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  1. Selling a child to fund their gaming habits. Disgusting!


    Unfortunately, the selling of children, especially males is a big thing in china. I know first hand as my wifes sister was sold off many years ago for about 5000rmb as her mum kept on having females rather than males..


    Also, the abduction of male babies is still very big in china.

  2. I'll give you a rundown on what I had done, and hopefully this can help you.


    *disclaimer* whatever I say here is only to be taken as my opinion, you would need to make up your own mind.


    Firstly, here are some of my tips


    - create a budget and work out close to the dollar, what you require to sustain month to month living.

    - ensure that you are able to at least pay off your minimum mortgage repayments in the even interest rates are +2-3% the current.

    - start low, aim high. Once you know at you want to achieve in the property market, you can play your strategy around that.

    - get rid of all credit cards and reduce overall limit to as low as possible

    - dont apply more that 2 times in a row to any home lender in the event your get declined. This can hinder your applications

    - speak to your banks free financial advisor.

    - try not to borrow more than 90% LVR


    Now, to my story.


    I started off with a 45k salary and 10k in my bank account. Partner was not working, but we had a 8 month old child.


    As we were first home buyers, I decided to look for a property, that will allow me to borrow 90% with the funds I had on hand. if you pass this point, LMI will be a big kick in the arse.


    With the job I was in, I knew my salary was to increase and my partner would eventually get to work. So my choice of place was a 2br unit within 15km of the city, that I knew from past growth figures, will net me good profit when I was ready to sell. My first homes purchase price was 280k.


    Fast forwarding to now, 3 years on. I have just recently sold my unit for 375k and with the money, was able to refinance my loan and purchase a house worth 580k. All with very little effort of saving up.


    If you play your cards right and research. You can play it smart and own a house with no issues.


    I'll edit later with links that helped me out.



  3. The cattlemen who breed the poor cattle must feel trapped. They need to sell their stock but they know what's going to happen to their stock but can't really fix the problem. You can't change hundreds of years of tradition overnight.

    Sell it locally, I'd love to be able to buy steak every night, but at $20 -$30 a kilo I refuse to.

    Flooding the market with local product should mean my steak price per kilo would drop.


    As much as that sounds like a good idea and I would love a cheap steak too. Unfortunately, Australia can only consume ~30% of what we produce annualy. Therefore, flooding the local market with more meat will only increase the potential for more unsold/wasted product. That is why there is an export market for our meat industry and the cattlemen can continue to make their money.

  4. The fl affects the aperture for your particular lens.


    If you look on the barrel, you should see 18-55 f/3.5-5.6


    That defines that at 18mm you can achieve a max of f3.5 and at 55 a max of f5.6


    The more expensive glass usually have a fixed f stop in their focal range.


    E.g 24-70 @ f/2.8, 17-55 @ f/2.8 etc etc etc.


    So regardless of what focal length you are at, effectively you can have f/2.8 for all settings.



  5. Few tips I have for shooting in low light without a tripod.


    1. Purchase a fast lens. In the case of portraiture. The 50mm 1.8 would be your best bang for your buck. Just be mindful of your depth of field.

    2. Stabalise yourself and control your breathing. Breath out before you take your shot. Sort of like what snipers do before taking a shot

    3. Turn on IS/VR if your lens have it. Combining with tip 2, I have pushed 1/10 handheld with success.


    Also, with the below photo, what was your metering set to?


    What I would of done is 2 things. Check the metering on the cats eyes, and on the brightest part of the scene to sort of determine what results I need to expose the photo correctly. I wouldn't say you had done anything wrong, just that your exposure would of been based on the overall scene which I am going to hazard a guess you had matrix/evaluative metering set? With the photo and it's shadows, a fill light would have been required to light up the subject.


    Also, the yellow tint under fluorescent lights is based on the white balance settings you have.


    What I can recommend, which you eventually get to anyway. Is to purchase a set of white balance cards. You can even get the foldable ones that fit snugly into your bag. Basically, if there is a dramatic change in lighting, I would pull out the wb cards, take photos in the current lighting then custom set my wb. That way you are guaranteed good results.


    The other option, which I would hope people do anyway, Is to shoot in raw. Once you get your photo in your editing suite of choice, you can alter your wb of the photo till you get the result you require.


    Sure I missed things out, but this should help somewhat.



  6. I'd let it slide, but I guarantee your next meeting may be awkward. On your end that is. Would only talk about it if she initiated the topic


    But, let's look at some senarios if it is raised


    1. You could have sex with her

    2. You could have sex with her, while being filmed

    3. You could have sex with her, and with another person. While being filmed.


    If I was in your position, I would casually raise it up over a dare ice coffee, beating around the bush until I get to the root of the cause that has been bugging my mind. In other words, psychologically letting her spill the beans.



  7. Hey lord,


    That was one of the articles I have but not the one I was referring to. Once I get on my desktop, I'll pull it out ( refers to uv filters and night shots with bright sources of light )


    Based on your last 3 photos, I would see it is a uv filter reflection of the main front element (which is fmc hence the green hue) the differing positions refer to the convex front element and the moving subject (moon). I couldn't associate it to a internal lens reflection as you normally get more than 1 and typically happen when the light source refracts and bounces when it at the edge of field. Term normally referred to as "lens flare" but I could be wrong as stadl has mentioned a possible cause as above.



  8. It is usually a good idea to use a hood as a protective device for your lens.


    IMO, uv filters should only be used in harsh conditions due to reflections. I'll dig up an article about all this.


    If the camera had moved, you would get a streak rather than a ghost.



  9. You can sent Lithium batteries via air, But they have to be rated at a certain gram ratio (forgot what it is). AP usually wont tell you this so they don't have to worry about DG cargo. If it is within Australia, You need to send it via Road freight.


    Typically, for electronic devices, if the battery is removable, Keep it installed in the product itself and ensure approx 2cm of Hard Cardboard packaging on all sides. Spare batteries will have to be packed in the same manner.


    The reason why Lithium has been classified as a restricted DG item. There was a certain incident involving an air freight of Lithium batteries (High content) which had caught fire. This came down to how it was packaged as it was very prone to shortages (hence the fire)



  10. I know it may be oldish news, but have not seen it posted here.


    It strikes me as amazing on how far we have come with digital SLR cameras.


    I remember when the first canon DSLR came out and would still state my ISO 50 B/W film shots were better... Now I don't know what I will do without my DSLR. Better yet. I am going to get my 60d out and start shooting videos.


    The season finale of the popular TV show House, which will air on May 17th, was filmed entirely with the Canon 5D Mark II. cinema5D overheard the plan last month and Greg Yaitanes, the director of the show, has confirmed it through a tweet in which we made himself open to questions.