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  1. codecreeper


    Forums ? What are they and what do these forums mean to you ? For me its a place where one can participate in discussion and ask advice. But it seems that some in these forums do not quite understand that. A couple of weeks ago i was kicked in guts by some comments which left me kind of ill feeling ,so i took a break. The comments that hurt me was over getting advice on a computer build. So what are Forums? “meeting or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged” But when one encounters phrases like ; “When someone, a professional, comes through, who IS 100% informed, you don't turn down their advice. “ Then it changes the whole scenario about what forums stand for ,don't they. Then followed by; “That's called being a rude, timewaster, and you wonder why people are pissed?” But as I wanted to know why in certain instances that I needed such and such part. “ You ask about RAM, we advise, you decide to ignore it and get more (at least for another bunch of posts) You ask about PSU, we explain its bad to overkill; yet you continue to do so for at least 3 more posts, again! “ Is this open discussion or pointed views ? Then I mentioned I wanted to use a particular supplier and things got really nasty as this person had issues with this Supplier I use. He then berates me forcing me to comply with his instructions by using another ,anything other that what I use. Is this freedom choice? Is this how we should behave in the forums to berate someone so bad they almost left the forums for good. Why have forums if we cannot discuss things in an open form. Coming in too these forums and berating posters for their comments for not living up too another posters views is called “ Bullying” and its bad for the forums in any respect. Yes i have my PC Built for me and its sitting in its box still ,the response from these forums make me feel so guilty that i want no part of it. For now.
  2. codecreeper

    What's on your mind?

    But i am freezing my nuts off in Adelaide. Might try putting scales on hot concrete when it gets warm and see what happens.
  3. My final closing comment will be i asked for advice and received it not knowing that conditions where set by a few that i had to accept their terms in using their suppliers. This is not what these forums are based upon. If someone gives advice then it should be given in good faith with no strings attached. The same as person receiving that advice should not be under the influence he has to accept that advice. The comments in these forums have stained the reputation of these forums and hope those in this thread take notice that if you want push a supplier as part of giving advice then please put in the thread before giving advice. OK Thread closed.
  4. codecreeper

    What's on your mind?

    Damn digital scales been haunting me all day. I weighed in at 89.5 yesterday just before i had a shower ,this morning weighed at 88.9. Then after i put my clothes on and 2 hours later i am 88.5 ,it really spooks me. Geez it spooks me really bad why lose weight so fast. I know i am not getting much sleep feel so dehydrated at night. Only thing wiki says is internal bleeding is the cause. Yet i am drinking plenty of fluids.
  5. codecreeper

    how crap is this government ?

    I wonder if the GG can step in and disband something as i see the spanner is still in the works. Yay for Donkey time.
  6. Which is exactly what i paid. AGAIN for the 3rd time it was a supplier issue ,it was not up too someone expectations. So he threw the towel in over it. Really ? You wanna go down that path explain why ? Use EBAY and get scammed ,you want that to happen? USE Woolworths ,which i suppose no one has ever heard about since it just hit the news stands. I came and asked advice as someone said i do not trust anyone when they trying to help me ,i did that. And i thanked them for that in a good manner. I was not spiteful or aggressive as i could have been. I suffer from deafness and social anxiety issues and on top i have to worry about my Heart Problem ,so tell me what i have done to cause you issues. I chose the build on the advice i was given ,bottom line. Except mobo which supplier does not stock.
  7. It defies logic, MS. It beggars belief that he even bothered to ask for input to begin with, he may as well have just said "I'm buying this system guys, wish me luck!" "What should I get for X?" You should get Brand Y for reason ABC "Well I was looking at brand Z so I'll get that. What should I get for Q?" You should get Brand W for reason XYZ "Well I was looking at brand V so I'll get that." As the adage goes, a fool and his money are soon parted. No ,Squall read the thread i went all way on what to get on advice from this thread. I only changed the Mobo to a brand i could get from where i buy hardware. Its just someone on here has a problem with the supplier i use and tried to get me to use another supplier that is where the problem lies. Bottom line is I followed the advice in this thread and even thanked those who gave advice to me. So Squall you are barking up the wrong tree.
  8. codecreeper

    how crap is this government ?

    Still think Donkey's can do a better job at running this country.
  9. codecreeper

    What's on your mind?

    Rental places in Darwin are few and expensive
  10. codecreeper

    What's on your mind?

    The owner owns 5 other apartments in the complex and he has steadily been furnishing them to get higher quality tenants in these apartments. These apartments have the best security in them i have seen. Yes the owner has come out this better than what he expected at my loss. I accepted the loss and just want to move on ,i may try renting another property next year may be in Cairns or Rockhampton knowing now about my limitations living in a regional city like Gladstone is not fit for me. I learned a lot and can use that knowledge in my future. Next time i get furniture from a dry run on a pc simulation and before i move to see if it can be done.
  11. codecreeper

    What's on your mind?

    Its would take $700 to ship $2000 worth of goods back to Adelaide ,then i would have to pay insurance on that. So its not viable to ship it back. So i am giving it to the owner as part of contract release plus 2 weeks rent and bond. I have already over compensated the owner and prepared to fight him if i cannot get a contract release. Going to QCAT would prove that. As under RTA i am only obliged to pay owner 2 weeks rent plus 1 week for re-listng the property at agents. I put myself over a barrel and i am not parting with anymore in the form of compensation. All up the the owner will be compensated for %50 loss of rent over 12 weeks.
  12. codecreeper

    What's on your mind?

    Finally things are getting sorted with this real estate agent. Told them i am going to bring a solicitor into it and they started talking to me. They want to keep this matter out of QCAT ,i agreed too. So we both come out of it without major losses. But i did insist on a Letter of Contract release from the owner.
  13. codecreeper

    What's on your mind?

    Heh. They have been, against Yemen, but yeah ISIS made a fundamental mistake in actually taking territory rather than what terror usually does of living in the cracks, Saudi should join the air attacks, going to get a bit crowded up there.... Cheers Are these the guys that some Saudi princes are funding to fight? Lol now they comeback to Home base to start a Holy War. Middle East has Big Problems if SA goes to war.
  14. I don't drive a car and its a price i have to pay ,but i do understand where you are coming from.
  15. codecreeper

    and now for some good news...

    I really wonder why put these spacecraft in Orbit around planets mankind cannot even explore yet. What they going to learn ,new refrigeration techniques? That planet is so cold it will freeze anything that enters its outer stratosphere.