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  1. Disco

    Returning to our roots....

    /waves I'd log in with Khrushchev just for old times sake, but I have nfi what the password is anymore. *shrug*
  2. Disco

    What whisk(e)y are you drinking?

    Where are you based now? Dan Murphy's range is OK. On the subject of water, I've had a play with it, but I tend towards neat for the sake of consistency in flavour, since I'm still trying to learn. Seoul. You only really get the big name imports like Chivas or Glenfiddich. If you look hard you can find a few Bowmores also, but that's about it other than the two locally owned brands, which are both completely abominable mixed's. The Whisky scene over here is pretty bad. It's terribly terribly trendy for any self respecting business man to drink Scotch, but it's very rare for anyone to actually have a fucking clue about what they're drinking, and it's all incredibly overpriced. A bottle of the dog-awful locally owned "Windsor" goes for about $150 a bottle in any bar. Anything worth actually drinking will set you back $300 at the minimum. And just for good measure they'll often drink it in bomb-shots with beer. Yes, bomb-shots, not boilermakers. *shudder* On the water front, I tend towards being a single ice-cube kinda guy. A couple of drops of water is technically more correct, but there's just something about ice-cubes that I enjoy.
  3. Disco

    What whisk(e)y are you drinking?

    It's a touch hard to find variety over here, so along with the standard Glenfiddich 18 and the Chivas for mixing, the only moderately interesting ones I have at current are a Dalwhinnie 15 and a Hellyers Road Original.
  4. Disco

    Portal 2

    So the fact that the "Orange Box" was clearly advertised as containing all those separate games, while "Portal 2" was clearly advertised as being, you know, "Portal 2", somehow makes it surprising (and worth complaining about) that you got exactly what was advertised in each case? Right . . . Topic jump: Where were the Pneumatic Diversity Vents? Sucking stuff up tubes looked fun in the trailers.
  5. Disco

    Portal 2

    Why on earth would they make HL2 Ep. 3, and call it Portal 2? You're barking up the wrong tree here. what the fuck are you talking about? You know, that's exactly what I thought when someone in a thread about "Portal 2" says they actually wanted the final chapter in HL...
  6. Disco

    [Multiplat]Portal 2 Spoilers!

    Even in Portal 1, I assumed GlaDOS was somewhere near the top, considering she explodes and bits and pieces (including you) go flying up and land on the ground outside. And yes, while it generally makes sense to build your facility downwards, I'm not sure Cave Johnson strikes me as a guy who does things the normal way . . . ever. Edit: and yes, according to the text released about a year ago, GlaDOS was activated on Bring Your Daughter to Work Day - but I'm not sure that info about Aperture is correct still (I did the developer commentary, and it sounds like the GlaDOS origin story came in more because they were using Ellen McLain for Caroline's voice rather than hiring someone else to do vocal sparring with Cave Johnson, and it went from there).
  7. Disco

    [Multiplat]Portal 2 Spoilers!

    Oh, now I need to go see peabody in test #15 :P In the early set of test chambers there's a "Turret Choir" practising for the ending song. In the test chamber where you get to burn the turrets with lasers for the first time - I think it's #16 in GlaDOS's set of tests at the start. Spoiler for exact location: You need to destroy the turret hiding in the vent near the door. Also, in the final boss battle, stand around and listen to the other spheres talk before sticking them on (you can wait for each countdown to get to the last second - the clock resets each time). The second sphere is absolute gold. Oh, on the final boss battle part, I'm still confused. The roof breaks, and you can see the moon - but then you need to hop on an elevator that takes you . . . . how far up . . . . to reach the ground again. I'm inclined to just treat the ending video as non-canon for sanity sake. (I mean, both because of the strange elevator discrepancy, and because of the enormous, leopard printed, bass singing, turret king)
  8. Disco

    Portal 2

    Heh, I was annoyed because of the opposite reason. It switches from "rooms" to "freeform" as you say, but it wasn't really freeform enough for me. I had this awesome portal gun, and a huge environment, and no-where to go with it all. Don't get me wrong - the environment was awesome, but I really really wanted a bit more room to explore it - even if such exploration didn't "achieve" anything.
  9. Disco

    Windows Live and Steam ids

    Apparently the Atomic steam group gets a clean out every so often? I come back online to play Portal 2 (there have been no steam games I've played since L4D) and find I've been ejected from the group. :P
  10. Disco

