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  1. If you are running a deb-based distro, just do: apt-get install dict dictd dict-foldoc dict-moby-thesaurus That will give you a commandline dictionary client (dict), dictionary server (dictd, needed to make the dictionaries available to the client), free online dictionary (dict-foldoc) and thesaurus (dict-moby-thesaurus). You should be able to find a GUI front end for the dict client easily. There are many other dictionaries available. If you have Internet access all the time, then you can just install dict by itself and it will look for dictionaries and thesaurus online. Cheers Kenny
  2. kjao

    Linux user groups

    I was on two linux user groups for a while but the volume of email was a little unmanageable when I started working so I got out. I might still join again later. Here they are: Melbourne Linux Users Group http://www.mlug.org.au/doku.php Linux Users of Victoria http://luv.asn.au/ Cheers Kenny
  3. kjao

    My first shots

    I like "Breakfast Creek Rd/Kingsford Smith Drive intersection" best. Brisbane River, Newstead Park - it would be better if you crop the sky a bit. I read somewhere that it is better if you don't have the horizon in the middle of the shot. Breakfast Creek wharf, Brekky Ck Hotel walkway - I think this would be really good if it was in bland and white. "Inner City Bypass" didn't do it for me. Oveall, very good for first shots! Much better than I did. Cheers Kenny
  4. Hi datafast69 Thanks for the recommendations. The Yamaha looks very good except it has got Digital Audio OUT rather than IN which is what I needed. The Sony one has Digital Audio but it does not specify if it is IN or OUT. I will hunt down a user manual and check it out. Anyone other recommendations? Thanks in advance! Kenny
  5. Hi all, I am looking for a 2.1 micro hi-fi system with digital audio (optical) in to hook up to my tv for around $300~$400 (definitely no more than $500). The reason I am looking for a 2.1 micro hi-fi instead of a 5.1 or a full-blown home theatre system is that I live in an unit and space is limited in the livingroom area. If the hi-fi can play DVD would be even better as my dvd player is a little dodgy at the moment. Thanks in advance! Happy New Year! cheers Kenny
  6. I got mine from TECS Computer Megastore for $589 + $25 extra 1Gb RAM upgrade + $99 external slim LG USB DVD-RW http://www.tecscomputers.com.au/notebook.html This is probably one of my best purchases of the year.
  7. Hi everyone, I have managed to go into a few shops to try out a few phones and here is what I have found: Nokia E71 - very responsive - keys are a little too small for my liking. They work but I have to type carefully so not to press other keys - a little too squarish for my liking - probably cheapest handset out of ones I am looking at Samsung Omnia i900 - only spent about 3~5 mins in trying, was in a rush to go home. - Not too sure if it was the unit (a demon unit) I tried but I found the touch screen a little lagging - ~$700 HTC Touch Diamond and Touch Pro - I found Touch Pro more responsive than Diamond and it has a keyboard! - quite expensive (>$1000) LG Renoir - Quite responsive, somewhere between E71 and Omnia. - UI is quite intuitive to use - ~$670 to $700 Nokia 6220 Classic - this is actually quite a nice little phone. if I can't decide on a touch-screen phone, I will probably end up getting this one. Samsung INNOV8 and Nokia 5800 - I can't find any shop that has a live demo unit that I can try so don't know about these two. So at the moment, I am deciding between Samsung Omnia and LG Renoir (unless I can find a shop in Melb that I can try INNOV8 or 5800), anyone got any suggestions/opinions? Thanks Kenny
  8. kjao

    Can't decide on a netbook...

