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    What Did You Watch Lately ?

    because not everyone has an aural fixation, i propose an equivalent thread to the "and what are you listening to?" thread, because my creative and artistic friend(s) often alert me to really great things so, does anyone know how to imbed vimeo, or is it too "out there" to have the ability ? meantime, whilst you cogitate on that, here's my first offering : The Gunfighter really amusing :) and because no-one has even commented on my prior linkage to this web series : High Maintenance immensely fucking awesome !! feel free to add your own, but they had better be good really, really good ... or i won't like them (much)
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    i see dead people

    every new corpse tends to get their own brief thread, and then they sink down the listings like so much dust to the bottom of the vacuum bag of collected human existence so i've decided maybe we need a consolidated thread where each new loss can be mourned, but they all get another chance for consideration with each new addition to the thread, and like a communal cemetery for the entire planet's icons of our younger days, they gain vicarious immortality and repeated exposure whenever someone else comes to the party (as it were) so, today's nomination isn't a major player, but those of significant vintage will remember don rickles he was commonly seen giving shit to celebrities in roasts, but my best memory is him as the conniving player in kelly's heroes - crapgame, the quartermaster who co-ordinated the supplies they needed to set out for the gold, and joined their platoon ...and the voice of mr. potato head in toy story - what better pedigree for a guy who got famous at roasts ? vale mr. rickles; you represent a politically incorrect, simpler world, and you will remain part of the background noise of my youth
  3. the title is actually a rhetorical question, i think some time ago i gave my opinion that tony abbott would prove to be our worst prime minister ever, although to be fair i can only remember back to living under ming and his successors, so maybe prior to the middle of last century we had worse leaders anyway, several people offered a dissenting opinion at the time, so i thought it was germane to revisit the subject and ask if there are any people out there who might be able to offer a positive spin on this bunch of hooray henries don't let me single out the p.m. though - feel free to comment on joe hockey, christopher pyne and george brandis too, to name just the worst other offenders on the front bench i don't think i've been as embarrassed to admit australian citizenship since the latter days of the howard regime, but i would be pleased to have somebody enlighten me as to the significant positive changes to australia since the last federal election... although i must accept that the defeat and retirement of kevin rudd stands up as one shining plus knock yourselves out
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    i see dead people

    tim fischer a politician of note, age 77 r.i.p.
  5. scruffy1

    What's on your mind?

    i don't consider advertising has any merit whatsoever, and actively block it everywhere possible - the absence of my "hits" on sponsored sites won't make a jot of difference to them, but benefits to my sanity from a clean browser is priceless my approach is to actively research stuff i am interested in collecting, and rely on serendipity in the forums to alert me to stuff i never knew about (like the khadas tone board, f'rinstance)
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    What's on your mind?

    i use firefox and have never seen an ad on youtube this decade
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    What's on your mind?

    logging in on iview will open it at what you were last viewing if incomplete, i think i rarely watch it these days
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    how crap is this government ?

    when you finally notice you're drowning, it will be of little consolation to worry who is responsible for the plumbing issues but yeah, it's not my tap
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    What's on your mind?

    no i would try vimeo or aeon but i confess i also watch youtube sometimes
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    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    a khadas tone board in simple terms, a dac for geeks, featuring : XMOS: XU208-128-QF48: 8 xCores, Core Share up to 500 MIPS DAC: ES9038Q2M 32-Bit Stereo Mobile Audio DAC Sampling Frequency: PCM: Up to 768KHz @ 32bit DSD: Up to DSD256 @ 1bit Audio Formats: APE2/FLAC/OGG/WAV/ACC/ALAC/MP3/WMA Line Out: 1x Red RCA for Right, 1 x White RCA for Left Mounting Holes: Size M2 x 5 S/PDIF IN: Up to 192KHz USB-C Port: Power Supply(5V/500mA) & USB 2.0 Data Dimensions: 82.0 x 74.5 x 17.0 mm Compatibility: Windows PC/ Linux PC/Mac OS/XRaspberry Pi read more about it here : https://www.khadas.com/tone-specs i am so looking forward to trying this out as the next step from my xonar hdav
  11. don't let it go to your head
  12. scruffy1

    Could the Democrats please wake up ?

    maybe he has been misunderestimated ?
  13. scruffy1

    i see dead people

    r.i.p. "polly" farmer star of geelong footy club in my distant past when i was a young boy in melbourne and barracked for the cats 84 is a good run, especially for a koori from his era
  14. scruffy1

    Could the Democrats please wake up ?

    trump reminds me of a dog chasing a car, and catching it, only to discover he has no idea what to do once that happens
  15. we bought our house up the hill from manly in mid 1992, just as the beach was starting to reflect better outfall solutions becoming active excellent timing on our part - couldn't buy a very basic free standing house locally for much under $2m these days; i certainly couldn't afford to be a local if i wasn't already entrenched check this : https://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-11-16/where-sydney-sends-its-sewerage/6945904 the beach went from swimming under turd to swimming undeterred; the difference is remarkable the band "bondi cigars" was named after the local slang for surf borne shit pieces
  16. scruffy1

    What a joke

    be good if they actually considered habitable mass versus total area it's like suggesting morbidly obese people are all muscle
  17. manly has a deep ocean outfall, but discharged effluent only undergoes "primary treatment" manly beach is now pretty pristine after being a cesspool till the late 80's, when raw sewerage was pretty much piped directly off north head at flying fish point, and a good sou' easter would wash it into the bay that is manly surfactant to help it dispersed stripped wax off the iconic norfolk island pines, such that the bottom 10 metres or so were pretty much without pine needles - although sydney water denied that was their doing funnily, once the deep outfall started, the pine trees are like new after a few decades...
  18. scruffy1

    Could the Democrats please wake up ?

    nuclear winter is the neocon answer to global warming perhaps ?
  19. scruffy1

    What's on your mind?

    their new "images" page is rather crap too when you choose to preview a link but i love the fox, and won't be abandoning them- they'll fix it at some point
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    Bee keeping

    thread needs more poll in
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    ...and another mass shooting in America...

    one man's delusion is another man's disbelief
  23. i approve of devere's assessment not so keen on cheese with 'em, and prefer ham sauce on the beans rather than standard but unless in desperation for quick calories (invariably as a short order ersatz "dinner"), bb on toast here usually get served with crispy bacon and soft fried egg, and a side order of extra toast to clean the plate ... oh, and decent espresso if it's breakfast or brunch, and likely more espresso if it's a late-ish lunch more recently the go to quick lunch or dinner here is the freshly cooked woolies free range organic chook, using the breast meat diced through a package caesar salad mix... which i have yet to get excited enough to add diced hard boiled egg as an ingrediend the wings and legs are snack food for 'ron, and any extra meat and skin is bequeathed to the domestic short hair, as her favourite food every time
  24. scruffy1

    PTSD - an utter curse

    and it's hugely useful in blocking somatic effects of anxiety - sweating / tremor / rapid pulse according to my google-fu moments ago, it's probably as good as the other optiuons (though previous studies - possibly inclined to promote newer options - suggested it ain't so good)