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  1. strifus

    my politics

    I remember NZT48. He was the guy that was arguing for bringing back the gold standard to value our currency.
  2. strifus

    my politics

    Just looking at your list, I can see one that will not resonate in the public, sexual morality and reproduction. In a democracy, you will probably get away with all the rest of your policies as they are choices for the public. However, sexual morality and reproduction, that one's a bit personal and is going to take some doing to legislate and enforce. I will get right to it. There are only 2 sovereign countries in the world where the statements and the laws, with respect to sexual morality and reproduction, you list exists. The first is the Vatican, and second, the Philippines. Now, the mess the Philipines in, at least with morality and reproduction in mind, and where Christianity constitutes 92% of the population (80% of which is Roman Catholic), is as a consequence of these kinds of policies and laws. Do you want our nation to go down that direction? Okay, let's just say that the population does accept those policies but then comes the anti-fornication laws, married couples excepted. How the hell are you going to enforce that? Remember, we are a democracy, and a socialist country and you are basically asking all the fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters friends, etc, to report on your fornication activities so that you may be charged with a crime. So basically, on the basis of your policies, alone, I find it hard to support you for candidacy for any government. I mean, there wouldn't be any government at all, really, because it would be pretty much a dictatorship or tyrannical one-party primarily Christian sect government led by only white supremacists. How long do you think that Indigenous Australians would have a chance considering your views and policies? Food for thought? Maybe not?
  3. strifus

    AMD Zen

    My only problem with the Zen architecture is the memory problem. It is one of the reasons why I have always chosen Intel for all my CPU choices, up till now. The fact that AMD has released the 2990WX is of great interest to me, due to its core count and price. However, as always with AMD, there is a caveat. In this case, memory latency, which is the biggest one, and I am not mentioning the other memory elephant in the room either. I look at the design of the 2990WX and I marvel that it can even exist at all. Then you look at how its designed and one wonders how designers thought it was a good idea to design it the way it is. As I look over the horizon, there is no word whether there is an incoming fix for this in the future, which is a part that most workstation designers would kill to work with. I guess, its just business as usual with AMD.
  4. strifus

    NBN - Is it too expensive?

    I would like to take a needle and sew shut Senator Fifield's mouth from uttering the words, "Fit for purpose".
  5. strifus

    Did I do the right thing?

    There is a statement I live by and it has served me pretty well over the years, even if I was unsure. It is: "If you aren't moving forward, its time to move on." Now what you get out of it is up to you but yeah...
  6. strifus

    NBN - Is it too expensive?

    I am really getting annoyed by Senator Fifield. He keeps sprouting bullshit about the NBN being fit for purpose and in the same breath blaming Labor for leaving them a heap of shit to deal with. What load of .....
  7. strifus

    What's on your mind?

    Well ! Don't mess about ! Get here ASAP ! These guys are doing their last shift tomorrow night and then their off back to Tassie. The iriots !! I only found this out tonight. I wished them well as you do, and told them I'd see them in the nearish future ... they looked at me as you would look at a fool . I paid no attention to it ;) Just said it would be too bloody cold down there. Sweat dripping off them, they continued to think me a fool ( I could tell this now by the same look they gave ) ... but I know better, lol. This couple are not in the first bloom of youth and despite their mind, their bones will crave the warmth . After enjoying tonight's pizza sooooo, I bloody hope I'm right. Also. I just viewed part of Smith's 'sorry' speech to the media. I think he's sorry for the kudos and sponsorship deals and money he's gonna have to do without, but I doubt he's understanding exactly why it's come to this ( I think he should be ousted from Aus Cricket for life ). My reasoning is that if he really understood then the tampering would not have occurred. end of story. With regards to the ball-tampering situation recently, IMO, culturally, the Aussie Cricket team's culture had changed, with Smith being the leading cause in the charge in this culture change. I have been watching since Smith took over and you could see it happening right in front of you. I am not questioning the fact that he is a great player but the fact is that he wasn't captain material. As much as I don't want to see Darren Lehmann go, he is right in saying that Aussie Cricket needs to start over. That's all I will say about that, apart from, that never in my years even think that this kind of thing would be spoken about Aussies cheating. Sigh.
  8. strifus

    how crap is this government ?

    Wooptidoo. Now that wasn't too surprising given that he has always been asking for tax cuts since forever. So now the way to pay off the 21trillion+ government deficit is to cut taxes. RIGHT!!!!
  9. strifus

    how crap is this government ?

    I think you misunderstood me Nich. Rather, what I was trying to say is that there isn't any real leadership in either party, as in no person, that I would follow. I mean, can you tell me what any politician from and including KRudd till now has done anything of note? Well, KRudd will be known for his stimulus package, whether we agree with it or not, and the NBN v1. However, there has been no real achievement of note since then and we have had 3 PMs since then. I don't know, maybe I need a holiday. My head is filled with shit at the moment.
  10. strifus

    What are you playing at the moment?

    Might give that a go when I get back.
  11. strifus

    Laptop or tablet for travel

    The problem, I find, is the battery. You can make something solid and rigid enough even with plastics. However, battery life is somewhat of a double-edged sword. If you want better battery life, then you have to have a bigger battery which means it gets heavier but that's something that portables don't need more of considering their usage. The MS Surface portables have great battery life but at the expense of their weight, no matter their size (about the same as the Macbook Pro and Razer Blade). I guess, MS is right though, does one really need all the horsepower under the hood? If you do, then great. There are loads of options out there. However, if you are, like me, looking for a portable which is lightweight then the argument for something like the Surface or even the ultrabooks is something to consider.
  12. strifus

    Laptop or tablet for travel

    Its the weight, more than anything else, that is a priority for me now. All 3 of the models I spoke of above are about the same weight, not including the power packs that come with it, about 1.8 to 1.9kg, again dependent on size. Carrying the Blade in my sachel every day feels like a brick. Although, when I am travelling, I carry it in a camera bag that I have with me to carry my DSLR. Maybe I might be a bit picky. However, the HP X2 looks, at least on paper, to be what I am after, even with the base and it comes with its own USB port which is another thing I am after. I will have a look at that one. Thanks, MS.
  13. strifus

    Laptop or tablet for travel

    The most powerful Surface currently is the Surface Book 2, just recently released a couple of months ago. It has all the trimmings including a 1050 GTX (for the 13.5in) and a 1060 GTX (for the 15in), with a CPU that can go up to an i7 8650u CPU. The problem is, as usual, the price. To go top of the line 15in Book 2 with all the trimmings is just about 4.9k which is a bit steep considering that a comparable Macbook Pro and Razer Blade is now cheaper than it. However, in saying that, it has a battery life that outstrips both the Blade and the Macbook, with up to 17 hours which is a 40% improvement over the Blade and the Macbook at the very least. Also, the Surface Book 2, with its keyboard, is just about the same weight as both the Razer and the Macbook Pro of comparable size. I haven't looked at the lightweights as you mentioned but I will do so soon.
  14. strifus

    What are you playing at the moment?

    Tom Clancy's "The Division". I don't have much time for play these days but when I do, I go with a bang :D
  15. strifus

    What's on your mind?

    Going back to an earlier post, the thing that most Americans are afraid of is, dying in an airplane. When talking about it, and there are a lot of near misses and incursions, most would say that they would want better regulation of the air industry to make things safe while they would not support more regulation in the area of gun-controls. As a side-note, the 2nd Amendment of the US constitutions definition has changed a lot of the last hundred years. Go figure.