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  1. scruffy1

    redeploying win10

    i'm savvy in how to use the ssd efficiently interestingly, i plumped for a fresh install from usb install media, from within windows, or so i thought, and when windoze had finished faffing around, it demanded a reboot and shazzam ! everything is working fine there was whole heap of shite in the registry that ccleaner disappeared, and it's all looking good to go it of course decided my chosen browser and mail (mozilla) were somehow poison and defaulted to m$ stuff, which was easy to reconfigure, and it seems to be great i might bravely migrate the mail database (t'bird) and just use it until it makes me regret the idea my games and stuff are on the hdd, as is a backup of all the important stuff on the ssd, and the redundant copy of my music and photos; the music and also other media are on the server too; i might use r-sync to back up my documents, but i am ocd at simply creating an extra copy on the hdd (and an external usb stick for paranoia) for all crucial ssd files, so rsync might be a problem if it corrupts my otherwise manual copies in any glitch on a happier still note, the fast ram i bought is telling me i scored samsung, but as this is new stuff i have no idea how auspicious that may be - the sticks are dated feb 2020 - fresh ! so when i get settled in with a non-stock cooler there will be some clocking to be had on the ram settings at least the cpu is revB too, so there may be some fun to be had once i can drive the bios - haven't ever had an msi board since socket a
  2. scruffy1

    redeploying win10

    did the build turned it on win announced "updating", therte was a brief delay and then it booted straight to desktop and was already raring to go i reckon i'll try my luck with "cleanup" and see if it can fix itself, because nothing to lose but a clean install seems likely next, although maybe onto the smaller ssd, and then mirror that over when i'm ready
  3. scruffy1

    redeploying win10

    the plus is that my "old" install is actually now mirrored on the smaller ssd, so i have a carbon copy on the bigger samsung ssd to kill trying i am pretty much expecting a clean install is the "best" bet, and that's okay because all the essential stuff is already on the hard drive the biggest shitfest is discovering that all my useful personal settings for things like office and adblock and mail and the mouse and... are all nowhere accessible as long as they stay safe on the cloned boot drive on the interim machine, i can harvest them as i find that... best quote from a patient years ago "we can burn that bridge when we come to it" on the plus side, the 14 year old lian li looks brand new, and is cleaner than i am sweating in my study where the light is good, but the northerly aspect is more than my chemo'd skin likes at this time of the day many thanks to you all for help, and pretty much confirming what i thought... that there's still a lot of faffing to be done
  4. scruffy1

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    it was joke they are essentially "chinese" ports
  5. scruffy1

    redeploying win10

    well, i finally got sick of the 2600k cold boot shenanigans, and i am pretty sure it;s the mobo getting old and flakey, so i went and bought ryzen before the world ends, or supply gets very expensive and tight and i live to regret not doing the purchase moved the guts of my old rig into an antec sonata 3 (i think) with the corsair 650 of questionable integrity, and running an ssd and 2tb hdd, plus onboard video seems okay till it explodes the initial video cable was a bit of a shock when i discovered the dell u2525h doesn't actually have dvi, but i eventually located the dvi>hdmi adapter all good nerds have in their stash, and then spat when windoze served me 1600 x 900 as max... although a few boots later it had automagically moved through 1920x1200 up to 2048x1152, a resolution i never knew existed.... 1440 will just have to wait, because an early trial of dropping in a 4 series amd card saw the machine fail to boot, and even the bios wasn't responding to input , so i',m on sparkling hd graphics 3000 anyway i digress.... the win10 i am using is a clone of the samsung 256gb ssd onto an older vertex 3 128 wide gap, but they will both be booting and the big question is - i know there are redeployment tools (at some expense) that will let me drop the sammy into the ryzen and the tell it to repair ? current install is on a z77 intel based board, the ryzen will be on a b450 that's a pretty big gap, but fwiw they are both ahci on sata3 , and i'm not going for m2 as a boot drive (yet) which will be a simple disk clone later given the hardware will be already deployed i don't expect perfection, but figure if it boots into the os i might be able to trick it into using dism command to tidy up the install is that even possible, or am i dreaming ? any other hot tips ? admittedly a clean install is not a tragedy, as all my important shizzle is on the hdd, or i can pull stuff from the vertex as a non-bootable plug in after i get the samsung going, but i'm lazy and a full install with my current shitty unreliable adsl2+ (that optus is investigating, in trying times) will make that more of a chore than usual help me, obi wan, you're my only hope !
  6. scruffy1

