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    DHCP and VLAN'ing

    VLAN 10 is and VLAN 20 is The DHCP server has a bind to provide leases to clients on VLAN 10 I'll be putting the DHCP server on both VLANs, but only wanting leases server to VLAN 10. VLAN 20 shouldn't get leases. I'll try it ans see what happens.
  2. Genders

    BF4 + BF3 Q

    Not been around for a while! I'll be getting into BF4 once I have the monies to pick up premium and the game at the same time.
  3. Hello All, TLDR - Server serving DHCP on one VLAN. Want to connect a second NIC to another VLAN. How do make sure DHCP doesn't cross over into the second VLAN? ----- I have a Cisco 2960 series SI POE-8 switch. I've created two VLANs on the switch, VLAN 10 has an ADSL modem router for internet gateway only and a server providing DHCP to clients. VLAN 20 is management. VLAN 10 and VLAN 20 have different IP ranges, same subnet mask of 24 and different gateways. The DHCP server on VLAN 10 has a MAC address bind in it's DHCP service to it's on-board NIC. Clients connecting to VLAN 10 get severed IP's from the DHCP server and can browse the web via the ADSL modem router. I'd like to install another NIC onto the DHCP server and connect that to VLAN 20 so I can manage it. At the moment to get to my DHCP server I have to RDP through the ADSL modem router. I've got a port forward set up for RDP 3389. If I connect another NIC and connect that onto VLAN 20, would or could I have issues with DHCP leases crossing over into VLAN 20? I'm not sure, my thoughts are the NIC which the DHCP service is listening is bound to specific MAC and that's on an interface / interfaces which only have "switchport access vlan 10". The other interface has "switchport access vlan 20". So the binding and VLAN'ing should stop any cross over? I've also looking at DHCP snooping, the commands switchport block broadcast, or uni cast or multi cast. I think the command "switchport block broadcast" may work, a colleague said it might block VLAN 20 working on the interface and cut off the access I want. The two NIC's will have different IP ranges and gateways as well. I basically want to turn off the port forwarding through my ADSL modem router and manage the DHCP server from an internal LAN, not through a WAN. I haven't got a CCNA, I'm learning a lot just by playing around. Any advice would be appreciated.
  4. Genders

    new build

    The GPU in that CPU from AMD is a HD 7560. The CPU can support up to DDR3 1866mhz, which the GPU will support with a 128-bit interface. The HD 6450 depending on manufacturer could be GDDR3 or GDDR5 on a 64-bit interface. I wouldn't get the discreet GPU: http://gpuboss.com/gpus/Radeon-HD-7560D-IG...-Radeon-HD-6450 Save the money, spend it else where.
  5. Genders

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    I've got a GTX 770. A 1440p monitor is f'ing expensive in NZ. So was my card though I'd saved for ages to get it. No way I could afford a GTX 770 and a 1440p monitor. 1080p with my GTX 770 allows me to run all maxed, ultra, super uber settings and have decent 60+ frames.
  6. Genders

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Lend me a spare $1000.
  7. Genders

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    I went from 16:10 1680x1050 to 16:9 1920x1080p. It does look smaller on the vertical and is physically similar in size to my old 22 inch which had a massive frame. Everything else is way better though compared to a TN.
  8. Genders

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    $279.99 NZD = $245 maybe $246 AUD. The stand is actually very solid. Some of these new monitors now days have really bad wobbly stands.
  9. Genders

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Bought a new monitor. Very happy with it. LG IPS237L LED LCD IPS monitor. 23 inch 1080p at 60hz.
  10. Genders

    Bringing back [AC-DC] for Battlefield 3?

    I'm usually on most nights. I'm one of the many Atomic BF3 leaders on the clan. Can you apply here: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/plato...55240999108777/ I've had a look and can see these five applying for ACDC. Are you one of them? SilencedGun EpiTheBooper dk_m0d3 WimpyKnight fizza494 Have a read of the main page of the clan, there's a eGL TS group we use for team speaking. Otherwise create a open channel in battlelog and invite any other ACDC member you see online. BF4 will draw loads of us back when it comes out.
  11. Genders

    new build

    As above, if it's very light gaming the AMD APU or similarly the Intel HD integrated GPUs will be fine. Hell, BF3 at low on 1008p ran OK on my HD 4000.
  12. Genders

    So I thought I would give you nerds...

    God I could do with one of these. So many times at work I've asked for a philips screw driver and all I can find or get is a flat head. Or one that is just too small or just too big and munts the screw head... At home I have tool boxes full of useless Stanley screwdrivers...
  13. Genders

    The Cyborg Era

    I've always loved that music and opening.
  14. Genders

    The Cyborg Era

    Errr, it's called "The Matrix", d'uh...and would we all want to be Johnny Mnemonic's?
  15. Genders

    The Cyborg Era

    I'd be happy with James Howlett's abilities, aka Logan, aka Wolverine. Metal skeleton and rapid healing. Just not the claws.