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    HTPC build

    Who doesn't love a little bit of overkill :P I was looking at a 5450/70, but I'd rather not get one if I can get the integrated HDMI working correctly. The availability on the DiNovo seems extremely poor, so I might go with one of the Harmony remotes too.
  2. Just wondering if anyone can see any problems/Improvements that I may have missed. :) Going to be running Ubuntu with XBMC, connected to a 24hz 1080P plasma. $185 K/B Looking at the diNovo Edge $119 CPU Intel Core i3 540 Processor LGA1156 3.06GHz 4MB Cache CPU $129 MB Gigabyte GA-H55N-USB3 Mini-ITX $79 RAM Corsair CMX4GX3M2A1600C9 4GB (2x XMS3 2GB) PC-12800 $115 PSU SeaSonic M12II 520W 80+Modular PSU Cheapest decent modular I could find $129 SSD Corsair Force Series 40GB SSD2.5 MLC SSD, 285/275MB/Sec, SATA II, SandForce controller, TRIM f I Have a fileserver so I'd rather the reduced boot times of a SSD over local storage. $135 CASE Lian Li PC-Q11 HTPC Case Black NO PSU $45 FAN Scythe Shuriken Low Profile Cooler Rev B $89 OPTD Samsung SH-B123A 12x Blu-ray/DVD Combo Drive No Tuner as I can't stand 90% of broadcasted TV anymore. >.>
  3. Timmmmmy

    New graphics card problems

    Installed a Enermax 1050w and it hasn't crashed yet. :D
  4. Timmmmmy

    New graphics card problems

    Hrmm I just did a total reinstall of windows and it has crashed again. Enermax Revolution85+ 1050w or Corsair HX1000?
  5. After installing my new 5970 I've been having some instability(BSOD, Freezing) while gaming and even some booting/shutdown problems. I've run memtest86 and and Prime95 for hours and had no errors nor did they crash. Specs PSU: Coolermaster M1000 CPU: Q9450 @ 3.2Ghz RAM: 8GB Ballistix tracers MB: evga 780i GPU: ATI HD5970 2xHDD SSD Currently I'm thinking PSU after how well the M1000 faired in the PSU round up, but I wanted to make sure before buying another one.
  6. As stated above the performance hit is negligible. The only thing I noticed when running games with dual monitors is that having a light desktop background can be distracting.
  7. Better off replacing everything in that rack with 2 i7 machines rather than trying to run such old kit. Enterprise gear = consumer gear with marginally better performance/quality/management but 2x+ the price.
  8. Timmmmmy

    IPv4 versus IPv6

    Currently running node Dual stack. Only problem I've encountered was that my firewall didn't support IPv6, so I had to ditch it.
  9. Timmmmmy

    Using windows as a Gateway

    PeerGuardian\Protowall\etc are useless. ???
  10. Timmmmmy

    Battlefield Bad Company 2 Pre Order/Beta Steam

    Quite the opposite from what I've seen. Get out more. LoL?
  11. Timmmmmy

    Battlefield Bad Company 2 Pre Order/Beta Steam

    Quite the opposite from what I've seen.
  12. Timmmmmy

    Battlefield Bad Company 2 Pre Order/Beta Steam

    Dice have only said they won't be publicly distributing the server files, "trusted partners" like Internode or Gamearena will have access to the server files.
  13. Timmmmmy

    Windows 7 GOD MODE

    "God Mode" aka All Tasks
  14. Timmmmmy

    Removing cum off LCD monitor

  15. So I'm building a decent Firewall/router/etc to replace my current D-Link pos, this is what I have so far. $0 Spare Intel E7600 $119 Intel RETAIL BOXDG43NB ATX G43 CHIPSET $49 Team Value Ram 2G PC6400 800Mhz $63 Antec ATX EarthWatts 380W $45 2x Intel Pro 1000CT $61 Antec VSK-2000 ATX Tower Case -cheap case that doesn't look like death. $45 Western Digital 160G -cheapest hdd umart have. Any idea's/improvements? (yes I am aware it is complete overkill)