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  1. bboy_h

    Atomic still kicking

    I can't believe how many of the OG crew still post on these forums, and that the forums are actually still lively despite the end of the magazine some time ago! I was a teenage Punk who bought the first magazine (with the t shirt) and enjoyed the forums; their content, banter and the for sale section for upgrading my POS PC on the cheap. Though I pop in from time to time, I'm always surprised to see so much activity and the same members continuing to post! My rank has changed (I remember this occurring when the forums moved servers, or something similar)? For those still here, do you ever have any new members? What keeps you coming back, given there are bigger internet communities? Anyone remember me by my Forum name?
  2. bboy_h

    And What Are You Listening To?

    Listening to the whole album by Kendrick Lamar, Good Kid, M.A.A.D City. Not my usual sort of Hip Hop, but some stellar beats on there. Another good track is "The Art of Peer Pressure". Feel a little dirty knowing Kendrick admires Eminem and other commercial artists I despise!
  3. bboy_h

    Android 4.2 and new Nexus devices

    Haha! It's probably a safer bet sticking to the video games! More productive too.
  4. bboy_h

    Android 4.2 and new Nexus devices

    Just flash a custom ROM. I've got Jelly Bean on my original SGS. Works amazingly. Yeah, thought about this, though I didn't enjoy upgrading my Galaxy S a little while ago. It took me around 8 hours (on and off, bricked the phone, had to un-brick it, etc). Just found it hard getting the right information and resources online. XDA was ok for this, but there are soooo many software variants it was almost overwhelming! You really need to keep on top of "flashing" to avoid what happend to me. When I flashed my Galaxy tab 7.0 (PT-1000 I think it was), everything was well documented and easy. Galaxy S - worst time of my life! I'm additionally a little concerned that the phone can be bricked in such a manner that it will require additional hardware to bring it back to life (JTAG resurrection) which is expensive! If I can find a nice guide and I'm feeling lucky, I'll give it a crack.
  5. bboy_h

    Nexus broken "water damage"

    But alas, there are such things as "beyond economical repair". This not only includes the cost of the parts for the repair but the labor time too. Potentially some repairs are just not worth the effort (financially due to the end users point of view). We live in a throw away society and BER (beyond economical repair) is the reason the service and repair industry barely exists today. I would grab the phone back and attempt the repair, as already mentioned above, if the warranty is void you have nothing to loose (but if you fix your phone, what a bonus). I have resurrected a many phones back from the grips of the H2O "Water Gods" (my father in laws was totally saturated inside, and it lived, and still does today). It's a process involved with bringing phones back to life from water damage. PM me if you need more information. Good luck!
  6. bboy_h

    Android 4.2 and new Nexus devices

    I'm loving the new update, and find the multi-user interface quite handy. Usually I have to keep on signing in/out on my gmail, facebook, etc accounts so the wifey can check hers. Now Our profiles retain all our information independently, which saves heaps of time logging into said account. I think the tablet is certainly quicker navigating and the like. I still have issues with a few apps and games. I purchased N.O.V.A 3 and Mass Effect Infiltrator when I first purchased the tablet with the included $25 play store credit, and though they run well (N.O.V.A sucks balls on the tab), my Samsung Galaxy S2 runs them perfect! Smooth, fast and enjoyable to play with no hangs. Sometime these games crash on the tab, and N.O.V.A 3 is so jerky I don't bother playing it (even despite updates which are around 1.5gb each time from Gameloft). Holding out for the long awaited jelly bean update for the Galaxy S2, that will be interesting!