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    Do apple PC have errors and crash?

    If they had different GPU's aren't they technically different models? I work in computer recycling, and I've always found Apple products get taken care of better software-wise and externally, but rarely seem to be internally maintained, at least with systems from office environments. I think the biggest hurdle with Apple at the moment is their hostility towards third-party upgrading/replacement of components, which is understandably to protect their good OS compatability.
  2. lg9142

    "Consoles Are Holding PC Games Back" - Crysis Devs

    I personally don't think crysis looks that great, take for example some parts of the Stalker games look much more realistic especially with sunshafts, rain actually interacts with the game world ect like some parts of Pripyat in COP look stunning, you could almost take a screenshot and it would look like a picture. Yeah, I mainly used Crysis as an example. I personally think the engine gives everything a very plastic look, even more than Unreal Engine 3. That's why I said 'the closest to this today', since it's got the highest system requirements of anything on the market, even though opinions on its actual appearance vary.
  3. lg9142

    "Consoles Are Holding PC Games Back" - Crysis Devs

    I think the problem that nearly everyone seems to missing is not that consoles are, at present, underpowered compared with the average gaming PC, but that gaming itself is changing in its focus. PC games have, historically, been where the limits are pushed technologically. Since Ultima Underworld was released there has always, until quite recently, been at least one PC game which looks better than anything else on the market and runs like a dg on anything but the most powerful system. Crysis, the closest to this today, will now run fairly well on a low budget gaming PC, and there has been nothing to take its crown. Console games are now dominant in almost every traditional genre, from shooters, to racing games. Only in the niches of hardcore sims, MMOs and Real Time Strategy does the PC remain the dominant platform. As has been previously mentioned, this is because of a generation which began gaming on PC with titles like DOOM growing up and not having the time to expend on maintaining a formidable gaming system, combined with what could be called the 'Call Of Duty generation' and its rapid uptake of this generation's shooters and other games thanks to the new accessibility to online play that the PS3 and 360 provide. But even now I'm noticing this generations console gamers getting frustrated. Sure, they're getting a new shooter or six catering to them primarily every year, platform specific DLC by the boatload, and a whole lot more. But, the console developers, Sony and Microsoft, are even neglecting them. Instead, the focus is on the emerging casual market, dominated by the Wii, DS and iPhone. So, instead of getting improvements in their periphery or their hardware, they're getting motion control gimmicks with no relevance to them, and online services with no relevance to, well, anyone, really (Playstation Home, anyone?) In reference to the comments from Crytek, while the PC may be a generation ahead, is the next generation going to see a huge improvement in hardware? Sure, Full HD support will improve. Graphics will probably improve a bit. But if current trends continue, the focus won't be on improving the services valued by the 'hardcore' market, but on improving accessibility by the casual market. Now, I'm not too worried by the present state of PC gaming. Why? Because if the next generation of consoles does focus on the casual market, you know where this generation's 'hardcore' will migrate? The PC. In the same way that, in the late 90s, games like Quake and the emerging competitive multiplayer scene caused a boom in PC gamers, I'm expecting these gamers to take up the PC eagerly. The PC has everything they have with the current generation, plus everything they want and that Sony and Microsoft are not supplying. The argument that the PC will fall to being a platform of browser games and simple titles, to me, falls flat. There is always someone who is willing to push a platform. Even now, the hardcore simulation developers would never migrate to the console. The platforms are too underpowered and lack the versatility needed for a realistic experience. Similarly, the most complex independent titles are those which embrace the idiosyncrasies of the PC. Minecraft would never have worked on console. And modding communities, despite what the general opinion in this thread seems to be, are as successful as ever. Games now are more complex, so mod development cycles will be longer. But the popularity of modding with games like Oblivion and Half Life 2 is proof that modding certainly isn't 'dieing'. To conclude simply. Consoles aren't holding PC games back, any more than the casual market is holding hardcore gaming back.
  4. lg9142

    How's 3DTV without glasses coming along?

    I just had an idea. What if, using Kinect style technology, or even just a webcam or something, you set up a TV to detect where viewers are and align the composite images as such? Could that possibly work?
  5. lg9142

    Geeks Rejoice!

