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  1. http://soundcloud.com/darrencullen/network-free-download Cheers, D facebook.com/DreadnoughtOfficial
  2. http://www.soundcloud.com/darrencullen/slip-away Any feedback appreciated hope ya enjoy! Cheers, D
  3. Mr_Insidious

    New drum & bass tune .. enjoy

    http://soundcloud.com/darrencullen/barricade Spent most of today making this one, went for those deep techstep vibes... hope you enjoy! Cheers :) Dreadnought http://www.facebook.com/DreadnoughtOfficial - main page http://www.soundcloud.com/darrencullen - soundcloud
  4. Mr_Insidious

    Dreadnought - Concrete Jungle

    thanks man! got a bunker remix coming soon with a rapper from the UK :D
  5. Mr_Insidious

    Dreadnought - Concrete Jungle

    http://soundcloud.com/darrencullen/concrete-jungle Enjoy Cheers, D
  6. Mr_Insidious

    New music :)

    Hey folks hope ya enjoy the latest, Concrete Jungle, inspired by walking around the city today. Chur Soundcloud link: http://soundcloud.com/darrencullen/concrete-jungle Cheers, D
  7. http://soundcloud.com/darrencullen/badlands Fresh new tune hope ya enjoy Cheers, D
  8. http://soundcloud.com/darrencullen/neonlight-miss-redflower My remix of an awesome tune from Neonlight & Miss Redflower Cheers D
  9. Mr_Insidious

    Just made a new drum & bass track

    thanks dude i don't mind some dubstep, preferably stuff from Noisia & Icicle and the like.. not skrillex On a roll this week just churned out a new tune with deep dark drum & bass vibes, enjoy! http://soundcloud.com/darrencullen/subzero-unsigned-clip :)
  10. Mr_Insidious

    Just made a new drum & bass track

    thanks man! did 99% of it myself, had a couple of mates over at my house blazing, we were sky high but they just helped mix a couple of channels in the track
  11. Mr_Insidious

    Just made a new drum & bass track

    haha cheers dude, glad it's not shit haha :P Cheers for listening mate
  12. Mr_Insidious

    Just made a new drum & bass track

    To avoid selling myself short I'm uploading clips (instead of the whole track) now of tunes which I think have good potential to be signed, and every couple of weeks or so I like to try and make a fresh new tune for FREE download, so people aren't missing out :-) Pretty stoked with how this one turned out, had been trying to get real inspiration in the studio for a good 2 weeks. Enjoy! All support is hugely appreciated. - http://soundcloud.com/darrencullen/free-spirit-unsigned-clip - Cheers, Dreadnought Homepage (follow me here): http://www.facebook.com/DreadnoughtOfficial
  13. http://soundcloud.com/darrencullen/epidemic-unsigned Hoping to sign this one at some point so just have a teaser uploaded on SoundCloud. Hope ya enjoy leave feedback if you want Cheers D
  14. Mr_Insidious

    Dreadnought - Crank It

    thanks disolusiond :) bowiee - It's my latest drum & bass tune and it's up for free download :)