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    I see red I see red I see Red!

    Heh :P. Posted a pic http://forums.atomicmpc.com.au/index.php?showtopic=21759
  2. motiv

    I see red I see red I see Red!

    Now I was wondering what that smell was. Looked outside when the sun was rising. I thought I was dreaming. when the F did I wake up on Mars... And I just cleaned the car.. Rob. (image is raw and not processed)
  3. So I went out west with my gear and decided to take a photo. 100 bucks to the person who can tell me how many stars there are. :) Oh. can anyone find the scorpio constellation? Rob.
  4. motiv

    BD drive in 360

    Nooooo. Dont rip the guys off my old xbox. Im still getting over it!! :P On topic: I had researched it before and yielded nada. Although one mod you can do is upgrade the HDD size. Rob.
  5. motiv

    Atomic Photo-a-Week XX

    Might as well throw this in. Decided to play with PS a bit. Still getting my head around this.. Any recommendations? Rob.
  6. motiv

    Atomic Photo-a-Week XX

    Hey Squall, I use a EQ5 mount with motor drive on the RA. Oh, and if your in sydney, I have a half made Barn door you can have for $10 and all the parts required to make it. Went halfway and decided to go for a double arm haig. Rob.
  7. I recommend buying Brand new. MSY has them at 215. With receipt, box, DOA/warranty.
  8. motiv

    Atomic Photo-a-Week XX

    Sorry bout the vignetting on this pic. but here we go
  9. I'll take that one up. Once I get my focuser on tuesday. I'll post my results up
  10. http://picasaweb.google.com/Motiv.Corp/Astrophotos# 3 down. 107 to go. Rob.
  11. I hate you with an intensity that burns like the sun.... :p This is what I'd love to do so much but cost holds me back as well as finding a suitable dark spot to take the shots. That's a great setup and a fantastic image. I'm very much looking forward to seeing what other shots you pull out of the bag. If you wouldn't mind, could you list your gear (especially how you mount to the scope) and rough costs? Love your work even though I burn with an intense jealousy :D Hey, Setup costs can be as cheap to as expensive. If you already have a digital camera and high zoom lens. You can start yourself in astrophotography by constructing yourself a barn door mount (haig mount, scotch mount etc...) and a sturdy tripod. Here is a link to what you need to make this mount and you can nab yourself some pretty good images with alot of depth and clarity. http://www.nightskypix.com/equip/ScotchMount.htm As for my above picture, that was more a quick test run. was 5x30 second exposures. ISO 800 at prime focus on my scope (400-470mm). I actually have a better image that i'm PS at the moment which I will post once I get my website up and running. Ok, so my current setup as follows - This is all new because my original scope (130mm APO 780mm refractor) got stolen a couple months back. - that cost about 1499 about 10 years ago. Scope: Skywatcher SW80 - ~$200-300 dollars Mount: Skywatcher EQ5 with steel tripod - $399 RA motor drive: $155 nessesary adapters for the DSLR: $65 I have on my way a 10:1 Crayford focuser which should yield sharper pictures as the R&P one on this is shit. - that's an extra $199 anyhow, I've got M22, M45 to edit and post up soon. Rob.
  12. Hi How are you.

    Im good thanks.

    thanks for asking

    Have a good day

  13. camera is a Nikon d40. As for the foggy bit's, those are actually the diffuse nebula. Need to get a better focuser and a few more adjustments here and there. then i'm all set to go. Rob
  14. motiv

    Virtual haircut

    I sat here for 5 minutes. And my hair still isn't cut
  15. motiv

    Atomic Photo-a-Week XIX

    Since I got my new camera. Might as well join Rob.
  16. motiv

    Anyone know about auto spares?

    you can always come to the sydney inner west. there will be alot parked on the kerbs. suggest you check yellow.com.au for nissan wreckers rob.
  17. motiv

    Amateur Astronomers

    My understanding is that Dobsonians are pretty much useless when it comes to astrophotography due to the alt-azimuth mount and the equatorial is the only real way to go. Did you sign your post like that just to confuse me? :P Rob. Dobs can be used for photography as long as you have a motorised mount. Although as it runs of an AZ mount, you would be tracking on 2 axis which means you will only be doing short exposure (15sec) and alot of image stacking. Best would always be a EQ mount (with a very stable tripod) as you can start leaning towards long exposures and yield far superior images. Oh. and your not the only rob in the world :P But such a godly name aye Rob.
  18. motiv

