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  1. Since I live in quite a dusty house, I've decided that now i have a bit of time at hand I would like to take apart my PC completely and clean every single part as well as the standard reformat etc although I'm having a bit of trouble finding places to buy compressed air. The cheapest ebay store does not ship to SEA and staticice/forum searching isnt really helping finding a cheap solution. So where do you guys buy your compressed air in a can from for under ~$50 or does it really cost that much here D:? I'm not sure if this is the correct subforum but any help if you're knowledgeable on the topic would be great!
  2. Archi

    Team Fortress 2: free-to-play forever

    I feel that online games, especially ones with as many updates as this should be re-reviewed or have their reviews 'revisited'. I remember the negatives at the start were that there were too few maps D: now look at it :) Great to hear its free, although i wonder how many hackers will now start appearing :S
  3. Archi

    [ALL] CoD:MW3

    I just noticed the other MW3 thread, sorry about this. Feel free to lock =]
  4. Archi

    [ALL] CoD:MW3

    'Call of Duty' Sets Sights on a Fee - The Wall Street Journal "hyper-realistic combat-simulation game" - a good joke. They will have to step their act up imo if they think this will be viable. Unlike others, i still have not played MW2 or Black Ops because of the whole 'no dedi servers' thing, i don't think i'll play this title either. I wonder what kind of limitations MW4 will have or now that ActiBlizzard have stepped in the deep end, how many other developers will follow suit? I don't own an Xbox, but doesn't this breach TOS? Because you're already paying for 'live' and now there is an excess fee on top of that :S
  5. Archi

    Tt eSPORTS Black Elemrnt Giveaway

    -_- what about those who don't have facebook :'(?
  6. Archi


    Was at a large on on the weekend, mostly dominated by SC2/CoD4/CSS/Quake/Portal2Co-op/Dota and ofc Desert Combat++ ;) The net went down several times throughout the day as a result SC2 and Quake games would drop out....its a real shame being at a lan and getting dropped due to net issues. You can find a list of popular games & good ideas for a lan here. (Things like slime volleyball, ping pong, poker, hard drive as well as all the usual games :P)
  7. Archi

    Portal 2

    Finished the game >:D!, had initial gripes over graphics customizing (no motion blur option etc etc), the menu UI and the fact that the first few levels were just retextured were from the previous game but it does not matter after 1hour of gameplay :P. Now that ive finished it,i hope the community will take the game up once the SDK is released, would love to see some more co-op maps based off the new mechanics that were introduced. most portal1 maps were mouse twitch ones.
  8. Archi

    StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty

    I've started playing this again >:D! Season 2 has arrived :P If anyone wants some relaxed/pub team games, hit me up @ NA: Archi.467 SEA: Archi.209
  9. Archi

    North American Stra League

    There is a rebroadcast 15hours after the original broadcast you wont be able to see it unnless you tune in live. You can buy a season ticket ($25) for VODS and a HD stream. Not really worth it though in our time zone, especially with the IGN tournament, TSL3, Dreamhack, GSL, MLG. Their broadcast schedule is daily and starts around 11am here every weekday (i think).
  10. Archi

    How many hours would you spend per week, gaming?

    I split my gaming into two parts. Competing in older MP games (ones with established communities) and getting the story line in more recent SP games :P If a new game with a great story line comes out, i'll play more of that than play online MP, although if no good game has come out 100% of my 'gaming time' would be in duel cups or ladder competitions. This week, i would say I'm in the 21-30 category :P
  11. Lol true, its why i did not create a thread similar to this. At one point they had a trial and anyone who installed it at that time got to keep it or something? Add to that first slice and those 75% off sales. Its a hard gift to give away :"(
  12. Yes i do! Really enjoyed the first, have not got around to playing the second. Edit: Thankyou ArcaneMagik!!! >:D!
  13. I would like a ME2 pc code! can give you portal1 in return :)
  14. Archi

    Snake oil or useful....

    http://steelseries.com/us/products/other/steelseries-scope EG.Incontrol wore them @ the MLG lan for SC2 - so they arent an april fools joke, rather a real product? Stupid idea either way imo.