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  1. Turns out he didn't mind forking out the extra $$ and is going to get it all tomorrow, but thanks a heap for helping Dasa you've always helped me in the past too. Also, he wouldn't be able to build it because he has only owned laptops as far as I know heh.
  2. Hello, I need to put together a whole PC for an uncle that lives in Melbourne. He wants it for gaming(he likes the total wars) and watching DVDs, he also says his limit is $1000 including monitor/peripherals and he cant build it himself. I've added a list of things myself from PC Case Gear but its over his limit and I want to know the best things to skimp down on to get it under $1000 without taking too much power/future proof away from it. CPU: Intel Core i5 3470 $189 MB: ASRock H77M Motherboard $82 RAM: G.Skill F3-10600CL9D-8GBNT (2x4GB) DDR3 $39 GPU: Sapphire Radeon HD7870 2GB GHZ $255 HDD: Seagate Barracuda 1TB ST1000DM003 $79 DVD: Lite-On IHAS324 24x DVDRW $21 PSU: Corsair CX-500 V2 Power Supply $69 CASE: BitFenix Merc Alpha Mid Tower Case $49 KB: Gigabyte Force K3 Gaming Keyboard Matte Black $25 MOUSE: Gigabyte GM-M6580 USB Laser Mouse $12 MONITOR: Acer S220HQLBD 21.5in Widescreen LED Monitor $124 Assembly Service $99 Windows 7 $99 Total: $1142 Thanks in advance for your help!
  3. Acintai

    Dear Esther

    The game is told in 4 separate chapters that last under 20 minutes each. I didn't feel immersed into the story whatsoever and as hard as I tried I didn't enjoy this "game" at all. I knew that I wouldn't be doing anything but walking and listening to the narrator, but honestly I don't think I've ever felt so wasteful of money in my entire life then now. I simply felt bored and wanted to buy some random indie game today for me and my wife to play and I made a bad bad choice. If this game was a book it'd be about 3 pages long, and in terms of what I read and watch today the story is barely even creative/unique.
  4. Acintai

    Diablo III

  5. Acintai

    In Game rewards and you

    Revelatons isn't like that, so they might be heading towards this with all new games. That being when my net cuts out during Revelations it just says something like 'local saving only untill servers are back up'
  6. Acintai

    Are you good at games?

    Very similar for me too. Basically, my whole teen years and even way before high school, me and my 4 brothers played every genre of games out there. Lanning, splitscreen on consoles, Teaming up online, making our own clans and staying up for longer then 48 hours over weekends and holidays stuck to the pc's and consoles. Oh what losers we were, but I don't regret it. We were all good at any type of game because of how much we'd compete with eachother, so now we all have a solid foundation of gaming experience and can pick up any game very quickly. An example being I hadn't touched a ps3 for years, and I've never played black ops. But when I played with my brother in law the other day I could beat him straight out, but hes only a casual gamer. My brothers and I still compete and team up with eachother online from different houses even these days. Good fun.
  7. Acintai


    Have any other mages noticed how incredibly easy Conjuration is to level? I only need to cast bound sword once or twice in a fight and ill get a level from it, sometimes in intense fights when im switching constantly between my bound swords and other spells I feel like im cheating.
  8. Acintai


    hmm finally got into skyrim, now i am having some issue with giant exclamation marks in red triangles on the lobby screen and also in the beginning scene. obviously i was supposed to be in a cart or something but we were all floating in mid air with the exclamation marks all over the place. I got steam to verify integrity of game cache files now its doing a massive update, probably take about 40 minutes. lets hope its fixed afterwards.
  9. Acintai


    Yes I went back to that post and followed suit. I am now downloading Skyrim. :) It was from Intkeys, and the keys were region locked to russia. You could use VPN to activate it through steam still, but they decided to cancel my key 4 days after ordering and i didnt get an answer as to why. If i had just listened to Cyb3rglitch earlier, I would've been playing this on sunday. Oh well..
  10. Acintai

    Christmas decorations

    1st of Dec for us. We also have relatives that live up the road and we basically verus eachother to see who gets the best christmas lights up. This year, the stupid morons spent like over $700 on christmas lights, probably even more. they've always spent more then us but we're a helluva lot more creative. but now its stupid. So I probably wont be stuffed to put much effort into it this year, they've kinda killed the fun mood.
  11. Acintai


    I should really stop reading this thread its just making me more depressed about having to wait 80+ hours and still going for my skyrim key.. I feel like its karma for going the cheaper option for once in my life. edit: piece of shit site, they just refunded my order without telling me and I didnt even ask for it. almost 4 fuckin days of waiting for shit. fuck me Ive had a horrible week....
  12. Acintai


    So 72 hours later I still haven't recieved my skyrim key from intkeys... This is the first and most likely the last time I'll use their services, I've talked to their support team multiple times and its just the same thing over and over. "It shouldn't be much longer now", "Ive sent an email to the department regarding, please be patient". Its pathetic as Im sitting there in the support chat, seeing comments from randoms like "Thanks for the instant key!". Then once I have the key I'll no doubt have even more troubles as its region locked to russia so who knows if I'll even be able to get it functioning right in the end.
  13. Acintai


    Im still waiting on my key from intkeys.. How long would they normally take?
  14. Acintai


    I bought one, then they told everyone that the keys won't work, then I refunded it, then they tell me they work with some effort. So try your luck if you want, but I'd just go with GreenManGaming and get it over with. yeah ill give intkeys a try, gotta wait for the key now. I might play some oblivion now since im in the mood.
  15. Acintai


    So I might try and buy this through intkeys, I've never bought anything from them before but those prices are irresistable! Has anyone bought skyrim from them and got it to work? Ive watched their russian VPN tutorial and it seems easy enough.