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  1. I'll just sell off the 2500k system as a whole hopefully. Use the money from that to buy the new gear, use whatever is leftover to help purchase a motorbike. Really, I'm just lazy and can't be bothered pulling the whole thing apart to go back to air cooling really. It's a lot of messy work pulling the whole thing down, as I never put a proper drain in the loop. I could just take out the CPU, which I can probably do without pulling the loop apart, and sell the rest. Then just buy a new mobo instead of an AMD CPU, I'd save about $50 going that way too. I'd probably keep my old RAM too, saves another $95 or so. With the three fan holes on top of the case for the 360 rad, and the massive side window, the sound deadening of the case is fairly compromised. I could block them over, but it would look rubbish. I'd rather start from scratch (sorta) and go from there. Good to know about the power consumption for the GPU's though, thanks for that. With the above amendments, I'll probably end up with the GTX 780 just for the hell of it. Least I won't have to upgrade the GPU for a while...
  2. I'm looking to move to a fairly basic air cooled rig, as I hardly do any gaming anymore. My big water-cooled rig is too noisy, uses too much power, and is just getting wasted checking Facebook and watching movies. So, I've mocked this up on PCCcasegear: Case: Bitfenix Ghost - $125 CPU: AMD FX-8320 - $189 PSU: Antec EA-550W - $125 RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws F3-12800CL9D-8GBRL 8GB (2x4GB) - $95 GPU: Sapphire 7970 vapor-X - $459 Total: $993 plus shipping Alternatively, I was thinking of going with a GTX780, but I only have a single, 1920 x 1200 60hz screen, so I think it will be wasted, plus I'd probably need a bigger PSU too, which means even more money. Only reason for going AMD is that I'll be re-using a GA-990FXA-UD3 board I had from an old rig of mine to keep costs down. For system drives I have a Corsair Neutron 240GB SSD, and a 1tb storage drive which will be taken from my current rig. I also have a Asus Xonar STX sound card to go in, again, from my current rig. Does it look alright? I'm a little out of the loop, but I checked the stickies, and the GPU seems solid enough. I'm just not sure about the CPU. Might be worth going up a step to the 8350 you reckon? Any input is appreciated :)
  3. Hopefully I should be able to get out and take some shots with it on Thursday evening, pretty keen. I had planned on going to get the sunset this afternoon, but I ran out of time and missed it :(
  4. So, I've wanted to have a play with tilt shift stuff for a while now, and with a new job, I could finally afford to get one. Sorta. Instead of getting one of the stupid expensive current Canons', or a Russian cheapo, I opted to get the old FD 35mm F2.8 SSC, and adapt it with one of the Edmika adapters. All up it cost about $950 or so, which is WAY cheaper that the $2500 for a new one, which doesn't have auto focus anyway. Reviews also say that the image quality on both is practically the same. The lens I got looks to be unused, as it was pristine, with no scratches or anything on the mating surface for the mount, nor were there any marks on the barrel or focus/aperture rings. Optics are mint, I can't even see any dust inside it! Also came with the original box, leather case, hood, caps, and tripod mount extender, which furthers my theory that it was a new old stock unit. Installing the converter was pretty straightforward, took about 1/2 hour at most. It's about as easy as it looks in the instruction video, except the tool to undo the ring at the back didn't quite fit, so I had to shave it down a bit. Hopefully if the weather clears up I'll be able to take it out and have a play soon. The couple of test shots I took were incredibly sharp wide open. It does have a small amount of green colour fringing wide open, but it's VERY minor, and gone once stopped down to f5.6 and beyond. Heres a shot of it anyway:
  5. Wow, that test shot looks rubbish! What a shame... If you have an FD telephoto as well, it might be worth getting an edmika .5mm thick adapter and seeing how close you are to getting infinity focus on your 50mm lens You might find that you don't lose too much with an adapter that thin...
  6. Search for "edmika" on ebay. The guy hand makes adapter rings for FD lenses. They are mainly for the massive telephoto lenses, but if you can get in touch with the guy, maybe he can provide a better solution in the future? The stuff looks a bit expensive though; being hand made, and not coming from China, does that....
  7. G-relk

    Recommendations for a EF Zoom

    Another 70 - 200mm F4 L owner here. Lovely lens for the money. Easily my favourite lens next to my 100mm macro....
  8. G-relk

    Atomic Games Workshop Crew

    Anyone in Canberra keen for a game of MTG let me know. Not long moved up here, and the only friend I have here that plays only has a starter deck and limited experience. Would be good to play against some experienced people with decent decks. Couple of guys at work play, but are busy most of the time. I'm over in Gungahlin FWIW. I have: Mono-Black - Burn Red/black - Vampire Mono-White - Angel I'm also starting to build a colourless Artifact deck, just waiting on the cards to arrive from overseas...
  9. Oh, dang, that means I'm going to have to change tube as I run the black primoflex. Lame....
  10. G-relk

    Skinny scrawny girls.

    All I know is that I eat pretty well, and I haven't been able to put on weight for years. I'm definitely in the unhealthily underweight range, but I haven't had any medical problems since forever except for knocking out some teeth in a bike stack. I've always been super skinny though, and always eaten LOTS of food. I also get the whole "I wish I had your figure" thing from chicks... Breakfast is a pretty big bowl of quality cereal with milk. Lunch is two sandwiches and a chocolate bar, and dinner is a big bowl of Asian or whatever we are having at home. Between all that I snack on muffins, corn chips, chocolate, fruit etc. I MIGHT drink once a week, and when I do, I don't drink a whole lot. The only exercise I really do is the 5 minute walk to work from my car in the morning, and back to it again in the afternoon. Even when I used to do a lot of mountain biking and such I never put on any weight though. I have no doubt that if I did start REALLY giving it a go, I could put on weight, but I have no need to as of yet. FWIW mudg3, I don't doubt you're right, but you came of a bit ass-hat-ish about the whole thing. Everyone is different, and some people have hard time putting on or losing weight. Being knowledgeable on a topic (in this case, nutrition and health) doesn't mean you are always right, and saying everyone else is wrong when presented with new information certainly isn't the way to expand your knowledge.... (this post probably makes little to no sense, so deal with it)
  11. G-relk

    Skinny scrawny girls.

    Yeah, I eat and drink whatever the fuck I want and don't gain anything. It's pretty sick. Unless of course I wanted to put on muscle mass, it just doesn't happen. So I'm stuck as ultra scrawny until it settles down, if it ever does.
  12. G-relk

    Skinny scrawny girls.

    Similar to jdog, I'm 6'1" and weigh 55KG's or so. I think it depends from woman to woman. I don't like the mega skinny all bones look, but some women do suit a slimmer figure, some a curvier figure. I don't really have a favourite type of figure though...
  13. Similar case happened to me with my old loop, went all cloudy after a while, so I drained it and put a piece of silver in it, same thing happened again, after that I went to the coolant above. I had an algae killer in it too, so it wasn't growth or anything. Similar setup to my current loop, components were copper with black nickel plated barbs.
  14. I say put proper coolant into the loop if you're just running plain water. At a guess, I would say the mixture of Nickel and copper is reacting together and causing the damage. I think my loop is going to be up for some maintenance soon, so I'm curious to see if there is any change in my liquid. I used proper coolant though, and all my gear is copper, with black nickel fittings, so min should be about the same colour as when I put it in. FWIW I used this coolant, might be worth a look into...
  15. I liken this to buying a Ferrari to drive 10KM's to work each day; you can do it, but why? Also, the Borg cube is a crap name. No funky green lights or anything. Not mocking his work or anything, just seems like a bit of a waste to me really...