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  1. motiv

    Whos your fav Porn Star

    Oh, I forgot to add Maria Ozawa. Rob
  2. motiv

    Whos your fav Porn Star

    Tia tanaka evelyn Lin
  3. My sis works at olympus. At the spares/ retail distribution sector Let me know if you need one and I can ask for 'her' price. Rob
  4. motiv

    Cheap Macro Lenses

    Bellows can be good.. Although it depends on what type of macro photography you want to do. If you want to take moving objects, forget about it. Flowers, plants, nature, stationary objects. It can be worthwhile. Rob.
  5. as cyb3r has mentioned, your mind can play tricks on you which can possible give you false calibration results. Unfortunately the best way is to a proper calibration tool. One extreme is the Cornsweet illusion Cheers Rob
  6. motiv

    Atomic Photo-a-Week XXXVI

    Pyrmont the other day Rob
  7. motiv

    Anyone playing with 3D ?

    I haven't personally started playing around yet, Although you might want to check out this website. 3d Astrophotos I have not had the chance to fully dive into this site although I believe the owner does list some tutorials. Cheers Rob
  8. motiv

    Atomic Photo-a-Week XXXV

    Just a quick one I did this morning. HDR then a final fix up in CS4 Rob
  9. motiv

    Atomic Photo-a-Week XXXIII

    Just a quick image of NGC 2070. Otherwise known as the tarantula Nebula Rob
  10. motiv

    Help Out an Atomican Please Vote

    Voted, nice shot, And your in the lead. :) Rob
  11. motiv

    Atomic Photo-a-Week XXXII

    What sort of mount/telescope have you got? In regards to the blue moon, I used a 2" Light pollution filter which limits certain bandwidths of light like sulfur, mercury, etc... This specific filter will pretty much make anything white, blue. To start yourself off in astrophotography. Best way is to get yourself a good wide angle lens, head over to a dark site and take 30-45 second subs @ 10-20mm. Unfortunately since the sagg arm is setting, you'll need to wait till next year when it's at or around zenith. Rob
  12. motiv

    Removing cum off LCD monitor

    ROFL!! I can just imagine the commercial FBB: Well. I was always using tissues to clean my monitor but it just never soaks it all up, until I tried ShamWOW. I just Dab it on, and WOW, it disappears so my mom will never find out!! Rob
  13. motiv

    Atomic Photo-a-Week XXXII

    Nice work Gabber, Here are a couple of pics of my moon shots to get you started. Let me know if you need any tips. And just something i am working on at the moment Rob.
  14. motiv

    The ultimate tattoo

    Now this is what I call dedication. But why..... Clicky on linky http://www.engadget.com/2009/10/21/enthusi...earm/#continued Cheers Rob.
  15. motiv

    f/1.8 and warm flouro globes

    Just a tip on NR. I quite like the software Neat Image to remove my noise for photo I shoot over 640ISO. Play around with the trail, well worth it. Rob.
  16. I know I cannot be much help in the DD-WRT sector, Although I have a Dlink DWL G810 which I used on my xbox before I got rid of it. PM me if your interested to purchase this off me cheap as it is now redundant and gathering dust. Rob.
  17. new place is too far from the exchange. No more pr0n at full speed... Rob.
  18. motiv

    Atomic Photo-a-Week XXV

    Playing with panorama Just playing with HDR Rob.
  19. motiv

    Atomic Photo-a-Week XXIV

    Didn't get much this week. But im working on this. Rob.
  20. Got a call this arvo from my partner saying "I just got fired" I didn't care too much because the accounting firm she works for is one of the worst, and illegally operated places I have ever come across. (which we will be tipping off to the ATO) Anyway, she is in her probation so she cannot pursue for unfair dismissal which is what happened. To cut a long story short - Her boss is constantly on the rampage sexually abusing staff (verbal) and verbal harassment. As my partner is not one for copping shit and verbal abuse, she would speak her mind at times. This is where he let her go under the reason of, underperforming (utter bullshit - She knows more than this guy who isn't even qualified at all!! no education what so ever uni, cpa, ca etc...!!) and not respecting the boss... My main concern is that they have not paid her superannuation at all, overtime pay owed (about 9 days all sat and sun) and her last 2 weeks of pay (which should be in our account right now). To top it off, the other partners don't even know she was fired. Now, I will be getting her to call the director on Monday to demand all that she is owed. But would need to clarify - as she was let go, is the company entitled to still pay the above listed?? Anywho, would like your opinions and suggestions. Edit: PS - she has not even received a payslip so we cannot confirm if she was even getting taxed!! Cheers Rob.
  21. motiv

    So my partner just got fired

    TOP STUFF. I have talked to my partner and we are going to screw this company up. 30 years of dodgy operations. Lets see what this little guy can do. Rob.
  22. motiv

    So my partner just got fired

    It's VERY legal. So what does compulsory mean?? But you are right in a way. If you are self employed, you do not have to pay yourself super. Rob
  23. motiv

    So my partner just got fired

    Well, She was employed as a full time staff member, with her contract specifying Superannuation @ 9% and overtime pay. Both of which she has not received at all. I'm starting to think that her tax had not been withheld at all.
  24. motiv

    So my partner just got fired

    If I have one monkey and some one give's me an other monkey, do's that mean that I than have too monkies? I wuold hvae to say taht you dfeinlety wlil hvae too monkies