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  1. scruffy1

    how crap is this government ?

    they could have bought cubbie station twice for that money
  2. scruffy1

    Green Room non-Googleable Music Quiz Game.

    steak by kooking ? something by kush (they didn't have a song called something, unless it was a cover of the beatles)
  3. scruffy1

    What's on your mind?

    i guess it's sodder comes natcherly to them
  4. scruffy1

    Green Room non-Googleable Music Quiz Game.

    i wish i could un-see and un-hear that song it was really shite
  5. scruffy1

    My leg and the last 2 months

    my comment on treating the patient was formed watching some oncologists go hell bent to "kill a cancer" where the odds were so lousy, and the outcome was frequently a more rapid death due to complications, after an appalling quality of life due to side effects of treatment the best oncologists imho have the guts to tell a patient that it is not appropriate to continue the fight, whilst being clever enough to explain that that doesn't mean they will die any sooner, just that their remaining time will be spent living in the best comfort available, and enjoying it as best they can, as opposed to being persistently sick from radical intervention, and wasting the same amount of time being made ill due to their forlorn fantasy that they are not incurable the weeks wasted in hospital where nothing is gained as you feel lousy and miss the chance to be safely around other people and experience the world is a crap trade off the truth is that aggressive end stage intervention for some situations is because people "want something to fix them", when their real issue is total denial that there is no miracle that can be delivered - and some oncologists are more comfortable selling a "possible remission" (of incredibly small likelihood) rather than delivering the bad news, and let the patient die trying (at great expense and usually discomfort) it's like adult children of ancient parents demanding their terminally ill loved one be admitted to intensive care, where they almost invariably die whilst blocking a bed for much more salvageable medical cases, or even worse, survive briefly longer and get to die again - the kids feel vindicated tat they can't let mum or dad "go", but often the very sick elderly are quite ready to depart it's fucking hard being old and very sick; god bless advance care directives, even though offspring with guardianship will still deny their parent's wishes as the crunch no-one in their right mind generally wants to die, except in extremely impossible to endure situations; the harsh truth is they all will, and demanding it not happen is rather understandable, but impossible to deliver so no sunshine and rainbows, but +1 to a beautiful sunset and the big sleep the idea that people "battle" and "lose" to cancer, or "survive" is like the person assessing the situation is far too used to sporting events as a model, rather than the messy actuality of part of your tissues going megalomaniac, with no intention to do you harm, just the unambiguous task of getting bigger and spreading their domain my last comment here is a multi verse haiku i wrote during my treatment for lymphoma (stage 4... ooh ! any other type of malignancy and that's pretty much game over, as it were, but management of many things is way cleverer than early days of chemo) my experience ? cancer is not a battle it's misunderstood part of your being believes itself immortal but it's delusion lacking self control and going exponential it seals its own fate the metastasis of first world aspirations is a metaphor
  6. scruffy1

    My leg and the last 2 months

    oncologists don't usually have the luxury of leisurely time to encourage action - it's not their time they are wasting if patients aren't up for a dose of reality it is however most important they treat the patient rather than just the cancer
  7. scruffy1

    My leg and the last 2 months

    metformin is becoming a common early pharmacological intervention; my well informed peers have been talking up the benefits since well over a decade ago sure, the 5:2 diet achieves a similar effect for those who will attempt it, but if your sugars are telling you it's looking like trouble ahead, metformin is a great option my simple explanation is that the cells respond less and less to constant circulating insulin, a situation that would be rare when humans weren't overwhelmed with calories constantly so fasting helps vary the level of insulin, giving the cells a chance to "notice" the levels - a bit like constant noise or odours become "background", insulin signal is similarly filtered out meantime, the pancreas goes into overdrive to supply higher levels to provoke effect (the consequence of "insulin resistance" by cells), and this hold the sugar level down somewhat *until* the pancreas goes "ah fuck it! i'm overworked" and fatigues, at which point insulin drops, and the unfettered sugar level goes for the sky at that point, old school management says "oh, you're diabetic... who'da thunk it ?" and starts metformin, rather too late for best effect (which would be to consider aiding the pancreas before it is clapped out) it's relatively simple to do a glucose tolerance test and insulin levels to see where the patient with consistently rising "still normal, but less so every time" sits in the scheme, both as a scientific measure, and a tool to frighten people into recognising a disaster in evolution - this stuff doesn't happen overnight for type 2 diabetics, it takes years, where there's a good prospect of reversing the trend my analogy is that if you are on a dirt road heading for the cliff, the stop sign should be far enough back to allow you to apply the brakes before you hit the precipice - putting it on the edge (or at the bottom of the drop) is never going to end well even worse, once your insulin secreting ability is "lost" from fatigue, the standard treatment is (to bathe your non-responsive cells with even more) insulin, which promotes weight gain for the benefit of having "acceptable" blood sugars as you process sugar to fat as a consequence getting in early is the best approach - eat less carbs, exercise, intermittent fasting, and choose better parents next time - genetics is a bitch
  8. scruffy1


    you sir, are a yiddish fail and i like your work
  9. scruffy1

    My leg and the last 2 months

    i'm quite aggressive at treating "pre-diabetes" in those with no response (or enthusiasm) for healthier living metformin is excellent for reducing insulin resistance, and is becoming a more recognised option as pre-emptive therapy tmfp is sadly a bit beyond that simple management
  10. scruffy1

    Green Room non-Googleable Music Quiz Game.

    foo fighters i guess - can't name any songs, but...
  11. scruffy1

    My leg and the last 2 months

    personally, if it ain't broke don't fix it diabetics are notorious for wound infections and complications; if your day job doesn't involve being a leg model, you need to accept the cosmesis is unappealing, but not being dead from unnecessary interference is a solid win why would you circumcise a leg ?
  12. scruffy1

    What Did You Watch Lately ?

    it's a bit "andrew lloyd webber" for my tastes, but nicely done for the genre i guess
  13. scruffy1


    and now, for your educational benefit :
  14. scruffy1

    Green Room non-Googleable Music Quiz Game.

    i love their art and clothes even more than the music, but it all just works so beautifully as performance art sorta like early split enz meets afro rap zef !
  15. scruffy1

    Green Room non-Googleable Music Quiz Game.

    your loss; they are the bomb try this one i also really enjoyed "i rub my dick on expensive shit"