Although I cannot compare them to my sisters 430EX II and SB800. They still perform very very well for the money. I would say the 468 would be just the same. If you can step up a bit, look for the nissin flashes. Otherwise, can only suggest in looking either for a second hand 430EX for those who have upgraded.
  10. motiv

    EOS Photo5 2010

    I am noticing the same thing in the open brief this year - Inspired by sound. Half the people who entered have not even listened to the brief... Anywho, my entry is now uploaded. Lets hope I get into the finals. Rob
  11. motiv

    EOS Photo5 2010

    I have just submitted my open brief. Spent a good 4 hours.
  12. motiv

    EOS Photo5 2010

    Darn, I missed the registration. Looks like I'll enter the open brief. I have a good idea of what I'll enter.
  13. motiv

    Some preliminary nightshots

    Seriously. Tweak that tree shot in PS a bit, and print on a large canvas. That is worthy on any wall - heck, I'd love it on my wall It is truly wondrous how lucky shots can turn out very good.
  14. motiv

    Must have Apps for iPad

    OK, here is what I use. First and foremost - go and buy the Atomic app (web browser) as this allows tabbed browsing Productivity: Documents Free - or paid (does word, excel and paint): benifit for this is that it allows me to save these documents from my pc (work related essentials) onto the ipad through itunes iRead PDF - Same as the above except for PDF: Using this more to upload my work PDFs onto the ipad so I can refer to them when required. Jumbo - jumbo calculator Citrix - Allows me to load windows apps from my works citrix server Bloomberg - Too keep an eye on the economy as my business relies on trade prices of commodities. Book readers: Wattpad - Free books Free Books - As above Marvel - COMICS!!! DC Comics - COMICS!!! Random Apps: CineXPlayer - Allows you to upload Divx videos from your PC onto your ipad through itunes Star Walk (paid) - well worth the money spent - works as an educational tool and primarily as a planetarium. ABC - keeps me up to date on news headlines PS Express - Photoshop for the Ipad - Must download for the photo buffs Paypal - Even though it is an Iphone app - better to access via the app if you do more paypal from another PC - you can get security blocked as I have been in the past accessing PP via Safari Compass and Compass HD - For the NH, but still gives a pretty accurate pointing Air Mouse - is an iphone app - but awesome if you have a HTPC - allows you to control your PC via your ipad with an onscreen touchpad/keyboard. Games: I will order them in my preference on best to worst PvZ HD - Plants vs zombies - absolute addition - First paid game app you should buy! AirAttack HD - Raiden all over again Labyrinth - You can get the free app, but the paid version has many more maps Geared HD - Puzzle games using gears Broken Sword HD - Ipad remake of the original BS Chaos Rings HD - One of the better RPG/Puzzle games out there by Square Enix Chopper 2 - Get in tha choppaa Pocket Legends - MMORPG for the ipad - will drain your battery like a mofo GT Fishing HD - Fun for quick arcade bursts Thats it for now - If you want more details on any of the above, let me know and I can try elaborate further.
  15. motiv

    X-ray photography

    Umm - would that be against the faq on posting pornographic images.... ;D
  16. motiv

    X-ray photography

    Browing around on the net on the visible light spectrum, I came across this link with some X-ray photographic works by Nick Veasey. To sum it up, Absolutely awesome. Although I do wonder if he now has radiation sickness... Just a couple of example images - More can be found here and here.
  17. motiv

    Atomic Photo-a-Week LXVII

    Nice picture Michael. I really should try that someday. - Can you tell me what you used, Just a LED torch on a string? and then swung it around in circles? Was done yesterday with my sons bath, so decided to take a few pics. I asked him to be a water monster. I put in a film grain effect in PS because on a white background, it sort of gives that comical effect of strength.
  18. motiv

    What software do you use?

    One of the better free alternatives I like to use occasionally is, Photoscape. I use my sisters license for CS5 as my main editing software (wonders of having a family in the photography field ^.^) And Neat image for noise reduction if required.
  19. motiv

    Mods can be such fickle creatures.

    Man, this whole site is making me roflolcopter... Oh Noe, am I gonna get banned for using lol...? Mod, please enlighten me.
  20. motiv

    PC Chair

    Certain officeworks stores have a red/black car bucket seat chair for 129 bucks. Sat on it, and it is comfortable as hell, fabric is pleather though but foam is pretty good and rigid. Cant go wrong with officeworks chairs imo
  21. motiv

    Rights of Photographers

    nice read. definately bookmarking on my ipad. on another note, it looks like my neighbor was snapped in his photo gallery :)
  22. motiv

    Some shots are just perfect

    Remarkable!!! The only photoshoping that is required is the kid with the fishing rod on the end of the moon - dreamworks just pops into my mind seeing it.
  23. Now I love HDR images, when used right. But this is downright awesome! HDR Video Demo Rob
  24. motiv

    Playing with InfraRed ...

    Still couldn't find any on ebay though :( - I think I am ebay deficient.. Nevertheless, I found a guy in hong kong who will change filters for AUD ~50 + return postage :) - Background check comes up positive
  25. motiv

    Atomic Photo-A-Week LXV

    Picture of M17 - taken a couple of nights ago