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  1. Hey all, I am looking to setup a low power citrix server to run a couple of my windows related work programs through my iPad As it stands, I have No issue in connecting through my work's citrix programs on my iPad, although I require access to certain local programs that they will not load due to company policies. As this is the case, I figured how hard will it be to setup my own at home which will need to run ~ 10+ hours a day. So, my questions are where do I start? what tech would you recommend as I would require this to be relatively low power? how easy is it to setup? Will my current upload speed of 1mbit affect the performance? Thanks in advance Rob
  2. Thanks, That does open my mind a little and presents another question. Is citrix necessary, is there any other alternative I can use to access a single windows program through my iPad on a virtual environment. I have not checked if there are suitable iPad apps, although I do know and run citrix client on this thing. Hrmm. That might be a good option, run a low power, cheap computer/server with minimal components, don't think an atom box will cut it as I have one spare.. Anywho, please keep the options coming to help me figure this out. Rob
  3. Outcome was a perfectly stable o/c. Performance increased dramatically. I'm sure I could of hit higher, but then I assume I have to start playing with my NB voltages and such which I was not too confident in. Rob
  4. As others have said, make sure you use detergent for front loaders only Otherwise you are going to need to invite friends over for a soap sud disco
  5. motiv

    Customers have a new scam going...

    What shopping centre did you go to? I might pay a visit. I'll go buy some cheap wallets from bag scene before hand..
  6. motiv

    Android tablets

    In terms of flashing the unit jombib, Firstly, you need to manually setup the drivers via the 'have disk' function in vista. Make sure your os is 32bit only. Once setup, to prevent the unit to boot in while in flash mode, setup all the required files via the boot loader program first, then connect the unit, then hit the flash button. Don't be too concerned if the unit flashes the epad splash screen while updating. Once done, reset the unit and away you go. The latest firmware (0809) fixes the screen sensitivity of the resistive screen which makes this unit better to use with your fingers. Irrespective of this, I would highly recommend using a stylus. As I now have a iPad, my zt does not see much usage except for browsing the net or watching my videos. I am currently looking at purchasing a 10.2" capacitive screen (USB controlled) to somehow replace the resistive screen. All I need now is to workout how to create the drivers for it in a Linux environment which I have absolutely no experience in. It's a pity the zenithink will not release the source code to 3rd party developers, this will greatly speed up the process for creating custom rooms to suit this tablet. Rob
  7. motiv

    Pocketable SLR?

    what about considering a sony nex-3/5 apc sensor type rob
  8. motiv

    7D up in flames

    Pity on the 7d, but awesome
  9. motiv

    Android tablets

    Look above All based around the Zenithink ZT-180 - Same item, just different branding. I had got mine directly from zenithink through one of my clients who do some local distribution for them in China. Flatcomputing are expecting to release a custom rom tomorrow so I am eagerly awaiting to try that out. Will let you know my thoughts. Good think about this slate is that you can flash as much as you like and you wont brick it at all. At the moment, I have WinCE running - bloody fast!! Rob
  10. motiv

    Android tablets

    Well I am closely following the below - Zenithink have officially released an updated firmware on 04.08 which has improved the video function. XDA developers There is also discussion on Slatedroid as they are also intending to have a custom firmware released. Rob.
  11. motiv

    Tickle my vagina

    Ok.. wierd..
  12. motiv

    Android tablets

    Here are some initial pics of the zt-180 I received. As received from the courier Actual box The inside packaging and Tablet itself Build quality: 6.5/10 Performance : 7.5/10 Software: 5/10 Current Android 2.1 installed is very young and full of bugs - This is not to much of a concern for me as many developers out there weighing out these bugs and creating custom roms to suit. As a browser and video player - Excellent! Screen quality : 7/10. This comes with resistive touch screen so using your fingers may pose a little bit of difficulty. No multi touch support here. As this tablet was originally released/developed with WinCE, I have no issue with this. I use this tablet with a stylus and accuracy is above satisfactory. I'll elaborate more later as I gotta get to work now Cheers Rob
  13. motiv

    Atomic Photo-A-Week LXI

    Ha takoma, LOVE IT. Now I'm off to play zsnes. Rob
  14. motiv

    Android tablets

    Hi all Just got my zt-180, typing on it right now. This has the updated Android. Ill get some pics up later and write up a mini review Rob
  15. motiv

    Dumbest state government ever

    london bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down I cant help but shake my head reading this.. So whats stopping "them" from obtaining that information now..
  16. motiv

    Nerf gun modifications

    Since there is no section for Nerf mods, I'll whack it in the greenroom. Following on from this thread http://forums.atomicmpc.com.au/index.php?showtopic=33885 I took advantage of all those sales going on and picked up a Recon CS-6 with extra clips. Not liking the out of the box performance, I had to modify it. Obvious thing is to remove the AR and dampen the plunger. That was all fun and well. Although I had a little think last night and took it one step further... Just finished this mod this morning Not a bad mod for 17 bucks. Rob
  17. motiv

    Nerf gun modifications

    That is pretty awesome. I have a adjustable red-dot reticule (from a telescope) I might somehow tie up to a tactical rail. Rob
  18. motiv

    Pink Netbook

    What is the budget? I'd recommend checking out a local officeworks. They had a number of netbooks/notebooks on clearance. Specifically a Pink Sony Vaio going for ~800 last I checked. Rob
  19. motiv

    Links gallore!

    Great set. I like the design work for the Macbook Touch. Only if it will become a reality, someone should send the link to Foxconn. Rob
  20. motiv

    A photo every day - 1979 to 1997

    Wow. Just wow. Right at the very end, I seriously got chills down my spine, Even while I write this.. Rob
  21. motiv

    Nerf gun modifications

    Good point The Red light Tactical sight comes standard with the Recon CS6 package - You can get similar tactical lights separately so it should be similar. As the internal dimensions of the original Red light holder is 8.6mm - It is a perfect fit for the below module 1mw Laser Module The OD of the module is 8.7mm so a little bit of .5mm electrical tape was good enough to give it a snug fit. Rob That would be a Force Impulse MG
  22. motiv

    Android tablets

    I totally agree, But my quote said "looks similar" Id much rather the Malata over the Zenithink - bought it Just on the basis so I can tinker with it and the mrs can read her books and stop taking my laptop :) Well, my package had just been sent from China - hope to have it sometime next week. After conversations with the wholesaler, they mentioned it was the final production which was due for release last Friday. Rob
  23. motiv

    Atomic Photo-A-Week LXI

    Gotta get some images up. Been a couple of weeks. 2Shy, Good work, would throw in a couple of pointers. - What mode are you running the flash in? TTL or M - If running in TTL, Would suggest you play around with flash compensation, +/- .3 increments based on a 0 exp metering. - what wall are you bouncing your flash off? Are you using a diffuser? - I can see some shadowing which kind of draws the attention away from the subject. Would suggest in trying out your shots with a diffuser to soften/spread the flash. Anywho, here we go. Links fixed
  24. motiv

    So my father said said to me...

    soy sauce and scrambled eggs is nice.. especially on sunny side up. Must splash it right at the end when your finishing frying. :) Rob
  25. motiv

    Android tablets

    Just ordered a Zenithink ZT-180 direct from the manufacturer. Paid US 203 all up and hope to have it my hot little hands in about 2 weeks. Looks very similar to the Malata one and also comes with Android 2.1 Lets see how this goes Rob