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  1. As requested Michael, here is a picture of my setup enjoy
  2. motiv

    Playing with InfraRed ...

    Well, I just got quoted from canon to change the standard IR filter with one of my own AUD 314 + GST. More than half of what I paid for this camera.
  3. Top stuff!!! Love the image mate, looks like the CLS did it's job well I need to ftp my image last night so I can post it - I took just over an hours worth of M17 last night, when I had thought I was on M16 - FAIL - Either way - still got it checked off the 'Project M' list. Edit: wow, you moved up to Forster? Didn't you live in Sydney metro? - I wouldn't mind living there. - too much light pollution in homebush Rob
  4. motiv

    Atomic! Don't trust your reviews anymore.

    For some odd reason, I feel like a beer now... Banjini - In my opinion - atomic reviews tend to be the more accurate and trustworthy I see on the vast interweb of product reviews. But as many has said - It is the personal opinion of that reviewer - and that should be respected. It would seem you have personal trust issues. One thing you have to understand as well, is the power some of these product suppliers have over review sites. There was a recent instance that a review site was no longer able to review any Nvidia based cards pre retail release, purely because they gave a bad review when THEY were told not to... Furthermore - There are only a handful of reviewers out there that say how it is meant to be - it would seem you obviously like to go with the masses. Anyway Time for a beer. Rob
  5. motiv

    Playing with InfraRed ...

    510 for a Brand new twin lens kit, free 8gb CF card and a free 16 in 1 universal charger :) Sales person vs sales person. hehe.
  6. motiv

    Playing with InfraRed ...

    Man, I remember back in the days of my old Canon F2 film cam and doing B/W IR photography with a makeshift IR filter. So, I have just picked up a 400d today from a domain clearance outlet - MODIFY TIME Rob
  7. Yup, using PHD with a QHY5 directly connected to the ST-4 - I prefer to use the hand controller - EQmod gets a little cumbersome for me. For those that don't know - ST-4 is the standard created by a US company called SBIG - This is a standard RJ12 interface port which directs +/- commands to the mount to accurately guide on any selected star through PHD guiding (press here dummy) you are correct - the Baadar filter is slightly more narrow but still concentrates on the same emission lines. Good luck for tonight, and cant wait to see your results. Rob
  8. Hey Chancellor, No custom WB on the camera - just used the standard "Sunlight" setting - Played around with it all in PS anyway. With the CLS - Is there a Bandwith chart for this filter?. I will be going down the Canon modified route soon and would be interested to see your results. - Otherwise I'll stick to using this UHC-S. It's a might fine filter and next to no cost Tonight I'll be doing 3x10 mins and 4 x 1 mins (no filter) of M8 so I can try get back some star colour. Then I'll slew to NGC 253 and hit up my first galaxy MJ: Correct sir, When stacking images, you need to increase the Signal/noise ratio - I forgot the formula to back this up, but as signal increases (stack) in effect, it will reduce your Noise,(unwanted hot pixels) - Therefore will increase your detail further Not at all, Makes my life much easier, but you have got it down pat. Just to add, AP is not a cheap hobby - All up, I have spent $2400 excluding the camera which I already had. - But now I am adding on a further $500 for a modded canon DSLR Rob
  9. sure did, Standard Nikon T adapter with m42 thread, Then m42 thread to standard 2" adapter coupled to a 50mm extention tube to obtain focus. I'll take some pics of my setup and upload soon. Rob
  10. Here is another reprocess with the TIFF to maintain quality MJ, You pretty much hit the nail on the head there. B/C refered to the Brightness/contrast. But with the below adjustments I added a few editing extras - Curve adjustment on the histogram - Then clipped the Blue and Green channels to bring out the Red (hydrogen) nebulosity.
  11. motiv

    Playing with InfraRed ...

    I'll just keep on searching - I've gone to gumtree to seek a cheap canon to modify myself As for astro - It is very involving and can be a money pit, depending on what you want out of it. My suggestion is to look up on the theory of it (as you have already done) and determine your goals. Right as I type - I am completing first light test of my new setup (about 2 hours worth of exposures). So watch out for a new thread with details/first picture/equipment and how I processed it. One thing to understand about astrophotography, it is all about the signal to noise ratio and an understanding of the science of the visible light spectrum. Each deep space object has different bandwiths, with most being Hydrogen Alpha which will require a ccd/cmos which can read above this spectrum. Unfortunately my test I am doing (which is more a log on mount periodic error and optics test) is with an unmodified d5000 with a transmission of approx 30% in this area. Feel free to PM me any questions I can answer for you. If you were/are ever in sydney, I can give you a good rundown. Rob
  12. motiv

    Playing with InfraRed ...

