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  1. .exe

    What does it spell?

    I think I got it. But if it is what I think, aw man :S
  2. Supposedly one uses less water, though I can't remember which?
  3. I think these days you would really need a computer to go about your day to day activities if you rely on one so heavily at the moment. Why not just go outside and do outside activities without destroying your computer, or are you that dependent that you have to destroy it?
  4. .exe

    Hum, tap, stare or sing?

    Drumming; tapping on my legs while sitting down with the foot tap, often double, trying to replicate the beat so I can try it out on my drum kit when I get home. And sometimes a head sway/bang if the song is really good :)
  5. .exe

    Obese man sits on thief

    Death wasn't the 'penalty' it was simply an unfortunate result of his own choices. I think 'penalty' was the wrong word to use in this context, maybe 'consequence' would suit better.
  6. http://news.ninemsn.com.au/world/7943348/o...tally-kills-him This happened over a year ago, but a verdict of accidental death was recorded yesterday. I think the low life deserved just what he got for trying to steal the guy's car, but my girlfriend thinks death was a little too harsh of a penalty. But if he had gotten away with the act there would have been no justice served unless the police caught him and sent him to gaol. Maybe death was a little too harsh, even if accidental, but if it's not yours, don't touch it. Thoughts?
  7. .exe

    OZSETI has a big fat wow moment.

    Can't seem to see the link?
  8. .exe

    Ever picked up a hitchhiker?

    Picked up some guy from England the other day. He had been in Australia for 8 months hitch hicking up and down the east coast of oz and was finally going to do the whole trip round. I couldn't take him very far but he was very interesting to talk with. First hitch hicker I have ever picked up too.
  9. .exe

    People that dont pay you back!

    Tell him that he owes you a coffee... I owe my dad about say 10 coffees at the moment... he owes me about 2... So you only owe him 8 coffees then :)
  10. .exe

    T-shirts. What do you like?

    Not really a fan or decorative t's, prefer plain. I wear a lot of skate t'shirts and a few band ones with just a small name or logo.
  11. .exe

    Such a long time,so many people...

    The_Salty_Peanut I remember he did an interview in the magazine once, read it, sounded like a cool place, so I joined the forums. His av looked like a sheep's arse or something?
  12. .exe

    Crazy mountain bodyskating

    Looks like a transformer :P But damn that looks fucken sick, and seemed he was going at a pretty decent pace as well, catching up to other motor bikes.
  13. .exe

    Roundabout insane.

    +1 Did a very good job of not locking up the brakes and hitting that car. In relation to the OP, if they implemented traffic lights, like the traffic controller says they should do, wouldn't he lose his job?
  14. .exe

    what are you up to today?

    Just woke up and watched some giant octopus videos on Youtube. Might go make some breakfast now, some coffee sounds nice. Then might head into town and buy a toothbrush and shampoo/conditioner, and maybe some stuff that is on sale :)