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    and fiji and other pacific islands in their economic influence? guess darwin and newcastle are fucked then that was lighten up, grrrrrl
  7. scruffy1

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    according to my understanding, it is not like flu - which does seem to be aerosol it is not as contagious as flu ttbomk but i've had a flu shot yesterday, and last year, so i have at least some protection from that source of potential death add : 85 cases and counting on the beaches; waverley for the win (!?) at 131, with sydney city a close 3rd to my area at 83 what a difference a day makes, 24 little hours.... (breaks into song)
  8. scruffy1

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    sure but in the absence of sneezing, or using a nebuliser, neither do people make mist just by breathing i'm not sure i understand the point you are trying to make
  9. scruffy1

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    droplet is not airborne https://eportal.mountsinai.ca/Microbiology/faq/transmission.shtml » What is transmission by droplet contact? Some diseases can be transferred by infected droplets contacting surfaces of the eye, nose, or mouth. This is referred to as droplet contact transmission. Droplets containing microorganisms can be generated when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or talks. Droplets can also be generated during certain medical procedures, such as bronchoscopy. Droplets are too large to be airborne for long periods of time, and quickly settle out of air. Droplet transmission can be reduced with the use of personal protective barriers, such as face masks and goggles. Measles and SARS are examples of diseases capable of droplet contact transmission. » What is airborne transmission? Airborne transmission refers to situations where droplet nuclei (residue from evaporated droplets) or dust particles containing microorganisms can remain suspended in air for long periods of time. These organisms must be capable of surviving for long periods of time outside the body and must be resistant to drying. Airborne transmission allows organisms to enter the upper and lower respiratory tracts. Fortunately, only a limited number of diseases are capable of airborne transmission. Diseases capable of airborne transmission include: Tuberculosis Chickenpox Measles take it from dr paranoia here, 2 metres is probably not a bad distance unless someone hoiks a loogie at you
  10. scruffy1

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    their bioweapons lab needs some serious patching from one of my favourite authors "Western civilization is nearing collapse as oil runs out, and the Chinese are making vast leaps forward by miniaturizing themselves and training groups of hundreds to think as one. Eventually, the miniaturization proceeds to the point that they become so small that they cause a plague among those who accidentally inhale them, ultimately destroying Western civilization beyond repair." Kurt Vonnegut, Slapstick, 1976
  11. i'm not sure of the ones that travel, many will be reaching their use by date any time soon
  12. scruffy1

    What's on your mind?

