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    Project: Aspire

    I have an aspire one as well, great little things, Ive also got an EEEPC 1001HA now too, which is also nice but the aspire is a lot more solidly built. In terms of mods what about adding internal bluetooth? I think its a fairly common mod.
  2. SheepyTwoPointOh

    Parts Guide (2019 update)

    Well general computing + some media. So specifically, email, using open office, music, general browsing for womens things (who knows what they do), and she likes her music. I'm not too hard pressed for money at the moment so I thought the i3 530 would be a good buy that should last her a while. Also went to check the recent prices on MSY and I think they'd made a typo and listed the GB UD2H as the US2H. They already listed the S2H seperately and apparently the "US2H" doesn't exist.
  3. SheepyTwoPointOh

    Parts Guide (2019 update)

    Dasa, I seriously love you man. Every time im looking at doing a new build this thread is usually my first stop (usually the last too lol). I think im going to go with something similar to the i3 530 build and build mum a PC for mothers day. Hers broke a while ago and that seems like the level she'd want. High end office / multimedia Although I'm still wondering whether the i3 530 is the best for her. The other build in the 500-700 price range is the Cheap Number Cruncher, but I know next to nothing about how AMD chips stack up lately.
  4. SheepyTwoPointOh

    Issue 106 Feedback

    I already posted in the voting thread as I assumed this month it'd be combined (no reason not to be?) However I didn't even know there was a totally different retail cover besides the text. I REALLY loved the subs cover, it blew me away actually, and this hasnt happened in a while. As a gamer though I really like that borderlands cover, but it is a bit cheap using cleavage. I think it'll sell more though. I dont think the hardcore techies will like it at ALL though.
  5. SheepyTwoPointOh

    The Unoffical Atomic Magazine Score Poll - Issue 106

    Holy shit, that is one awesome front cover. Really guys this issue looks amazing. I've already skimmed and read a few parts and its the best issue I've seen in a while. 10/10
  6. SheepyTwoPointOh

    Desk Chairs

    It was in Atomic's Gearbox as you can see here, and in Issue 105 they had a discount coupon thats now expired, but its gone on sale anyway. Obviously its a clone of the Herman Miller one that costs a good $1500. Im actually considering a Das Keyboard or DSi instead of a chair but I think I need the chair more. Hey, heres a funny thought. My desk is lower than most. Has anyone tried replacing their desk chair with a Sumo Omni?
  7. SheepyTwoPointOh

    Desk Chairs

    G'day, I've been thinking about what to spend my birthday cash on and I have about 350 dollars lying around. Then I came across the discount code on the Aeron Inspired chair, too bad its expired but they dropped their price below that to $200 anyway! Think the Aeron inspired would be a good choice for my carpeted room? My current chair is falling apart.. Maybe another chair in the same price range?
  8. SheepyTwoPointOh

    Core i5 Build Pictures (So Far)

    Theres a few "methods" ranging from "rice grain" to the "line". Golden rule is less is more. Once you get the HSF on give it a little jiggle and all should be good.
  9. SheepyTwoPointOh

    Performance i7 Build Feedback

    EDIT: I have narrowed it down to this build, what do you think? (All the parts are from MSY, so it makes it easier) MB: Gigabyte UD3 $148 CPU: i5 750 $258 RAM: 4GB DDR3 G.Skill RipJaws $125 HDD: 1TB WD HDD $95 GFX: 1GB Radeon 5850 $390 PSU: Seasonic M12 80+ 600W $149 CASE: Lancool Dragonlord K62 $158 Total: $1,290
  10. SheepyTwoPointOh

    The Official Atomic Magazine Review Score Archive

    This is a great idea, I always forget which issue has a particular piece of hardware (why the reviews arent online like a month later i'll never know,) so I end up going through magazine after magazine and it is quite inefficient. Wheres my CTRL+F. I did have issues from like 65-105 but I threw away most of t he older ones during a cleanup
  11. SheepyTwoPointOh

    Good old Atomic

    70ish is hardly old timer haha
  12. SheepyTwoPointOh

    When do you Sub/Re-Sub?

    Like most i'll normally resub when I get the letter. Although sometimes I let it run out if I dont have money around. If theres an offer I really like the look of, and ive gotten the letter I'll go for that month specifically.
  13. SheepyTwoPointOh

    Good old Atomic

    Now that you bring it up, I have no idea how I got started on Atomic. I think I got into atomic at around issue...60 - 70...
  14. SheepyTwoPointOh

    Performance i7 Build Feedback

    Thats what I thought since the reccomended minimum is 500W. In the parts guide in High End 1, they have 450W reccomended for 1gpu. I did bring it up with Dasa and he said the difference wasnt much and the corsair could make up for it in quality. Looking at the power charts and their reccomendations it is a little borderline and I might just switch to the 650 to be safe. MSY doesnt even stock the corsairs, so would be easier to get an Antec, thermaltake or coolermaster PSU. EDIT: I used corsairs site entering in i7 cpu, 4890 and 1 HDD. They gave me back these. I'll definately spend some more time looking at it. VX450W HX520W (considering this one the most) VX550W EDIT2: Im very seriously thinking about dropping the 1TB general WD/Seagate for a 640GB WD Caviar Black.
  15. My older PC has died. Rather than replace the motherboard I've decided to build a new one as its that time. I'm a pretty broke guy so I try and get the best I can for the money. Details below. Notes Value is important I will NOT be overclocking initially. Uses include modern gaming, video editing/encoding, and all around use. I already have a Pioneer 215 for optical, 22" LCD 5ms AOC 210V, and speakers/headphones. To save on money I've had to give up on getting a sound card for now. MB: Asus P6T $288CPU: i7 920 $364 RAM: 6GB DDR3 Patriot Signature or Kingstons (suggestions?) $146-149 HDD: 1TB 7200rpm HDD, Seagate or WD no real preference. $95-102 GFX: 1GB Radeon HD 4890, any suggestions on brand? est. $240 PSU: Corsair HX450 $114 CASE: Lancool Dragonlord K62 $158 Total: $1,408.00 If it stays that low I might be able to add a TRUE Spirit onto there. I decided that i want the 920 over the 860 because of access to the 16x 16x lanes and tri channel ddr3, even if it has marginal improvments (feel free to persuade me.) I know there are reasons for waiting but I think now is a good time, the major point thats missing at the moment is what brand of 4890 I should get. Any help is greatly appreciated. You guys have always been great helpers over the years.