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  1. strifus

    how crap is this government ?

    What bothers me is that laws/policies are starting to creep in that could affect all of us at some point in the future. For example, the VLAD law of QLD or the deportation of Kiwis from our shores. I am not going to go into the nuts and bolts but suffice to say those laws/policies aren't quite social and not to mention undemocratic. How long will it be before the governments use those laws against us? Not so I hear you say? I thought so too until I found out that there was this group of 5 people who got charged under the VLAD laws, for growing marijuana. When do 5 people, growing marijuana, constitute a lawless association? And what about the Kiwi guy who got deported for nothing more than being part of a bike gang? He committed no crime, he had no rap shit to speak of. He was an army veteran no less. On that basis, when it isn't illegal to be in a bikie gang in WA, he was detained for almost 5 months without a trial, therefore suspension of habeas corpus. I mean, I would rather keep this guy than some of the teenagers that are running around my area. Truth be told, it keeps me up at night. It makes me worried for myself and my family that a government, our government, can do something like this without so much peep from us and think they can get away with it. We didn't vote for this.
  2. strifus

    how crap is this government ?

    Personally, I don't give a shit about either of them. I, personally, just want our nation to have a leader that for all too long now we have bereft of. Someone I can sort of semi-respect. I can't name a PM after Howard that I would've gladly voted for, not that I am Lib/Labor leaning voter. I vote for what's best for our nation and what I have seen in the past decade or more has been lacking in leadership and vision. With regards to the Albo, and ScoMo in particular, I'm giving them the benefit of doubt. That's why I agree with Leo on certain issues. I may not like his views on renewables and so on but I have no other solutions for that issue that I can come up with other than the extremes that we, as a nation, have come up with. Plus, while all this in-fighting is happening, we people are the ones who are suffering whether it is through emissions or the cost of electricity. I do, however, have a wish. I wish I could sew the lips of Mitch Fifield shut so that he can stop saying those words that I hate so much. "WE have a national network fit for purpose." End.
  3. strifus

    Problems with the 737MAX ?

    I agree with your comments chrisg. The fact is that no matter how you compare them, the planes from Airbus and Boeing were always going to intersect, technologically at least and you hit in on the head of the nail with the commonality issue too. You can see MCAS as a subsystem of a FBW system, just a few screws short of a full system. It's like saying, I am going to turn on my a/c to blow hot air when it reaches a certain temperature never mind if it's getting cooler or hotter. For them to put a system like that on an aircraft with wide-ranging capabilities and no apparent over-ride ability is unforgivable. But the worst bit is that they consider you trained because you did an hour lesson plan on a tablet. Wow.
  4. strifus

    how crap is this government ?

    Leo. I am going to say it right here and now so that there is no mistake. The Leo I see on this forum, I really don't like. Smug, arrogant. However, strangely though, once I look past that (not that we have ever met) we are both just the average Joe making a living and to have a good safe life. So, to say that I find some of your arguments, well, compelling surprised me. The fact is here, all of us can debate all of these issues as till the twilight of time and never actually agree on anything with each other. To be frank, it's your right to have those opinions whether I like them or not, and vice-versa. If for whatever reason, the party you vote for doesn't get in, one has to accept that gracefully as well. The thing is, no matter whether I know you or not, Leo, you and I both want the same things. I may not like your forum persona but that doesn't mean that you are beyond redemption. The thing I want to say is that I admire you for having the guts to say the things you do, not to say I agree with them all (and I am not going to explain why), but you are the reason why democracy is great. Freedom of speech is the only thing we have now that no one can put down as much as our politicians have tried in the past decade. So for that, I salute you. Doesn't mean I agree with you though
  5. strifus

    my politics

    Eveln, no, of course not. What surprised me was that she had one at all. I guess she considers me as such because I do not judge her for who she is and support her wholeheartedly. As for the church she attends, well, I know very little apart from that its one of those new-age Christian churches, probably Pentecostal. Now, I am a Catholic. It was only recently that I really realised the full meaning of catechism and the inherent danger it poses being taught by lay-people with little to no theological training at all. I guess as I grew up, I learnt that my faith isn't what other people's definition of faith is, or should be. My worry is that she will end up using God as an excuse for all the trouble she might get into rather than pointing the finger at who is actually wrong. More to the point, she will never learn to make mistakes because she has been so "cosseted" not only by her mother but by the teachings of the people around her. I am not saying that she can't follow her dream and keep herself for her husband, which is after all her prerogative. However, to make that decision to remain pure just because someone told her to do so is just plain wrong. Oh well, she will come to realise eventually. I have a daughter. She's still young but I haven't baptised her as I am supposed to mainly because of these facts. I want her to be whatever she wants to be in her own time. Till then, I will teach her everything she needs to know or asks about. I am happy for her to be the child she still is and enjoy it, which is what I wanted to say to my niece. Enjoy the new relationship and take it as it comes. However, I am not going to say that now.
  6. strifus

