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  1. Kurai

    Atomic M33t 12! - Melbourne!

    So I figured I might as well post here instead of just in the FB event. Dex and I are super excited to be there, in fact we love Melbourne so much we'll be coming down a full week beforehand to have a bit of a holiday. Besides Dracula's and the zoo (and of course various shopping) are there any places restaurant that locals can recommend? Looking forward to catching up with some of the old crowd and meet some new faces too :)
  2. Kurai

    [MELB] Quick visit on the 6th November

    *sad fase* ok well looks like shopping for the day! then heading out to robot for a bit, so please come along if you've got some free time, just PM me or Dexx if you need a mobile number
  3. Kurai

    [MELB] Quick visit on the 6th November

    I have always wanted to go to Robot :) Is anyone keen to come out and meet us there on Saturday November 6th some time after 8pm?
  4. Kurai

    Woe is me...

    **Never mind got to end of thread**
  5. Kurai

    Help an atomican out!

    sorry cannot afford proff shots and needs pics in a hurry. as for the decor, blame my parents, I did the pics at their house. Our house would be worse though. waaay to much pink (I really should get around to painting that over!)
  6. Kurai

    Help an atomican out!

    Winners have finally been announced http://apps.facebook.com/contestshq/contes...e_giving?ref=mf Not me. And why they picked the blonde murton over the red headed one I'll never know! People are in a bit of a rage at the late announcement on the FB page http://www.facebook.com/bennettsboots?utm_...tm_medium=email also people asking what was the point of a public vote if no one in the top 3 was picked blah blah. Thank you everyone that took the time to show your support. It means a lot to me :)
  7. Kurai

    Election Pokemon

    Much love for this clip :3
  8. A woman on the internets!?!? Yay! Thanks for the input - specifically when I said "you look great in real life too" was that too far because I felt awkward after that and I read that as a do'h moment. I wont identify the person I was talking about in the OP because I don't want to be inappropriate (in case it would be). I've found I get feedback via "feelings" rather than body language and similar but I could be misreading the "feelings" too. So being able to ask is really good. As I said compliment was appreciated :) Also something to think about with the depression (I've no experience with Aspergers) I know that I tended to naturally think that people reactions to me were negative, even if I found out later they were not. Also keep in mind that any girl on the internet gets her fair share of come ons, so maybe this particular lady was already wary and not likely to think of compliments as anything else.
  9. Honestly i didn't find you creepy at all? And if it was me that you noticed grabbing on to dex it's only because I was on the verge of crying due to my extreemly sore feet and I was using him as a support most of the night when I wasn't sitting down. I put a lot of effort into my outfit for the meet and was flattered by the compliments I got :) If it wasn't me then who know maybe like me you saw their body language as something it wasn't? Because really I didn't get a creepy vibe from you at all!
  10. Kurai

    Help an atomican out!

    I forgive you Morris! Looks like site is back up and working now :)
  11. Kurai

    Help an atomican out!

    Are you doubting our voting prowess? Back in 5th again! It's going to be neck and neck till the finish I suspect!
  12. Kurai

    Help an atomican out!

    I'll be there too! we're coming up early to go out with you guys :P
  13. Kurai

    Help an atomican out!

    Trying really hard to be flattered but the overwhelming feeling is confusion. Surely there are better images to found on the net? especially ones that have subjects that are not fully clothed :P You can't argue with taste however! **EDIT** Oh Noes! I'm behind the two murton girls again! get voting peoples!
  14. Kurai

    Help an atomican out!

    Yeah, aim for the stars, lets get you first place!!! Vote vote vote :) Thanks guys! Lets aim for the top spot shall we? Winners are announced same day as the m33t too, so maybe I might be celebrating more than one thing. I really hope so!
  15. Kurai

    Help an atomican out!

    There will be 3 winners chosen :)