    I'm trying to get into maths in uni... FOREVER ALONE!
  6. lg9142

    "Hardly anyone plays FPS on PC anymore"

    Tsunoda's comment is more ignorant when you read the whole article. The point isn't just that he has said "Hardly anyone plays FPS on PC anymore", but his ignorance of the industry he represents. In an attempt to make the point about games being built for the Kinect, Tsunoda tried to draw a comparison with FPSes. "If you think about the way that first person shooters evolved, they started on the PC. People for the longest time tried to port shooters from the PC onto the console... And as long as everyone was just porting the existing shooters over to console, they weren’t as fun as the PC ones. Of course, they were built for the PC... Halo did an awesome job of building a first-person shooter exclusively for the console, and now hardly anyone plays first person shooters on the PC anymore." This comment is flawed not just due to his ignorance of PC gaming, but the fact he seems to know very little about what he is talking about, or is twisting history to help support Microsoft. Halo started life as a PC game, until Bungie was bought by Microsoft. The first shooters on a console to reach acclaim and a large audience were not Halo, but Goldeneye and Perfect Dark on the Nintendo 64 (Which were developed specifically for the platform, rather than brought over partway through development). Actually, there could've been something before, them I'm no expert, but my point is that there were console shooting successes before Halo. Furthermore, Tsunoda attempts to draw a line straight from Halo to the way that console shooters are dominating the current generation. While Halo was a notable influence on the rise of console shooters, this is more likely due to the rise of fast internet connections around the world, and shooters suiting online multiplayer perfectly. At the same time, video games become more mainstream. Enter the seventh generation of consoles, with decent online capabilities, a decent selection of shooters at launch or soon after, and more and more developers onboard trying to avoid the PC's unrelated piracy issue (Which, as think was pointed out earlier to be now as common on PS3 and 360 as PC due to the recent PS3 modchip launch and the fact that the 360 was never really secure to begin with). Shooters were practically guaranteed to dominate this generations consoles, whereas the PC has seen unrelated drops in player numbers and was never 'dominated' by shooters to begin with. The words 'hardly anyone' are pretty much meaningless anyway. On a global scale, one could claim 'hardly anyone plays video games'. One a gaming level, you could claim 'hardly anyone cares about Halo' or 'hardly anyone cares about Kinect'. This is poor word choice and badly informed analogy the whole way through. In the end, Tsunoda has embarrassed himself, and ignited a thousand flame wars over the web, without any meaning or conviction behind the triggering comment. In response the other issues raised in this thread, who cares what people play shooters with anyway? Some people like gamepads with thumb sticks, and some people (like me) prefer the mouse and keyboard. Both are valid ways to enjoy a game. I know people who have played shooters on PC with a gamepad, and similarly someone who went out of his way and more than a hundred dollars out of pocket to be able to play Ut3 on PS3 with a keyboard and mouse. Also, I play FPS on PC. A few hundred pages of this and I'm sure Tsunoda will be disproven conclusively :P
  7. Are you planning on an upgrade in the future? Since at present you can't get anything for Socket 1156 faster than the 870, while the 9xx's continue scaling up.
  8. lg9142

    Diamonds you say?

    How do you think they make diamond saw blades so cheap? they are made in a blast chamber from memory on the cheap but look nothing like natural diamonds but are very similar in their chemical bonds. It'd still be very expensive to make an artificial diamond large enough to be used in a cooler. Maybe enough to be used in a heatpipe core or something could be affordable, but a whole cooler would still be extortionate.
  9. lg9142

    Diamonds you say?

    There was a letter about this in Atomic, a few years ago I think. I'll look it up. EDIT: http://www.dansdata.com/io076.htm It was in issue #76.
  10. lg9142

    The Secret Club..

    Wouldn't he refuse you entry because you are not a member of the secret club? I mean, it is supposed to be secret and everything, right?
  11. lg9142

    Tomorrow When the War Began

    Marsden has said that the books aren't about any particular country, so that they stay relevant over time. The only description given that I can recall is that the soldiers are often ill-equipped and appear young, which, would just stipulate that the country is poor. No nationalities are mentioned that I can remember. That's got more details.
  12. lg9142

    Macworld analysis of E3

    This even applies to the older handhelds. I'm yet to find an iPod Touch game which engrosses me as much as the original Pokemon games, Link's Awakening or Advance Wars.
  13. lg9142

    Source Engine + Windows 7 = ?

    Your physics teacher was teaching you biology? The human eye can perceive frame changes up to 60-80fps. PAL TV's use 24fps, which is why most people think that's the threshold, and that's fine for standard definition TV but playing FPS's and other games on a computer monitor you're far more likely to notice.