    Portal 2

    Why on earth would they make HL2 Ep. 3, and call it Portal 2? You're barking up the wrong tree here. What they did was take a short tester style game, that turned out to be a hit, and have made the idea into a great piece of gaming that is reminiscent of the first game, while still being bigger, grander, and more entertaining. Any tie ins to the Half Life universe, while clearly intentional, are throwaway in the context of the game.
  11. Oh god, please no-one ever show this to my wife. (Subtext: Cool article)
  12. Disco

    Portal 2

    GOTY. I'm going to call it now, because I honestly can't see myself enjoying another game this year as much as I have P2. Maybe I'm an idiot, but I didn't forsee the first plot twist. The second part, which some people seem to be saying is like a separate half of the game, I disagree - I found it was perfect. Part 1 re-aquaints you with the portal world you know (or introduces you if you're new). Then it throws you a twist, and drops you in a new spot, and you work your way back through to the semi-familiar, which has now changed a lot again. I found the writing to be fantastic, and didn't stop laughing the whole way through. Basically, yes, I think it's worth the praise. And that's without discussing the fun that is running around with a mate working things out for the first time in Co-op. Having clocked it once, then a second time, I'm just going to throw it out there that, yes, while subsequent playthroughs are a lot faster, if you don't do it, and explore more the second time then you're missing out on a HUGE amount of stuff. (Although I would have liked the second area in the spheres to allow a little more free-form movement, just to explore - even if you couldn't solve any puzzles that way) Spoilers and easter eggs I only discovered on the second run through. At the start of the game, with the test announcer in the first few rooms, listen to what he says about Aperture equipment still running in apocalyptic low power environments. He lists a specific figure... When you get to the turret redemption facility (yes, I know there's an award for saving it) - stop and listen to your saved turret - With the knowledge of what's coming later it's pretty amusing. Hang around for a minute and listen to all the "broken" turrets when they fire blanks at the mannequins. There's a hell of a lot of speech there. There's a challenge involving finding the lost experiment, and the vitrified test chambers, so I expect most will do it eventually - but they're well worth it for the Cave Johnson voiceover. "The National" song in one of the Rat man dens - suprisingly peaceful. Just generally, do all the challenges. With almost every one there's a grab of voice acting from one character or another, which is worth the effort. Finally, and this is one of the biggest eggs actually, in the final battle - DON'T RUSH IT, there's some great stuff in there. You have a full 5 minutes for the first phase, 4 for the second, and 2 for the third (regardless of whether you take your time each phase, the clock resets). Cheers Disco
  13. Disco

    Coke pulls "sexist" TV ad

    Say what? What's this then? Or is the word for "define" another word you misuse? Stating that a <word> is <definition>, as you did before, and as I have requoted below, is quite clearly fullfilling the act of defining it. And you know, I was going to post a thought out reply to the rest of it, but it occurred to me that it's simply not worth it because you're not here to actually discuss the issue, you're here to win an argument and you're willing to use broken logic, and directly misquote things to make your point. You dismiss using wikipedia as a source at the top of the post, and then misquote it to back up your point later on. And lets not worry about misquoting things: It occurs when a person is seen as a sexual object when their sexual attributes and physical attractiveness are separated from the rest of their personality and existence as an individual, and reduced to instruments of pleasure for another person. I've bolded the part you chose to edit out, because it's the part that directly conflicts with what you've been saying (which is probably why you edited it out isn't it?). So to summarise, I was going to argue, but instead I think I've pretty well shown why people should ignore you, and why I'm going to from now on. You attempt to redefine meanings of critical terms on a topic, then argue you don't. You dismiss sources, then use them yourself, and you selectively quote to ensure what you're saying backs up your point, rather than actually giving the intended meaning.
  14. Disco

    Coke pulls "sexist" TV ad

    Well, you're welcome to say that, it's just that by pretty much every other definition on what objectification, particularly sexual objectification, is, you'd be wrong. Just wading in to say that. It really irks me when people try to score points in debates by moving the goalposts on <insert topic here> by assuming their own definitions, and ignoring the yardstick society at large uses. So, for your reference: Signs of Objectification Instrumentality - treating as a tool for one's own purposes; Denial of autonomy - treating as if lacking in agency or self-determination; Inertness - treating as if lacking in agency; Ownership - treating as if owned by another; Fungibility - treating as if interchangeable; Violability - treating as if permissible to smash; and the denial of subjectivity - treating as if there is no need to show concern for the 'object's' feelings and experiences. From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Objectification Please note your "definition" doesn't feature there.
  15. Disco

    Saponification, don't get any ideas.

    The only reason I feel safe around Sap is because I don't have enough meat on me for a good feed.