    Amateur Astronomers

    http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi...=STRK:MEBIDX:IT Scopes for everyone :P This is pretty cheap for the amount of scopes. only 305 so far
  19. motiv

    Amateur Astronomers

    OK, Where do I start. For 1 thing, there are many factors which will determine what sort of scope you will choose depending on your budget. As a bit of background, I have been doing amateur astronomy/astrophotography for about 10 years now How much should I be looking to spend on a first scope? (I would like to spend less then 600 to get me into this hobby) There are many choices here dependant on how far you want to take this hobby. But for starters, I would recommend the use of your binoculars to get used to navigating in the night sky with the aid of a star chart. This would also help you make the decision if you really want to get into this (because it can get expensive very fast depending on what you want to do) Once you have passed this step, then you can start moving up. For general browsing, You should buy the largest amount of aperture to your current budget. This would immediately put you in the regions of a 8" dob telescope. If you want to hitch yourself into Astrophotography - I'd suggest that you PM me because there is alot of information. Or you can click on the following http://www.astropix.com/ What type should I be looking at? Refractor or Reflector... Catadioptrics seem out of my price range. If your starting up, Reflector is definately the way to go, as you can get a large aperture scope for your budget. Where the hell in Sydney are there some good spots to watch the sky? Anywhere dark. The further away from the city you are, the better. But your backyard or verandah will do just fine. There is a little tactic to use when peering through the eyepiece in light drenched areas to assist with seeing mag 8+ stars. I would suggest looking into an astro club and get our in one of their star partys http://www.astronomy.org.au/ngn/engine.php...&AID=100136 is a starting place. Anyway, sorry for my editing, but if you have any other questions, you can PM me if you like Rob
  20. motiv

    How to parallel park.

    This is what will happen at license time
  21. Hi All, I have decided to start overclocking again as I now have my desktop back. So far I have a E6600 @ 330FSB - 2.97GHz. and the programs I use for monitoring are Everest (for my G15) and coretemp Only changes within my Bios are ram timings set to 4-4-4-12, 1:1 ratio and 1.85v hard set. Everything else is pretty much Auto. This is where I start to get confused. With the programs I use listed above, my temps are clearly different from Coretemp and everest. Everest: Idle: 22/20 Load: 45/45 Coretemp: Idle: 25/25 Load: 51/52 Which one do I trust? Even though my temps are relatively safe. What Temp monitoring program do you use that you find is the most accurate? Now to my voltage question; I have been 'told' by numerous websites that I should set my Vcore to 1.35v in order to prevent vDroop. I have currently set this to Auto with everything prime stable with no errors for 3 hours. Everest is reading a 1.42v core with no vDroop. Should I just leave my vcore setting to Auto? I should I Hard set it to 1.35v and work my way up? Cheers. Robert
  22. motiv


    Im currently at the below. Just need to run Prime to ensure its 100% stable E6600 (B2 revision) @ 350 FSB (3.15GHz) with 1.35V on an ASUS P5Q Pro. If left at auto, it goes to 1.42V. Air cooling (TRUE). Ram timings relaxed to 5/5/5/18 but I'll test it at 4/4/4/12 (that's what CPUZ says it can do) Everything else set at Auto PI @ 16.532 seconds Im going to try up to 370 and see if I can get stable on that. My suggestion is to set your ram @ 1:1 and relax your timings a little to give a little overhead when playing with your FSB. And hard-set your voltages to prevent any vDroop (although Auto seems fine because I don't see any droop anyway) I'm sure you could get the FSB to ~370 without much of a Vcore adjustment. <- Then again, I may be wrong as I'm only up to 350fsb Rob
  23. motiv

    SCAM ALERT: Idiots Using the Phone Now

    I now feel that the 'actual' scam was to keep you on the phone so they can track your location and send in some thugs to tickle you to death. You have been warned Rob
  24. motiv

    I just signed up to eBay

    importing of electronic items is ok. No issue with that. P.S. My specialty is Imports from US to AU. Rob
  25. motiv

    I just signed up to eBay

    Hrmm. I deal with customs day in, day out. I should know this answer, but I cant for the life of me remember. Anyway, As long as the goods being imported is not a restricted item, It would be considered as normal mail. The only thing that will happen is that it will get screened/xrayed at AU customs and get released to the forwarder/distributer for delivery.