    Stop with the images :) Convincing me even more to spend more money. (by the way, very nice pics. I love the contrast of the IR). BTW, what are you searching via ebay, I cant seem to find any modified cams? I just spent 2000+ on my new astrophotography setup already Rob
  13. motiv

    Playing with InfraRed ...

    Darn you Michael!!! I would of snapped that up quick smart. - Great buy mate! I mainly need it for Hydrogen Alpha at ~656 but will second as an IR daytime camera. Looking for a D70 atm as they are real easy to modify. But will probably end up with a 300/350D Eat the flag - go over to this website for very very detailed instructions on how to remove to stock IR/UV cutoff filter. Lifepix Just remember, You need to replace it with an adequate piece of glass at the same thickness otherwise you can stuff up your auto focus. But if you are going to strictly do IR - Search on fleabay for a filter as MJ mentioned above Rob
  14. motiv

    Playing with InfraRed ...

    funny that. I'm actually looking for a spare cam right now to do some IR. Gonna rip the IR filter elements out and fire away. Great pics MJ
  15. +1 to these words. Irrespective if there is already a process of what ideas you have come to mind. Your ideas/thoughts could one day breakthrough a new way/process in photography.
  16. beat me to it, sounds like you want to do HDR
  17. motiv

    Time Lapse

    Awesome stuff man. Im gonna go do the same thing now. Thanks for the idea!. Was getting bored of the time lapses i'm currently doing BTW, I go the exact same way home :) Rob
  18. motiv

    You think Sydney traffic is bad?

    And here I though a 1 hour traffic jam is bad.
  19. motiv

    R.Callum Photography.

    I must say, especially at your age, you have a keen and great eye for composition in your photos.
  20. motiv

    The next picture will...

    Nice pic argotha, Well, you asked for a stand still in time. The next image will be about Life Rob
  21. motiv

    iiNet delivers 1TB caps...

    e-peen ftw
  22. motiv

    iiNet delivers 1TB caps...

    Agree Alls good and well, and I like the initiative the isp's are taking. But with our current network infrastructure, I just see this as a sales/marketing strategy to obtain further market share. 'ooo, I have a bigger @&$- than you' sort of thing I am with iinet at 3km from The exchange. Syncing at 7300kbps. And I cannot even hit my cap Bring on the fibre networks and what zebra mentioned above with the same pricing/plans as this. That is what I would want Rob
  23. motiv

    Android tablets

    The iPad purchase was because the mrs could not control and understand the resistive screen. She thought it should be like an iPad. But try telling that to a non technical person on the difference between a capacitive and resistive. The unit itself is great but is let down by it's software. If all your doing is browsing/vids. You can't beat the price with the amount of screen real-estate you get. I hear around the inter web people are trying to get cyanogen running on this. Unit has already been successfully /root Rob
  24. Thanks user interface. Well, the option of citrix was on the basis our crm/crystal reports are handled by our citrix server located in hamburg. I would only need remote access to our simple information system program, which is GUI based, but not graphic intensive. I have not dived too much into the capabilities of the iPad with the exception of citrix, but I had thought remote desktop was not an option. I'll have a look at the teamviewer program you mention and see if it suitable. Just with my current pc. I would not running hours on end but if this program will work well. I could try load it on some of my lower power pc components Thanks for that Rob I think that you are missing the simple... You could easily set up RDP (Remote Desktop) to log on to your computer at home\work. Just keep in mind that you will need to open a port in your firewall, and setup port forwarding. This solution is not perfect, but will be a lot easier then setting up citrix if you are unfamiliar with the software. Your other option that is the easiest of them all. Get teamviewer and install it on both your iPad and computer and connect that way.. goes through port 80 so don't have any further setup.. I won't explain either of these in detail till you tell us what you are using it for. high graphics will be better through citrix, but if you just want to connect the RPD\teamviewer will sort you out.