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  1. scruffy1

    how crap is this government ?

    what a sad state is nsw another run for the liberals, although telling that both the majors have lost ground... and the shooters and etc crew gained traction it's truly fucked up
  2. scruffy1

    Terror attack in NZ

    it's more than fucking madness to allow citizens to have a gun of that "ability" one could argue it's pretty weird to let them have guns at all if most of australia has declared cracker night an illegal event, then allowing munitions to be purchased seems a pretty lame act of legislation yes, many people will be distressed to have their fun stopped, and may otherwise be quite disinclined to commit mass murder but even the spraying of a heavy metal into the environment is an act of vandalism akin to throwing your dhurrie butts into the gutter, or tossing a plastic drinking straw and don't get me going about flushing hormones and other bioactive stuff down the toilet in your waste, that then goes pretty much straight into the ocean people get very keen on emissions and climate, but less visible (and also obvious) other stuff is screwing the biosphere for all time
  3. scruffy1

    What a joke

    diet wise, i usually have a bowl od buckwheat with berries (pity the summer months are behind us in that regard, as blueberries are getting way too expensive) and a short double shot freshly pulled espresso with warm full cream milk (doing milk with the wand is torturous and deafening) that's around 8:30am thereafter i rarely get to eat (cup of mint tea while i work, which i often don't drink) before at least 2pm, and quite often it's after 3 dinner is usually 8 or later i was going to post this is "what did you watch lately", but given the subject matter here, this is a compelling hour and a bit of impressive good science on what's good for you, which i expect few doctors have seen
  4. scruffy1

    What a joke

    economists are about as prescient as studying entrails analysing events after they happen is much easier than before; as they say "past performance is no guarantee of future returns" honest financial people would admit "you win some, you lose some" - that's why insider trading is such a popular sport
  5. scruffy1

    Terror attack in NZ

    i don't have to be a patriot to have an etymological pedantry fetish
  6. scruffy1

    Terror attack in NZ

    that was the point of my linky to the psychiatrist's view and point of order - in straya, people are arseholes and thus undertake arseholery i feel strongly about this abuse of the local idiom
  7. scruffy1

    Green Room non-Googleable Music Quiz Game.

    geoffrey rush ? before he was outed for behaviour unbecoming
  8. scruffy1

    Problems with the 737MAX ?

    this is enlightening https://www.smh.com.au/business/companies/pilot-who-hitched-a-ride-saved-boeing-737-max-a-day-before-it-crashed-20190320-p515sq.html
  9. scruffy1

    What Did You Watch Lately ?

    he's certain;y polarising (ricky g) i really didn't see the entertainment of "the office"; but i loved him crucifying the stars when he hosted the oscars i confess i don't "get" micallef either , if there's some common attribute i'm missing although in the interest of disclosure, some of my negativity may be carry over from my adelaide days, where he had the excellent fortune to be jumped by a lady friend of mine who was simply gorgeous, and i thought it showed a considerable lack of discernment on her part, given he was a law student and not even vaguely famous (and in my estimation, wasn't, and still isn't amusing) but then again, maybe i'm unreasonably jealous, and he's a fabulous comedian nah.... he's not (even if i am)
  10. scruffy1

    Terror attack in NZ

    i'm open minded he might say he's a terrorist, but delusional people might say they're the second coming of god so if self assessment is enough to make the motivation clear, it's simple but it's never quite that simple i believe, even if one contends some people really are mad here's an interesting idea : https://aeon.co/essays/the-psychiatrist-who-didn-t-believe-in-mental-illness notable quote : He declared that ‘psychiatry is a threat to civil liberties, especially to the liberties of individuals stigmatised as “right-wingers” ’
  11. scruffy1

    What Did You Watch Lately ?

    jeez, frumious bandersnatch is more ubiquitous than bill nighy has become in his latter decades
  12. scruffy1

    how crap is this government ?

    " Anning should be thankful that ‘‘egg boy’’ was not an adherent to the type of philosophy he espouses. They don’t just egg people they disagree with. - Chris McGavock, Figtree " (smh letters today) yep, being made to feel yolk run down your scalp is not quite as disturbing as feeling your intestines run down your legs through a gaping gunshot wound
  13. scruffy1

    i see dead people

    remembered best from the original movie version of the mechanic, with charles bronson rip i have his one for my first motorbike, a suzuki 185, bought shortly before some bastard stole it eventually got it back, but the frame and fittings had been pretty much destroyed in the interim
  14. scruffy1

    Here's a thought

    “Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.” ― Mark Twain
  15. scruffy1

    how crap is this government ?

    he's a complete oxygen thief, but... getup would do better to educate the public about how to effectively use preferential voting to send some direct messages like, vote for a benign ratbag who won't get in, and first preference goes to your party of choice who won't get the blood money of a primary vote; effectively making them pay for their own campaign and my personal favourite : number all the boxes, but put tony last