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  1. motiv

    So my partner just got fired

    That will happen on Monday. Just need to prepare her as this is something she has not done before. Now, time to send an anonymous tip off to the ATO. Rob
  2. motiv

    So my partner just got fired

    Not really emotional on this one, I just dislike companies who treat their employees like crap (I have been through that) and who practice illegally. But, I for one can confirm that the owner of the company (who happens to run another company of which I look after on the Import/export of goods) has directly told me that he is very impressed with her work. Rob Edit: remember.. ie is what you use when you plural a word ending in y He ain't gonna say that in public if he ever wants to fuck her again. She doesn't troll these forums :P. So i'm safe :D Rob
  3. motiv

    So my partner just got fired

    Since when doe's unfare dismissal not apply 'cos a employee is under probation. from the law book Federal unfair dismissal laws state that employees serving a “probation period” and employees serving a “qualifying period” are excluded from being able to bring an unfair dismissal claim. The maximum “probation period” is three months unless a period of greater than three months is reasonable in all the circumstances. The “qualifying period” is an automatic six months. The “qualifying period” can be reduced or increased in writing but any increase beyond the automatic six month time frame must be reasonable. Rob
  4. Little bit of a fun novelty. http://www.thisdayinmusic.com/birthdayno1 My number #1 are Every Breath You Take - The Police - UK Chart Flashdance...What a Feeling - Irene Cara - US Chart Total Eclipse of the Heart - Bonnie Tyler - AUS Chart. Now it's time to do random dates and off to the itunes store I go! Rob.
  5. motiv

    Best Music/Media player?

    MP classic for all forms of video Winamp for music.
  6. motiv

    Atomic Photo-a-Week XXIII

    Just playing around with star trails again. Rob.
  7. Seems like apple are now picking on woolworths with their new logo http://www.tomshardware.com/news/Apple-Woo...wsuit,8784.html Seriously, how stuck up can Apple be about the use of an Apple in their logo's. I would think this will just die in it's arse Rob
  8. motiv

    how do you like dem apples

    wierd. i used the search button epic fail!!
  9. I'm just trying to figure out how some even got into the number 1 slot. Having a laugh at some of the MV on youtube for some. E.G 1:51 - No, you are not cool Rob
  10. motiv

    Anyone know any back pain remedies?

    When it happens to me. Nurofen and a hot water bottle. Eases up the pain quite good for me. But everyone is different. Rob.
  11. Shame on the person who posted this! Time to give Motiv a slap on the wrist...
  12. motiv

    How far are we away from immortality?

    Nooo. I have it.. You stole it off me Rob
  13. motiv

    Stargate Universe - Have they gone to far

    My god that pic is hot. A geeks wet dream.
  14. motiv

    aussie getting american tax back

    pretty much any tax agent can do this stuff. It would just come down to who will do it and at what fee. Edit: I'll ask my wife and get her advise. Rob.
  15. motiv

    Stargate Universe - Have they gone to far

    Might I add Whats with the sex scene in SG. Absolutely did not expect that!! Now, only if we can see tapping getting tapped. Rob
  16. Just playing around with my camera last night. Rob.
  17. motiv

    Your favourite energy drink?

    I like pussy. http://www.pussydrinks.com/home.html
  18. motiv

    Atomic Photo-a-Week XXII

    here we go and Rob
  19. motiv

    Group order for Galileoscopes

    Which means your in right? :P Rob.
  20. motiv

    Group order for Galileoscopes

    Details updated
  21. motiv

    Group order for Galileoscopes

    Definately in. Need another scope for the fun factor
  22. motiv

    Atomic Photo-a-Week XXI

    Here is mine for this week Rob.
  23. motiv

    I see red I see red I see Red!

    This popped into my head this morning when I saw the dust (pun intended)
  24. motiv

    I see red I see red I see Red!

    Sure is.. I was up at 3 wondering what the hell that smell was. Only until the sun came up I realized. Time to bring out the face masks - just not for piggy flu. Rob.