    my politics

    I don't know why I am back at this topic, but I find myself writing here after I had a chat with my niece earlier this week. That chat with her just reminded me of what NZT48 was pushing in terms of policies and religious beliefs. So here it is. We will call my niece, SH. Anyway, SH just turned 19 not too long ago and armed with her new driver's licence (got help those on the road), she's been given loads of freedom lately that she has never had before. Then, just a few weeks ago, she comes up and tells me that she has a new boyfriend and, as her favourite uncle, she wants me to meet him first (before the rest of the family). The chat went normally until it got to the point where we were talking about what typical couples do. I told her that she should just have fun and let things move on their own. Now here is where it got weird. She told me not to worry about that sort of stuff because she had already reported the relationship to her "accountability partner" at church and that they had set down a few rules for their relationship because they want to keep themselves pure for each other, apparently for after marriage. Obviously, I went "WTH?" I mean I am a Christian myself but I have never reported my intimacy to any "accountability partner". There was a little bit more to the conversation but needless to say that what she told me was just confounded me. I mean, .... Anyway, it has been a few days since that conversation and I am still a bit stunned at it all. Firstly, I expect that the church will always tell you what to do to be a good Christian but I never expected it to teach our kids to report their daily activities too. Secondly, if an organisation takes interest in what are your most intimate times, how long is it before people start doing the same thing in the name of religious purity. Is this what the world is coming to where we have nothing better to be worried about that we have to be worried about our neighbour's sexual orientation and be allowed to mock it or control it? Sigh...just reminded me of NZT48, as I said...
  7. strifus

    my politics

    I remember NZT48. He was the guy that was arguing for bringing back the gold standard to value our currency.
  8. strifus

    my politics

    Just looking at your list, I can see one that will not resonate in the public, sexual morality and reproduction. In a democracy, you will probably get away with all the rest of your policies as they are choices for the public. However, sexual morality and reproduction, that one's a bit personal and is going to take some doing to legislate and enforce. I will get right to it. There are only 2 sovereign countries in the world where the statements and the laws, with respect to sexual morality and reproduction, you list exists. The first is the Vatican, and second, the Philippines. Now, the mess the Philipines in, at least with morality and reproduction in mind, and where Christianity constitutes 92% of the population (80% of which is Roman Catholic), is as a consequence of these kinds of policies and laws. Do you want our nation to go down that direction? Okay, let's just say that the population does accept those policies but then comes the anti-fornication laws, married couples excepted. How the hell are you going to enforce that? Remember, we are a democracy, and a socialist country and you are basically asking all the fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters friends, etc, to report on your fornication activities so that you may be charged with a crime. So basically, on the basis of your policies, alone, I find it hard to support you for candidacy for any government. I mean, there wouldn't be any government at all, really, because it would be pretty much a dictatorship or tyrannical one-party primarily Christian sect government led by only white supremacists. How long do you think that Indigenous Australians would have a chance considering your views and policies? Food for thought? Maybe not?
  9. strifus

    AMD Zen

    My only problem with the Zen architecture is the memory problem. It is one of the reasons why I have always chosen Intel for all my CPU choices, up till now. The fact that AMD has released the 2990WX is of great interest to me, due to its core count and price. However, as always with AMD, there is a caveat. In this case, memory latency, which is the biggest one, and I am not mentioning the other memory elephant in the room either. I look at the design of the 2990WX and I marvel that it can even exist at all. Then you look at how its designed and one wonders how designers thought it was a good idea to design it the way it is. As I look over the horizon, there is no word whether there is an incoming fix for this in the future, which is a part that most workstation designers would kill to work with. I guess, its just business as usual with AMD.
  10. strifus

    NBN - Is it too expensive?

    I would like to take a needle and sew shut Senator Fifield's mouth from uttering the words, "Fit for purpose".
  11. strifus

    Did I do the right thing?

    There is a statement I live by and it has served me pretty well over the years, even if I was unsure. It is: "If you aren't moving forward, its time to move on." Now what you get out of it is up to you but yeah...
  12. strifus

    NBN - Is it too expensive?

    I am really getting annoyed by Senator Fifield. He keeps sprouting bullshit about the NBN being fit for purpose and in the same breath blaming Labor for leaving them a heap of shit to deal with. What load of .....
  13. strifus

    What's on your mind?

    Well ! Don't mess about ! Get here ASAP ! These guys are doing their last shift tomorrow night and then their off back to Tassie. The iriots !! I only found this out tonight. I wished them well as you do, and told them I'd see them in the nearish future ... they looked at me as you would look at a fool . I paid no attention to it ;) Just said it would be too bloody cold down there. Sweat dripping off them, they continued to think me a fool ( I could tell this now by the same look they gave ) ... but I know better, lol. This couple are not in the first bloom of youth and despite their mind, their bones will crave the warmth . After enjoying tonight's pizza sooooo, I bloody hope I'm right. Also. I just viewed part of Smith's 'sorry' speech to the media. I think he's sorry for the kudos and sponsorship deals and money he's gonna have to do without, but I doubt he's understanding exactly why it's come to this ( I think he should be ousted from Aus Cricket for life ). My reasoning is that if he really understood then the tampering would not have occurred. end of story. With regards to the ball-tampering situation recently, IMO, culturally, the Aussie Cricket team's culture had changed, with Smith being the leading cause in the charge in this culture change. I have been watching since Smith took over and you could see it happening right in front of you. I am not questioning the fact that he is a great player but the fact is that he wasn't captain material. As much as I don't want to see Darren Lehmann go, he is right in saying that Aussie Cricket needs to start over. That's all I will say about that, apart from, that never in my years even think that this kind of thing would be spoken about Aussies cheating. Sigh.
  14. strifus

    how crap is this government ?

    Wooptidoo. Now that wasn't too surprising given that he has always been asking for tax cuts since forever. So now the way to pay off the 21trillion+ government deficit is to cut taxes. RIGHT!!!!
  15. strifus

    how crap is this government ?

    I think you misunderstood me Nich. Rather, what I was trying to say is that there isn't any real leadership in either party, as in no person, that I would follow. I mean, can you tell me what any politician from and including KRudd till now has done anything of note? Well, KRudd will be known for his stimulus package, whether we agree with it or not, and the NBN v1. However, there has been no real achievement of note since then and we have had 3 PMs since then. I don't know, maybe I need a holiday. My head is filled with shit at the moment.