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  1. the title is actually a rhetorical question, i think some time ago i gave my opinion that tony abbott would prove to be our worst prime minister ever, although to be fair i can only remember back to living under ming and his successors, so maybe prior to the middle of last century we had worse leaders anyway, several people offered a dissenting opinion at the time, so i thought it was germane to revisit the subject and ask if there are any people out there who might be able to offer a positive spin on this bunch of hooray henries don't let me single out the p.m. though - feel free to comment on joe hockey, christopher pyne and george brandis too, to name just the worst other offenders on the front bench i don't think i've been as embarrassed to admit australian citizenship since the latter days of the howard regime, but i would be pleased to have somebody enlighten me as to the significant positive changes to australia since the last federal election... although i must accept that the defeat and retirement of kevin rudd stands up as one shining plus knock yourselves out
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    What Did You Watch Lately ?

    because not everyone has an aural fixation, i propose an equivalent thread to the "and what are you listening to?" thread, because my creative and artistic friend(s) often alert me to really great things so, does anyone know how to imbed vimeo, or is it too "out there" to have the ability ? meantime, whilst you cogitate on that, here's my first offering : The Gunfighter really amusing :) and because no-one has even commented on my prior linkage to this web series : High Maintenance immensely fucking awesome !! feel free to add your own, but they had better be good really, really good ... or i won't like them (much)
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    i see dead people

    every new corpse tends to get their own brief thread, and then they sink down the listings like so much dust to the bottom of the vacuum bag of collected human existence so i've decided maybe we need a consolidated thread where each new loss can be mourned, but they all get another chance for consideration with each new addition to the thread, and like a communal cemetery for the entire planet's icons of our younger days, they gain vicarious immortality and repeated exposure whenever someone else comes to the party (as it were) so, today's nomination isn't a major player, but those of significant vintage will remember don rickles he was commonly seen giving shit to celebrities in roasts, but my best memory is him as the conniving player in kelly's heroes - crapgame, the quartermaster who co-ordinated the supplies they needed to set out for the gold, and joined their platoon ...and the voice of mr. potato head in toy story - what better pedigree for a guy who got famous at roasts ? vale mr. rickles; you represent a politically incorrect, simpler world, and you will remain part of the background noise of my youth
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    i see dead people

    yes, gay skinny men (though he famously lost a lot of weight because he wanted to wear a certain garment) know what motivates women of generous size, no doubt
  5. scruffy1

    What a joke

    why, like this, of course
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    thanks for the heads up
  7. scruffy1

    Bernie. fucken. SANDERS

    why ? trump sadly lacks it; his attribute is chutzpah, not charisma although i think chutzpah usually implies a self-confidence that is considered appropriate by others, rather than self-worship despite lacking demonstrable reason and no, being potus doesn't make you a deity regardless of delusions of grandeur
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    i see dead people

    karl lagerfeld, age 85 chanel legend, and uber-fashionista
  9. scruffy1

    Pets and animals

    they're locals, and it's noisy miner (unlike mynahs, the indian import that are invasive and pretty unlovable) wrt slugs, they are no fun to step on, their slime clings forever despite soap or other attempts at clean up - but the leopard slugs are pretty impressive creatures and i like them in the wetter weather we also get planarians, but they are smaller and less slimy, but i like 'em just the same and lizards in abundance - skinks, blue tongues, local gekkos ... all uninvited but welcome guests this despite 2x outdoor cats, and a friendly dog that doesn't ravage the wildlife - unlike the larger feline, tiger, who occasionally fells a possum (we have both ring tail and brush tail)
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    Pets and animals

  11. scruffy1

    Green Room non-Googleable Music Quiz Game.

    i always thought it was "alone with you tonight" as well as "the" sunnyboys i remember being deafened by them in the very early 80's at a venue in adelaide just west of the botanical gardens, the name of which i can't recall
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    Encroaching dystopia

    oh dear you and howard hughes lack coherent understanding of contagion risk and i quite like public transport, although i am a little less keen on public toilets but then again i had spent over 4 decades of existence working with sick people and am still alive, even with persistent lymphopaenia after chemo
  13. scruffy1

    Got H?

    i was fast asleep till a distant barking hound destroyed my slumber
  14. scruffy1

    Green Room non-Googleable Music Quiz Game.

    i'm out of bed now (have been for a while, but i neglected this thread because of memory deficit) not entirely unlike the previous song, but much more ancient, though also a sydney band awy by s 'scuse edits, i just checked the actual name of the track and band...
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    i see dead people

    bruno ganz, age 77 who ? you all say then i point out he played hitler in "downfall", and you all know who i mean immediately sadly best remembered in the anglophone world as a meme
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    Green Room non-Googleable Music Quiz Game.

    is this how you feel by the preatures but only with google-fu and your hint (and i corrected my mis-spelling of their name) because i don't know them - but the song is pretty good, actually
  17. scruffy1

    Where is your god now

    i have plenty here i can send you if you're missing them would you prefer the tiny little ones that spontaneously teleport under random paper on my desk, or the mini skateboard sized ones that appear on the living room wall, and then fly at you if you look threatening to them ? i hate those fuckers
  18. scruffy1

    Where is your god now

    my god is on top of the lian li case on my desk - it's the network label for the qnap server, so named for its omniscience and i guess because it has power all the time
  19. scruffy1

    Green Room non-Googleable Music Quiz Game.

    hahhaha "the voice" is fame ?
  20. scruffy1

    What's on your mind?

    i actually enjoyed that movie, especially the vw "hedgehog"; the cars actually pre-dates mad max by almost half a decade, and was possibly somewhat plagiarised by miller's movie - bruce spence went on to star in mm2 and further i believe and the dialogue was so un-pc you'd never hear it now "yer full vege, or a half-vege ?"
  21. scruffy1

    how crap is this government ?

    mr huang is trying to save face, and posture as a good guy my view is that when you place a bet each way, you don't get a refund if neither team wins for you perhaps the recipients aren't as dim as they sim ?
  22. scruffy1

    i see dead people

    if you were ever a dennis potter fan, you'd recognise finney from potter's last (and darkest) tv series "cold lazarus", a dystopian vision of the near future that is like black mirror on steroids quite a famous brit actor, and a rather good one rip mr finney
  23. scruffy1

    Green Room non-Googleable Music Quiz Game.

    not marilyn manson ?
  24. scruffy1

    Green Room non-Googleable Music Quiz Game.

    i remember him from tubeway army - i really liked "are friends electric?" back in the day, when they were way ahead of the curve - especially given the song lists that got air time in 1970's adelaide last i heard i thought he had blown his money and was living in a caravan at his mum's place, but i may have a false memory, or perhaps his late 80's period isn't that fabulous that it hasn't been documented loudly his clip above has merit, but he always has the aura of a bowie wannabe to me
  25. scruffy1

    Green Room non-Googleable Music Quiz Game.

    so not george benson then ?