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  1. F117_Nighthawk

    Microsoft WIN!

    And you wonder why you only have a one star rating? rofl knew you would take it seriously. some people can't understand sarcasm. But really, Apple is just a fad and its the "cool" thing to do to use OSX now, all the noobs *cough cough* love Steve Jobs. Oh no I have a 1 star rating! Help!!
  2. F117_Nighthawk

    Microsoft WIN!

    I reken Vista is like 1 billion times better then OSX, Steve Jobs is gay, and Mac's are overpriced and can't do anything a Windows PC can. Whoever uses Apple is an idiot.
  3. Nice, I think you're due for a few SSD's in RAID now.
  4. F117_Nighthawk

    Can you get Apple t-shirts?

    If you want to be the coolest kid around with everyone going "omg I wish I had that shirt" then this would be perfect: http://cgi.ebay.com.au/APPLE-LED-MUSIC-T-S...%3A1|240%3A1318
  5. F117_Nighthawk

    Can you get Apple t-shirts?

    I saw the name of this topic and I'm like hmm... I bet ahsoka made this. How right I am! But really, if you want to be a tool go ahead and buy it :)
  6. F117_Nighthawk


    Thanks for the link, never got around to registering for Demonoid ;)
  7. F117_Nighthawk

    Say hello to my little friend

    pfft the HTC Touch Diamond is sexier ;)
  8. F117_Nighthawk

    Borat is so 2006

    Haha looks awesome
  9. F117_Nighthawk

    New track for you guys.

    I have no idea why people don't use MediaFire :\ The pulsing sounds stupid in my opinion, needs something else to overlay but not play throughout the entire song
  10. F117_Nighthawk

    UN wants to limit free speech

    ^ *slaps head*
  11. F117_Nighthawk

    FPS - its for your health

    "You're gonna need glasses if you keep playing this games" "Ha, sure I am ;)"
  12. F117_Nighthawk

    Unbelievable RAID

    The point of defragging is to get the files from the outside of the disc platter to the inside, the closer they are to the inside the faster it is to seek. As SSD's don't use a disc platter it is completely pointless :) That said, I really want 24x Samsung SSD's now :\
  13. F117_Nighthawk

    AMD Phenom II 940 / 910?

    Doesn't fit? They are both forwards and backwards compatible (AM2+, AM3) with the same pin configuration. I don't think you installed it properly...
  14. F117_Nighthawk

    How do uyou report PM spam?

    Yep got it too, lovely secure forum this is
  15. F117_Nighthawk

    Jesus Christ!