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    4x4, or 2x8

    So, no performance boost from 4 sticks, solves that question. That's good advice mudjimba, but I'll never be in a position where my system will be offline for any significant length of time. I have the all too rare understanding spouse that will let me loose to buy replacement parts asap. We actually keep a small slush fund handy for just such emergencies.
  2. Achillesjg

    4x4, or 2x8

    Looking at a new z87 based Motherboard, along with a new CPU and some RAM. Most boards seem to have 4 slots. I'm looking at getting 16gb of RAM, which is plenty for my needs, now and into the future. Is there a compelling reason to go for 4 x 4gb sticks, compared with 2 x 8gb? I appreciate 2x8 will be be more upgrade friendly, but I can't see myself using more than 16 anytime soon, and if there's a performance boost (or other good reason) to go with 4x4 I'll lean that way. Appreciate any advice.
  3. Achillesjg

    RAM Testing

    Yup, the wife uses a DDR2 board, guess my weekend will be taken up by testing.
  4. Achillesjg

    RAM Testing

    I have 4 sticks of DDR2 RAM that are probably playing up (random BSOD's, analysing the Stop Errors leads me to believe it's a RAM Issue). Have run Memtest86 on them individually and none of them are faulty, when tested individually. Problems occur when I run them in pairs, or all four together. I've updated my Mobo BIOS to the latest version, and disconnected all of the drives, except for the CD so that I can run Memtest. I've also never had them Overclocked, and the BIOS settings are at default. Problems occur regardless of what slot they're in, and how I pair them. Same deal. Is there another Memory testing program worth trying? Is it possibly the Motherboard? I'm using an old GTX220 Graphics card in there, is it possible for it to cause an error? Lastly, could the power supply be at fault? Any advice would be appreciated.
  5. Achillesjg

    Browsing The Windows 8 Marketplace

    I'm thinking about a Windows 8 Phone, but before I decide, I'd like to see what apps are currently available for the platform. Now, this might be a completely noobish question, but can I browse the Windows 8 Marketpace without Windows 8, or an account? I've spent some time searching, but I'll be damned if I can find a link/site/way of doing it. Can anyone steer me in the right direction?
  6. Achillesjg

    For those of you using Dell's U series IPS panel...

    Yeah, it was supposed to be a surprise for our 15th anniversary, still the flowers I sent to her at work on the day won me some major brownie points.
  7. Achillesjg

    Optus, oh joyous Optus.

    Ditto for me here. I had a Business landline with Optus which I cancelled (they were well past the contract end stage) when the business failed. I contacted Optus asking if I should pay the bill which had just arrived, or wait for a total bill and pay it then. The monkey on the phone told me to wait, got my new address details, gave me the total and I waited. And waited. Six months later a debt collection notice arrived at my home address (the same address I gave to Optus) with the bill and a $700 debt collection fee. It turns out the muppet on the phone had not changed my mailing details, and all my mail was still going to the old premises. The new tenants, who had my contact details, had not bothered to call me, and when I confronted them had a shoe box full of mail with my old business details. When I confronted Optus with this information, the answer was pretty much "stiff shit", despite the fact that all the debt collection agency had to do was look up my name in the white pages, and send me a letter. No compassion, despite their stuff up, it was all about the dollars. I then spent the next seven years steering customers away from Optus while working for Dick Smith, and there were hundreds, if not thousands of customers that I was directly responsible for not using Optus. It was a small consolation, but in these instances, you take whatever you can get.
  8. OK, I've read AD's brilliant post about setting up SSD's, but I'm not sure about what happens next. I'm getting a reasonably large SSD (256gb) for my wife's PC, and I'm going to set it up over the weekend. Currently she has a pair of 1TB Hard Drives, that I'd like to keep in her PC as data drives. My plan is to put all of her media on to the data drives, as per AD's guide. But where should I install her programs and games? I'm under the impression that the SSD would be the best place, with the possibility of limiting the installation of her most frequently used programs. Or, would it be better to install all of her programs to the SSD, or none at all?
  9. I'm using the PS3 media server, and my media is on a NAS hooked up to my router in the study. I've only ever used the PS3 to stream audio, and constantly have to fight with the aforementioned DLNA errors. Regardless, I'll keep you posted as to the success (or otherwise) of cabling it up.
  10. I've only ever used mine for streaming, and I constantly get DLNA Errors (I think the number is 2104). I'm about to wire it up so that I can hook it (and my XBox, and Foxtel IQ) to my network. I don't know if wiring it up will help with the DLNA errors, but we'll see, I guess.
  11. Achillesjg

    What is a fair price

    I would be talking to the company that handles the lease first. I assume by the tone of your post that you are going to start a new lease on a new PC. If this is the case, see if you can squeeze them to let you keep the old equipment. I work for a company that sells PC's on rental to people, and most of the time, the lease company is happy to gift you the old equipment, assuming you sign up for a new lease. Even if they're not willing to give it to you, see if you can squeeze them on price. Tekll them that you're looking around for a different company to deal with and see if they'll scramble to keep your business.
  12. Achillesjg

    What's on your mind?

    I'm done being the nice guy at work. I'm gonna start taking bastard pills, and get my Packer on.
  13. Achillesjg

    Who is watching "The Newsroom"

    I've only caught the first episode so far, but I've watched it three times. I'm hooked. I was a huge fan of the West Wing, and Aaron Sorkin seems back on his game with the Newsroom. Can't wait to see more (the second episode is on my Foxtel Box as we speak)
  14. I've got a study that it set up with three PC's and a NAS all connected to a router. I need to connect my PS3, Xbox 360 and Foxtel IQ to my network (these are all next to each other in a different room to the study). Now, I'm not a fan of Ethernet over powerline (I've got waaaay too much stuff plugged in to linited power points in both rooms), and wireless in my house is too flaky, so I'm looking at running a cable from one room to the other, via the ceiling. The issue I have is that I want to keep the NAS and three PC's in one room, but my router only has 4 ports, so I need to either get a switch in the study (painful, but not the end of the world) and a switch in the living room. However, I discovered that my NAS (a Netgear RNDU2000) has two ethernet ports on the back, and nothing in the very limited instruction manual tells me what they are for, aside from connecting one of them to a different device. Is it possible to use the second port as a sort of pass through to the switch in the living room?
  15. Achillesjg

    For those of you using Dell's U series IPS panel...

    U2711 ordered on the 22nd of August, supposed to arrive on the 31st, arrived yesterday. So much for the surprise gift to the wife....