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    Dead Island announcement trailer

    You mean joy for the main development platform That may not be the case, development may occur concurrently between all platforms. Its going to be on PC Its going to be on PC Its going to be on PC Its going to be on PC .... I know you PC guys find it hard, what with all the braincells you've burned up replacing videocards every six months. Atomic has a place for you guys to bitch and moan and live out your glorious little martyr complex. I'll even give you a link to point you in the right direction. http://forums.atomicmpc.com.au/index.php?showforum=66
  2. Aki54

    Dead Island announcement trailer

    Holy crap, It takes something exceptional to get me interested in a purely CG trailer but this has it in spades. I was worried about playing Dead Rising 2 because I figured I'd be stressing about taking care of the kid the entire time, for some reason having someone to worry about really stresses me out in games. If this game can have any of the emotional impact of this trailer I'd be completely crippled while playing it worrying about protecting the family or some such.
  3. Aki54

    It has begun.

    Last time I checked this thread was about pre-owned games requiring a code to be bought for full functionality. Anyway, I have no issue with what EA are doing. You buy their product new and they're happy to support you with full online functionality and usually a bit of bonus content with these codes. They even throw in a two day trial if you do buy used to see if it's worth it or not. They're not required to support X, Y and Z if you choose to sell the game once you're done with it. Also quite honestly I have no problem with EA trying to fuck with the EB trade-in system it's a fucken rort and is nothing but a rip off to consumers.
  4. Aki54

    Black Ops

    Why are you playing with Americans Foods? Change your search priority to locale and you'll only play with Aussies and Kiwis, much better experience if you ask me.
  5. Aki54

    Guitar Hero Dying?

    Is Rock Band 3 even out in Australia yet? Harmonix have always had the superior product but they've been cut loose and are more than likely just dying a slow death, shows how much attention I pay to the plastic instrument genre. Apart from CoD, what are the other big name franchises Acti has? THPS has been a shambling corpse for years, Guitar and DJ hero stick a fork in them. Not including the PC behemoths of WoW and Starcraft ofcourse.
  6. Aki54

    L.A. Noire trailer out

    You can keep the shooting looks like the usual bland crap from GTA, the investigation and interrogation looks interesting though but will it be enough to sustain an entire game.
  7. Aki54

    No more overheating

    I'm probably just showing my lack of knowledge about the YLOD here but isn't it basically the equivalent of the RROD? Doesn't it mean that it requires more than a custom fan controller to fix because the no lead solder is fucked?
  8. Aki54

    Anyone here got a XIM?

    I hate to sound like a broken record echoing other sentiments but I've seen nothing really mind blowing from all the videos of this supposedly superior controller on consoles. If you cut together a high light reel of my best matches/streaks/kills you'd see stuff just as impressive as the videos I've seen of folks using these controllers. Hell I've got games in my file share now in Black ops of me going 27/4 in TDM.
  9. Aki54

    Sooooo, hard or soft?

    Hardest possible setting available is where I begin, then I'll tone it down if I'm getting frustrated with a game. I haven't turned the difficulty down on something for a long while but when I drop back into Black Ops single player I probably will, that's broken on Veteran. Enemies with SMGs getting headshots before you even see them and grenade spam like I've never seen, it quickly goes from challenging to boring and annoying.
  10. Aki54

    COD: BLOPS player card resetting (Xbox)

    I had the same issue. I think it was because I was backing out with B and not actually saving the changes.
  11. Aki54

    Bulletstorm and Crysis 2 demo out now

    I actually did get into a couple good games with fellow Australians just after I typed that comment. I'm interested in Crysis 2 more from a technical standpoint than anything else. the MP was pretty meh, the guns all felt like shit, the controls were kind of sloppy and the unlock/leveling system is far to cluttered, unlocking dog tags and getting points to unlock classes and leveling up your suit abilities. With examples like Bad Company 2, Reach and Black Ops out there half baked MP just isn't worth my time unless it's doing something interesting like Hot Pursuit or Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood.
  12. Aki54

    Bulletstorm and Crysis 2 demo out now

    Bulletstorm is damned pretty I'll give it that, great art direction though if you're not one for the sense of humour it has then I can see you being completely turned off by it. Crysis 2, can't even get into a damned game and when I do the lag is atrocious making it nigh unplayable. Black Ops has me spoiled, I'm baffled by the fact every MP game doesn't have a search by locale option.
  13. Aki54

    L.A. Noire trailer out

    http://www.giantbomb.com/news/rockstar-gam...ng-may-17/2867/ The new trailer proper. Still nothing solid on what the gameplay is but from how prominently guns feature I'd say it's another open world shooter with a detective story wrapping it together.
  14. Aki54

    L.A. Noire trailer out

    I'm convinced I've seen that before, maybe out of E3 last year. At this point I don't get the hype, sure the facial animation is incredible but we've seen zero gameplay, it's sitting in the same basket as Heavy Rain right now for me, interesting experience but is it actually any good?
  15. Aki54

    Windows phone 7

    So I took the leap and got the Omnia and I'm really liking it so far, bit of a learning curve for the touch screen keyboard as it's my first but otherwise it is basically doing everything I want just fine. So what are some of the best apps out there? I don't have anything specific in mind just stuff that'll show me the full use of having a smartphone.