    i'm not okay, probably i am
  13. scruffy1

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    we can bulk-bill (indeed, must bulk bill) all telehealth items, which are to help mininmise face to face risks where practical and how do we access that money ? check this : Avant - COVID-19 information and FAQs (avant is one of the major medical indemnity insurers, and informs doctors re what medicare expects of them) Q: Do I still need to get a patient to 'sign' the Medicare Benefits form if I'm bulk-billing the telehealth consultation? How do I do this via a telehealth consultation?Updated: 25 March 2020 A: The advice from the Department of Health is that patients are still required to consent to their telehealth service being bulk-billed, as per normal practice for bulk-billed services. This means the patient's signature is still needed on the General, Specialist and Diagnostic (assignment of benefit) form (DB4). You can get this form through Medicare Bulk Bill Webclaims using HPOS. The Department of Health advises there are three ways you can get the patient's signature: 1. You can send the completed General, Specialist and Diagnostic (assignment of benefit) form (DB4) to the patient to sign and return to you. 2. You can get an email agreement from the patient. 3. The practitioner supporting the patient during the telehealth consultation can ask the patient to sign the General, Specialist and Diagnostic (assignment of benefit) form (DB4) and return it to you. An example of this is where a patient is using the local GP's surgery for the telehealth consultation - when the patient signs the (assignment of benefit) form, the GP sends it to the provider performing the telehealth service. Given the circumstances with COVID-19 we anticipate a lot of doctors will rely on email agreements. The Department of Health provides the following guidance for a patient to assign their right to a Medicare benefit to you by email. For privacy reasons, the Department of Health advises that you should not include the patient's Medicare card number or the doctor's provider number in your email to the patient. Step 1 At the telehealth consultation, tell the patient you wish to bulk bill Medicare for the service. To do this the patient will need to: * agree to the service being bulk billed * check the details in the email sent to their nominated email address * reply to your email, which will be considered a signature agreeing to assign the benefit. Step 2 Before submitting the claim, you need to send an email to the patient that includes all of the below: * the details of the service * item numbers or a description of the services * benefit amount for both the base and derived fee items * date and time of the services * patient's name (don't include the Medicare card number) * practitioner's name (don't include the provider number). Include in your email this statement: 'If you (the patient) agree to the assignment of the Medicare benefit directly to the provider (bulk- bill), reply to this email including the following words: Yes, I agree to the assignment of the Medicare benefit directly to the provider, and your (the patient's) name' and this privacy note: 'Your personal information is protected by law, including the Privacy Act 1988, and is collected by the Australian Government Department of Human Services for the assessment and administration of payments and services. This information is required to process your application or claim. Your information may be used by the department or given to other parties where you have agreed to that, or where it is required or authorised by law (including for the purpose of research or conducting investigations). You can get more information about the way in which the department will manage your personal information, including its privacy policy. Step 3 When you get a reply email from the patient with the required information: * complete a General, Specialist and Diagnostic (assignment of benefit) Voucher form (DB4) * for manually submitted claims write in the signature block 'unable to sign, written email agreement provided' * for electronic claims, you don't need to note the email signature but you must keep the patient's email consent on file * submit the claim to us in accordance with the Health Insurance Act 1973, 1975 Health Insurance Regulations and MBS * send a completed copy of the General, Specialist and Diagnostic (assignment of benefit) Voucher form (DB4) to the patient * keep the email with the patient's consent and email signature, in hard copy or electronic form for audit purposes for at least two years. By noting 'email agreement' on the manual General, Specialist and Diagnostic (assignment of benefit) form (DB4), you acknowledge you've followed steps 1-3 above. This process complies with section 10 of the Electronic Transactions Act 1999, which outlines the steps to be taken for an electronic signature to be recognised. It also meets the legal requirement of needing a patient signature to assign a Medicare benefit. want my job ? i am already agitating at a federal level to have them adjust their reality to facilitate us not coming at them with pitchforks do they have any fucking idea ? hint : the responsible minister for medicare is also in charge of MyGov
  14. scruffy1

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    and in further news : NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller has said the police have been given the power to determine who can disembark a cruise ship in the state. this would be the same police who can strip search children for drugs at their discretion ? awesome choice of arbiters of health issues ! (shakes head disconsolately) and Paramedics are being overwhelmed by calls about bats and non-existent at-home coronavirus testing, and jeopardising response times for critical patients, as the frontline responders prepare for rising numbers of serious COVID-19 cases. One man called triple zero because: "A bat flew into my window". "My whole family is scared and worried about the new disease that is out there now and they don't know what we can do about it," the man said. "... now we can't leave the front house ... my family is just worried about the virus because they don't want to catch it or anything," he said. A couple from Hurstville called after they walked past an Asian couple with suitcases and were worried they had been exposed to the virus, and a man called to ask if he should go to work because he thought Sydney was in lockdown. ffs, just kill them and save the delay