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  1. general settings for my conroe which was very easy to get to as follows (24/7 at times although I ran a TRUE) - These conroe's can take a bit of beating although I would not up the voltage more than 1.4 just to be cautious. CPU voltage - 1.375 FSB - 380 (3.420) Ram timings - 5/5/5/18 Ram @ 1:1 PCI bus locked to 100mhz Temps were 20-22 idle ~39ish Load during winter. Everything else was set at auto.
  2. motiv


    You will need a few essential tools - star chart based on the time you will be going - deepsky / star atlas this will help you in getting your head around the skies prior to your trip, download the free atlas, stellarium and do a bit of studying. What I would suggest is do a search for messier/Ngc/ic objects within a certain visual magnatude. Other than that, have fun and good luck rob
  3. motiv

    Case to replace my v9!

    I just picked up a Lancool (lian li) K60 case @ msy for 113. Construction: Absolutely perfect - Steel chassis but everything fits perfectly together. Fans: meh could be a little quieter - but my fan controller takes care of that. All up - probably the best 113 I have ever spent Rob
  4. motiv

    This is truly a momentous day!

    Now that sir, is a throne worthy for our queen.. If you were/are in Sydney, I buy my poo papers from cincotta chemist. 14.95 for 48 rolls of 2ply, and the good thing is, it doesn't feel like sandpaper! rob
  5. motiv

    A new lens to add to the collection

    Love that pic. FYI, there will be a total solar eclipse in FN queensland on the 13-14th November 2012. Solar eclipse path Rob
  6. motiv

    The atomicans guide to post processing

    Sounds like a good Idea, I'll try whip something up in msword this weekend and post it here. What might be a good idea to add to this, which I find is an overlooked procedure by some. The pre-processing of the Raw files (e.g Adobe Camera Raw) prior to your final processing in PS or your editing suite of choice. At times, this can be a powerful piece of software. I'll also type what I know in regards to understanding your histogram. E.G, what is it, what does it mean, etc.. Rob
  7. motiv

    Atomic Photo-a-Week LIV

    Thanks for the critiques guys, Always appreciate it. I need to look at picking up a better macro lens as the above bee shot was at F5.6 (fastest). Currently digging around for a good f2.8 1:1.. but that costs a heap of Moolah.. BTW Genisis, Very very nice wedding pic for an amateur, sure looks pro there. You get that gooey feeling when looking at it. Top stuff on the PP. And I can agree with you as being stressful, I had done a wedding for a new zealander Couple.. Lets just say I had a hard time getting through the crowd... Worst is, some drunk chick was playing with my camera and had set my ISO to 3200 for my indoor shots, 150 shots down the drain.. Oh, And with my treepath.. I also keep seeing it everywhere, that's why I decided to give it a shot (pun intended) @ Mando, when did these light shows happen? I must of missed something, I like the vividness to it. Rob
  8. motiv

    Funky table

    As much as I like.. wait, no Love this table, I'll settle for this $479 at Ikea Rob
  9. motiv

    Atomic Photo-a-Week LIV

    Hi All, Have not posted in a while so I'll put a couple up taken over the last few weeks. Critique welcome Rob
  10. motiv

    new i5 750 overclocked out of the box?

    Thats wierd, What I would do is clear your Motherboards CMOS, default settings and then see the multi Also, CPU-z screenie plz Rob
  11. motiv

    A new lens to add to the collection

    I had the same setup as well, Works wonders and very good optics! Now I have a 12" f4.5 Dob with Argo :P For astrophotography, as a cheap Focal reducer that wont hurt the hip pocket, look to pick up a Meade F6.3 4 element reducer/flattener. Surprisingly good results for a cheap FR. FR to CCD chip surface should be very close to 105mm. Good luck with your setup and lets see your results! Oh, btw, where are you located? Sydney? Rob
  12. As far as I can see, I don't think anyone has posted this yet? Any who, who here is playing League of Legends? For those who don't know In my opinion, release did not go too well (so much locked content) so I left it for 9 months, and boy, am I having a lot of fun now. So, i'll start this off, screen name is Kazimaru Whats yours?? be good to get some atomic LoL action happening Cheers Rob
  13. motiv

    Caelum needs your currency help!

    Already got that one, thanks :) Is that the new south wales one? (It should say under the coat of arms) Yes it does. Says NSW under the coat of arms Rob
  14. motiv

    Caelum needs your currency help!

    2 fiddys here 2005 - melbourne 2006 XVIII comm games? 2001 - centenary of fed - one with the lion, roo and shield on it PM me if you need them. Trade you for 5 20c pieces...
  15. Another option is to go for a standard USB Printer and pick up a 40 dollar Ethernet print server. All you need to do then is set it up in LRP mode and bobs your uncle. Much more options on printers that way. Rob
  16. motiv

    Need to convert 2 meg pic files to smaller

    +1 to this. Rob
  17. motiv

    Easter show 2010 pics

    I like the photos. Robosauraus looks cool Generally with moving objects e.g Hilux, I would use a lowish ISO (~400-800) and a flash gun. Main issue I would see would of been your distance which limits your usability of the Flash gun. But in general, You would use a slower shutter speed/aperture setting to correctly meter the background, then set your flash to fire at the end of your exposure Giving your central object e.g Car sense of speed. Final composition of the photo would be a moving background with the car in good focus suspended from the background. Rob
  18. motiv

    Atomic Photo-a-Week L

    Nice work Chancellor, I might as well post my one too. Cheers Rob
  19. Rest in Peace..

  20. motiv

    Wow, nice pussy.

    I really should post a pic up of my 3 Maine coons...
  21. Antraman, PM me your details. I will contact some of my grain imports/exporters to see if they can direct you to the source. Cheers Rob
  22. motiv

    Ff xiii- kmart special pricing

    Just a heads up to everyone kmart have ff xiii at an introduction price if 82 bucks and no, I don't work for kmart cheers rob
  23. motiv

    Fuels ain't fuels Sol...

    Have not read the whole thread but I will let you know on my findings. Mobil 8000 = BP Ultimate > caltex > Shell All fuels I use are 98 octane. I find that I receive the best fuel economy from Mobil and BP fuels. Caltex is so so and Shell, well, lets just say my coles vouchers get thrown out. Not to discount Shell, their fuel I find provides the best punch to my engine although at a much higher fuel consumption. As an example, here are my average figures from my spreadsheet Mobil = avg 9.23l/100 BP = avg 9.42l/100 Caltex = avg 10.1l/100 Shell = avg 12.2l/100 Car is a Honda accord Euro cl9 Rob
  24. motiv

    Atomic Photo-a-Week XXXVIII

    Lovely work Athiril. Tell me, where did you setup your speedlight? Remote over to your right? diffused? I'm trying to do similar compositions, although my subject is usually blown out, or shadows are too harsh. (flash in TTL) My metering is good, and the flash is excellent (sb-800). Maybe I just have not got used to the functions of the flash yet, or the correct position. (only shooting on camera flash atm) Rob.
  25. Tell her to get a job with Canon :P Thats what I have said a million times. Truth be told, her husband worked at Canon in North Ryde. Although canon when through a mass round of redundancies about 4 months ago, so he lost his job. Rob