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  1. Howdy, Purchased a laptop off ebay, I plugged it into the powerpoint left it for a few hours come back turned it on to find the windows battey indicator reading {0%, plugged in, charging}, yet as soon as I remove the laptop from power it dies. I contacted the seller he sent me another battery and I'm still having the same issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Heres a pic of HW monitor:
  2. Viperxtx

    New laptop 0% plugged in, charging.

    Sure have with both batteries, left them for around 3 hours off before attempting to power it up. I also have an older asus netbook the revision before the 1215N with exactly the same charger, have also tried with that.
  3. Viperxtx

    The Inbetweeners

    haha it's definitely a worthwhile watch, my girlfreind loves them though I seem to laugh a little harder.
  4. Sure there are vanilla pubs hosted by both telstra and node, but to play the competition mod you have to head over to clan/individuals servers. In saying this 15 bucks is cheap for an 18 slot server. For example an 18 player server from cubos is 1.70 a slot (30 bucks for 18). I see no problem with this, as long as the hosting company has the infrastructure to keep up with demand.
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    Ahh this makes sense. Cheers mate :D
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    I'm having trouble getting onto your server today ica, if you need a hand nuke i'm vipes in game hahaha love the map mate
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    have been following seananners and his minecraft expedition, his a funny funny guy. Also icabads server is pretty awesome, get on it ;)
  8. Viperxtx

    Just completed Portal

    It's an epic game, that's for sure. If you don't want it to end you could give portal pro a go. I find it a fair bit harder and thee is a lot more logic needed.
  9. Viperxtx

    Sound Card Suggestions

    I need some suggestions for a sound card, I've never owned one but have always thought they make things sound better on mates PCs. Budget of around $150, I use this computer for pretty much everything gaming, movies and music.
  10. Viperxtx

    Show us your Rig

    TheShaun from tassie? The one that comes to catalyst in all his sexyness?
  11. Viperxtx

    Your favourite scent?

    My girlfriend just gave me a present.. Old spice classic, smells of cinnamon and the man that your man could smell like. Very happy with it :)
  12. Viperxtx

    Your favourite scent?

    Old Spice.
  13. Viperxtx

    The next picture will...

    The next picture will be modern.
  14. Viperxtx

    Why WIN7 PowerUsers are Pussys

    This guy again.. Mate you must be the most horrid troll that I have ever seen :)
  15. Viperxtx

    Anonymous v Scientology

    There is a point to the mask.. "Give a man a mask and he will tell the truth". And with anon being the final boss of the internet nobody wins. And now here's Religion Pigeon.
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    Premium forums

    Recently Cybergamer implemented a 'premium' aspect to their forum, this allowed users to have bigger sigs, access to the beta side of the forum and more function within the ladder system. I purchased one year of this premium subscription but i didn't do it for any of those thing i did it because I've donated to them in the past and this way i got a little something. Cybergamer has done great things for the Australian competitive gaming community and deserve every penny they get. I really don't think you could make money from a forum.. There are just too many people willing to do it for free.
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    Show us your Rig

    I've had the HAF since its release, it was getting stale and tbh that tiny side window and huge mess of mesh started to shit me off. I'm pretty sure it looks a hell of a lot better in real life next to other peoples HAFs at LAN, well it gets complimented at least :) Very little difference to temps also. Cases are a personal thing, each to their own I like huge windows :)
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    You may be better off getting a new HDD, the samsung F3s are inexpensive and quite fast. If the HDDS are old they will slow overall system performance down, as their read/write speed could be much slower when compared to modern drives. Anyway no need to raid (not that i think you could with IDE+SATA [might need clarification]) when installing the games you can select the directory, that is where the game will be installed to.
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    Show us your Rig

    Yeah they sponsor our LAN :)
  20. Viperxtx

    Show us your Rig

    Sorry about bad picture quality couldn't find a decent camera. The Battle Station. The Modded HAF 932 (note the stickers are covering marks and scratches from LAN travel. Need to get a new sheet of perspex) The Components. My cable management has been wrecked by new hard drives etc, so it's not as pretty as it was. Oh and the dust. Oh the dust.
  21. Viperxtx

    Customers have a new scam going...

    So very good!! Lols
  22. Viperxtx

    Crysis on a Vectra VL400?