    I have just got myself a black MSI Wind U100 last week and I must say I am quite impressed. The keyboard is very usable and quite comfortable to use (with exception of ?., keys which are smaller than the rest). Intel Atom processor with 120Gb HD and 2Gb of RAM. I got it from TECS with the $25 upgrade to 2Gb and $99 external dvd-burner deal. It also comes with a pouch. It is not much but at least it protects the netbook from being scratched when I chuck into my bag. cheers Kenny
  9. Hi all, My mobile phone contract is finally coming to an end in Jan 09 so I have been looking for a new mobile phone but not too sure which one to go for. I am thinking of going with either 3 or optus network. The important features I am looking for are: - good PDA functions. I used to own a palm but carrying a mobile and the palm became too tedious so I gave up on the palm. But hopefully not MS Outlook - MP3. I like to listen to music when I am travelling on public transport. Currently I have got an iRiver E10 and I use it everyday. A standard 3.5mm jack is nice to have. - WiFi - good battery life. My current phone needs to be charged almost every 2nd night. - $50 monthly fee or less. Or if financially viable in Jan, I can purchase the phone out right first if I can get a better plan that way. Nice to have features: - Symbian, not MS Windows - GPS or AGPS - Bluetooth - Touch screen So can someone recommend a phone for me? I have read quite a bit on Samsung Omnia but some reviews say it has got bad battery life and performance is a little sluggish when compared to Innov8. I have read that Nokia E71 is a very nice PDA phone, the only issue is that it is ugly (according to my wife). Thanks Kenny
  10. kjao

    Anyone use iriver?

    I have got an old E10 with 6Gb of space for 2~3 years now. It has been a very nice little machine. Apart from MP3, it has got FM radio, video, voice recorder, picture viewer and text viewer functionalities. I have never used the video function since watching video on such small screen is quite painful. The only problem I have with it is my copy seems to hang once in a while (about once a month) but it can be fixed quickly by pressing the reset button. cheers Kenny
  11. kjao

    Atomic Camera Club Roll Call

    Amateur + Collector (of old manual lenses) Digital Bodies: Pentax K10D + Pentax *istDS Film Bodies: Pentax MZ-5 + Pentax ME-Super AF lenses: Pentax-FA 20-35/f4 Pentax-DA 14/f2.8, Pentax-FA 28/f.28, Pentax-FA50/f1.4, Pentax-FA 50/f2.8 Macro, Pentax-FA135/f2.8 Sigma 17-70/f2.8-4.5, Sigma 70-300/f4-5.6 Tamron 28-75/f2.8, Tamron AF 90/f2.8 Macro Manual lenses (I do use these but more for collection): Zenitar 16/f2.8 Fish-eye, Tokina 17/f3.5, Pentax-K 24/f2.8, Pentax-M 28/f3.5, Pentax-M 50/f1.7, Pentax-K 55/f1.8, Pentax-K 85/f1.8, Pentax-M 100/f2.8, Pentax-K 135/f2.5, Pentax-M 200/f4
  12. Not really 2.1 setup but Behringer MS40 has got optical and coaxial inputs in addition to your usual analog input and headphone out. Cranbourne Music has got them for a really price, $239 (Allans Music is selling them for $299): http://www.cranbournemusic.com.au/cstore/930087000221.html cheers Kenny
  13. kjao

    help with digital slr purchase

    Firstly, shutter speed depends on a few things, amount of light available, aperture size (or speed of lens) and ISO value, not on the camera. Most DSLRs can do 1/4000s as its top speed and pro DSLRs can do at least 1/8000s. However whether you can actually achieve this speed depends on the factors mentioned above. To get best quality picture in sport, you will need low ISO, fast lens and plenty of light. In a not so bright condition, you will need higher ISO (which creates more noise) and again a fast lens. A fast, long lens means expensive lens. Eg a Canon 70-200/2.8L IS will set you back a couple of grands already. What I am trying to say is that $1000 is not a lot if you want to do what you want to do. You can get a consumer grade lens ($200~$400) that will do what you want, provided there is enough light or you increase the ISO value (ie quality might suffer). As to which brand, for sport I recommend Canon. That said, I don't like Canon entry level cameras. Their mid (eg 40D or above) and pro ranges are very nice though. Nikon is very nice too (I prefer their entry level camera over Canon's) but for some reason people tend to buy Canon when doing sport.
  14. kjao

    VA or TN

    For gaming and movies, probably not. For color critical work (eg photography/design), look at S-IPS/IPS panels if money is not an issue, otherwise look at S-PVA/PVA panels.
  15. kjao

    Upgrading monitor time!

    Not too sure about the Samsung model you mentioned below, I have got Samsung 215TW myself and very happy with it. Have a look at the 22" LG monitors, they've got very good reviews in the last edition of Atomic mag. Your 8800GT should be fine. I have only got 7600Gt and it is doing fine.