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  1. motiv

    Hungry Jacks Villawood....*WARNING*

    I didn't know Hungry Jacks now offer prostitution services. Rob
  2. Do you hear the powersupply switching when it shuts and reboots? Do you ever put the comp into hibernation/sleep mode? Because I had this problem with my current comp, although the amount of restarts are anywhere from 1 to 5+ CPU: e6600 OC Antec 650 Earthwatts 4870 GB p45 2hdd 4 fans etc.. etc.. etc.. Stuck in a zalman MFC2 on idle, my system would cruise at ~105 watts and load at ~200-250 watts. Found out my problem was due to not shutting down but my comp going into Hibernation/sleep. All I needed to do was unplug the power cable. Hit the power to drain the capacitors and reboot fine. Although that may not your problem and could potentially be the P/S. But after running up your comp, that wattage should be fine. so go figure? As the others already suggested, try unplugging items 1 by 1 (Fans, HDD, DVD) and see if you get a first time boot up and it may just be a PS problem. Regards, Rob
  3. motiv

    Meet the slingshot king

    Only if there was slo mo.. Like to see those bugs fly
  4. motiv

    Wage Question

    I have to agree with this. I worked in recruitment, And employers will always beat you down. They will have the upper hand on someone who just wants the job. So go in higher and you may come out with a better figure. And you can always use market research to your advantage. E.G, If you know more about the PD for this job, you can revert to Seek.com / Mycareer.com salary averages for similar jobs. Have a read of this http://www.seek.com.au/career-resources/ge...salary-neg.ascx
  5. Just to let you know.

    Your name refers to a cricket box. AKA Hector..

  6. So I have finally decided on a day to get married to my loving partner. Date set - Check Venue - Check Food - Check Music - ........ Since I hear alot of discussions here about music and guitars, I would guess there are a few musicians lurking these swamps I am now seeking the assistance from the atomic community (Sydney) for a person who can play acoustic classical/spanish guitar for ~ 1-2 hours. And yes, I will pay for your services. So I am putting the shout out to all musicians who would like to put their hands up. PM or post what you can do, and lets discuss further. Cheers Rob
  7. I wonder if I can get BILL MA-LONE
  8. motiv

    Beer + Xbox 360 Controller = Frustrating Gaming

    Jaycar also have these torc sockets
  9. motiv

    New MSY stores in NSW?

    I hope they get some good customer support.
  10. motiv

    GF has line down her stomach

    Its normal. Dont remember the name of it But just a heads up. It will become more visible once she becomes pregnant
  11. motiv

    Timeline of a car crash

    Because it's powered by a Core i7..
  12. motiv

    big deposit means less in repayments

    I would also consider mortgage insurance through a third party, In the case of redundancy, your insurance will pay for your repayments. Thats only if the bank wont already cover due to the government pushing to assist in hard times.
  13. motiv

    Mi Goreng

    Reading through, I see no-one has mentioned that MiGoreng comes in boxes of 30 for 8.95. Even better!!
  14. Having an issue trying to setup a mates HTPC. its connected to his 37" LG lcd tv via dsub 15. Unfortunately no DVI on this motherboard (which I tested on my spare card and works fine.. but its mine) anyway, Boot screen shows up. then flashes to "no Signal" for 5 seconds. Next the xp Loading screen shows, then another "no signal" once xp loads. This time it stays like that. Any Ideas? would it possibly be a refresh rate? As i have not loaded any drivers on yet (Intel G31 945g fyi) i'm yet to check once I get a spare monitor there. Cheers Rob
  15. cheers, I'll try that first before I check with an LCD
  16. motiv

    I would imagine this 26yo is a virgin.

    If you didnt know better, Thats a Talking 2yo baby...
  17. motiv

    PC RPGs

    EB and Game have Mass Effect. And oh. I should add that ME is awesome.. Great gameplay, and graphics along with storyline.. But why did they use John Shepard....
  18. motiv

    PC RPGs

    Im a big RPG FAN, and I would highly suggest loading up zsnes and playing any of the following. This is exactly what im doing right now. Should keep ya busy for a while. - terranigma - Secret of mana - secret of evermore - FF3/6 - Sieken densetsu 3 (secret of mana 2) - Chronotrigger - Legend of zelda: Link to the past cheers Rob
  19. motiv

    i went to buy a goldfish

    these fish need some Libraration...
  20. motiv

    Resident Evil 5

    Does that mean ANY 3 games??
  21. motiv

    filling a zippo

    as I own quite a number of zippos. I tend to fill with 2-3 good squirts of the can. No more, no less rob
  22. motiv

    Oh wow.. wouldn't this have been nice?

    Another thing is that independants normaly pay a higher wholesale price for their fuel, which in turn allow the giants to lower their pricing below the independant's cost. These giants will still make somewhat of a profit, leaving these little guys in the dust as they are unable to match their pricings. And as Caelum said, Something should be done about it. Rob
  23. motiv

    Crazy algebra problems

    1+1 = W w = Window .: Window = 11 or 2. Depending on how you look at it. I'll get me missus to look at this, She gets a tingly at the sight of maths..
  24. motiv

    Post things that make you cry...

    Beaches - The movie
  25. motiv

    Awesome phone prank

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5z4Vs26-TI&NR=1 Im sure the telemarketer was worried. I even had a giggle at this one