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  1. scruffy1

    Has editing died ?

    next you'll be promoting capitalisation and full stops useful in a book maybe, but totally anachronistic when the page is a screen, and a healthy hit of the enter key offers far better representation of the pause between disparate thoughts than any mere dot can suggest i can manage to appreciate the evolution of english, but i detest americanisation because it's either ugly or just plain lazily inane (think about the advent of txt) "new" words are often less elegant, and more "manglish"
  2. scruffy1

    Has editing died ?

    you may find joy in reading articles on aeon they not only know how to spell, they appear to be sentient
  3. scruffy1

    how crap is this government ?

    i like it ! even though you can't spell defence to quote the prez : "the best defence is a fence"
  4. scruffy1

    how crap is this government ?

    cry me a river, oppressed one anti-anything is a human problem you seem okay to think goat herders are infra-dig, but in my mind they are people like you are, and denying that all humans are essentially open to prove themselves in my estimation to be shit before i declare them so seems unfair i don't dislike jews intrinsically, but that goes for every "group" i encounter - they need to earn my contempt rather than get it as the default and long experience suggests tarring any people with homogeneity is too facile for a real world
  5. scruffy1

    i see dead people

    my guess is he doesn't want a cremation
  6. scruffy1

    What's on your mind?

    business just sorta died i guess trying to get a tree to grow in adelaide in recent times would be challenging
  7. scruffy1

    how crap is this government ?

    in order of your quotes : they might not be stupid, but nor are people who are motivated and prepared to do what it takes to seek refuge somewhere promising - aren't you guys the authors of the promised land fantasy ? sounds like you are either bigoted, or own an airline... so paying alan joyce to get here (and via him, big oil, plus the fees for australian "entry fees" as a potential citizen aren't the same, barring where the $ goes so, jewish refugees from say (pick a war zone) get to head to israel for social and financial stability (that's perhaps not the right descriptor), but other "races" don't have that luxury ooh ! scary muslims ! as a jew, maybe.. as an ordained pastafarian (actually nominally a buddhist), not so much i completely understand the antipathy of jews to anyone of muslim heritage, but that's a jewish problem, not an australian one it's not like the refugees are all coming here, but i can appreciate that an "open invite" is problematic - but it strikes me that motivated refugees that get here have already demonstrated the perspicacity to make a success of being citizens at worst, if they have got here under false pretences, or due to bribing governments, or on other people's stolen money, they can always go into politics
  8. scruffy1

    What's on your mind?

    this is an idea that might have traction as a business, really i expect the embalmers and coffin sales people and planet warming cremation industry would disapprove ("for health and safety reasons"), but the virtue of being wrapped in some unbleached hemp cloth and dropped under a native tree sapling that is tended to self sufficient viability is a lovely thing personally, burial a sea, or the tibetan "air burial" are both okay by me too
  9. scruffy1

    how crap is this government ?

    i'm far happier when we honour our obligations as signatories of a united nations charter on refugees, including the amendments children overboard, not so much how many have quietly had swimming lessons via our "turn back" or "blatantly ignore distress" team in power it always confuses me why successful people of jewish heritage are so easily inclined to disdain the fiscal untermensch - seems it's okay to be a white man landing here on a plane seeking a better life, but pigmentation makes potential successful citizens suddenly turn dole bludger if they missed the plane
  10. scruffy1

    how crap is this government ?

    are you implying i'm a labor supporter ? hahahaha... i'm a critic for all the players, with less scorn for some of their well meaning uselessness than the malevolent self interest of the rich people's party delivering a good bottom line to a scorched planet isn't progress, it's retarded and no, i don't think it's just about the putative anthropogenic input to global warming... i tend to think rampant expansion is as helpful to our future as my expanding spleen was to my health... oft times i think the self professed "financial managers" need chemo more than i did
  11. scruffy1

    What's on your mind?

    you should have them buried with you when the time arrives
  12. scruffy1

    how crap is this government ?

    depopulating the centres (some) is a minor tick boats ? who knows ? certainly not the australian public.... but i'm all for them stopping the planes with equal vigor, and certainly denying squatting rights to wealthy foreign investors tax cuts are not my idea of something to applaud, although i understand that most people who can "afford" rent for their nation resent doing so - tax cuts are the wealthy citizen's equivalent to sit down money, which you so detest in those with no money free trade agreements - hmmm.... if you say so, but i don't a second airport n bumfuckistanopolis without a mandatory rail link ? near the water supply for the sydney basin ? fail ! (or fail x2 if both points are noted) abcc - okay, that's a plus no jab, no pay... vexed issue - if they were really serious they could get community services to remove unvaccinated children from the wealthy anti-vaxxers in byron and the northern beaches, to demonstrate impartial concern for the health of minors, so i'm not entirely convinced of the carrot and stick tradeoff there snowy 2.0 ? bullshit 101 so essentially we are in a agreement - there's a few things there but more of not really a thing
  13. scruffy1

    how crap is this government ?

    penny wong would do well on the floor in the house of reps, but given the current "tick of approval" rests with the unrepresentative swill of the upper house, there is little doubt she will want to stay where the real power lies to shape what we actually have to live with as laws tanya plibersek might be a step too far for wooing the conservatives to the red side being a woman worked for maggie thatcher, only in as much as her gender was never an issue because she exuded testosterone and had no feminine traits beyond the twin set and pearls albo doesn't somehow do it for me, but seems to match shouty in non-threatening blokeyness which seems to be what the punters require bowen seems to like the idea of selling the farm, as befits his description as "labor right" - a quality i think is "labor, wrong", and his style is too condescending to trigger my respect.. maybe he'll loosen up after his recent experience with failure of the party in the recent election, but nah, not my choice meantime, it's interesting (in the chinese interpretation of that word) to posit what talent the prime muppet elect will appoint to the cabinet left to suggest who might benefit the country as vice-leaders, i can't name anyone that appears to have obvious assets to endorse them for any portfolio - but then that's also true of the leader too, so at least their mediocrity is something to unite them as a "team" (even though they were all in the change room during the warm up) that, and political "success" are about all they have to offer thus far it will be revealing to see how they explain their progress without labor to be the whipping boy for any fuck ups, because 6 years in they haven't got a lot of resounding big ticket stuff to applaud
  14. scruffy1

    how crap is this government ?

    whilst i have some confidence in anthony green, he isn't an official aec spokesthing, and there's still lots of votes pending but a lead currently of ~ 2000 with 21,000 to count looks pretty safe i agree
  15. scruffy1

    how crap is this government ?

    some current numbers https://tallyroom.aec.gov.au/HouseDivisionPage-24310-152.htm only ~ 75% counted thus far no-one has yet called majority for the libs