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  1. SlurmsMackenzie

    R.I.P Jeff Hanneman

    This sucks. They were in the process of making another album as well.
  2. SlurmsMackenzie


    Complete it and it is definitely up there. Art direction was a welcome change and the gunplay felt much better than the original Bioshock, especially when combined with the hook system. Only problem I would have to say is the difficulty as Hard really wasn't that bad. until the last battle then it was impossible without turning down the difficulty The story was very interesting and I like how it tied it back with Rapture. AFAIK Comstock, Booker and Ryan are actually the same people but in different universes with different circumstances. Therefore Rapture and Columbia are one but due to circumstances one was a Ayn Rand utopia underwater and the other was a right wing conservative city in the sky. However my only question is, how did Booker come into Comstocks world? My guess is those Letteuce twins brought him through but i'm still unsure.
  3. SlurmsMackenzie

    Battlefield 4

    eh I came out of this feeling less excited. I like how the combat sequence in the middle was far more open with the ability to flank and take alternative routes. However, the other parts still looked very confined. The most interesting environment was the little forest they went through but it only lasted 30 seconds before going back to the generic construction site. Then of course you have the generic set piece events, quick time events (press f to heal, like I'd have an option not to) and the slow mo helicopter takedown which makes me wonder if they've learned from the mistakes of bf3. However, a lackluster SP campaign could mean more focus has gone into the multiplayer although i'd prefer they do away with SP all together
  4. SlurmsMackenzie

    Battlefield 4

    Trailer is out http://au.ign.com/videos/2013/03/26/battle...-reveal-trailer Who the fucks idea was it to put Rihanna in the background? Give me some badass riffs or an awesome orchestral piece (even better, the actual battlefield theme), not some pop crap Gameplay wise, hard to tell still. I'll wait for more before giving a judgement
  5. SlurmsMackenzie

    Battlefield 4

    I played it for like half an hour and then went back to multiplayer
  6. SlurmsMackenzie

    Battlefield 4

    A small teaser trailer has come out and the reveal is next week I kinda wish they'd done a side game, like another 2142 instead. 2 years seems like a short amount of time to release a new game in the main series. Irregardless what they've released thus far seems to suggest naval battles are coming back and there are rumors the commander role will make a return.
  7. SlurmsMackenzie

    Call of Duty has almost ruined a generation of shooter players

    I love the original red orchestra but number 2 couldn't hold my attention. It just bored me
  8. SlurmsMackenzie

    The N.Korean nuts are at it again

    Eh I don't think they'll have the balls to do anything but if they do, it could very possibly be on a US holiday like Memorial day or something like that
  9. SlurmsMackenzie

    The Hobbit Review

    I enjoyed the movie but the deviations from the book was kinda annoying An example would be the trolls. In the book Gandalf impersonates them from the shadows making one troll think the other troll said it causing an argument to break out between them. This argument goes on until the sun rises and turns them into stone. For some reason the movie has Bilbo distract them instead. I don't understand why they changed it
  10. SlurmsMackenzie

    be safe!

    Only how many days late? Maybe he/she is Orthodox Christian :P
  11. SlurmsMackenzie

    Listen up you primitive screwheads!

    Doesn't look like it's going to have the humor that evil dead 2 had :(
  12. SlurmsMackenzie

    Two sides to every story?

    Ignorance is bliss
  13. SlurmsMackenzie

    Anonymous declares war on Westboro

    These people have to be the most successful trolls in human history. All they crave is attention and they're getting endless amounts of it
  14. SlurmsMackenzie

    War Z pulled from Steam....

    Steam appear to be in damage control offering refunds. I wonder if there will now be a process in which a game has to go through before it makes it onto the service
  15. SlurmsMackenzie

    Film news, or game news? Either way, it looks a bit shady.

    Wait...are you implying the Nazis *weren't* bad? No but many films take a pretty simplistic view of the whole situation showing allied characters as being these do no wrong heroes saving Europe and axis as being evil for the sake of being evil.