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  1. Farewell atomic, I joined in 2008 when I was an edgy and furious teen, now I'm 30 and because of the connections I made here, I have a job and friends for life. I'll be forever grateful. x
  2. where are you gone?

  3. Xap


    Facebook made me come here to see what the fuss was about. :p Feedback: The ranks are bad for my diet!
  4. Xap

    RIP Darkmatter

    I've known since Sunday, and have given my condolences on Facebook to his family, and have had my fair share of tears, met up with Bug today and we consoled each other and that really helped. But it feels right coming back to the Green Room to say a special farewell, as it is because of Atomic I met him and I am so fucking glad I had the pleasure of knowing him. We got shitfaced together a hundred times, he drove me home when I'd had too much to drink, made me laugh when I was feeling sad, bought me lunch when it was obvious I couldn't afford it and never asked for anything in return. He was one of the most loyal and blunt guys I've known, which are two very important traits to have in a friend. Sean was one of my best friends, and I will love that jerk forever. RIP buddy. xox
  5. Ramsay is coming. Why would he have to bother with Reek when he's been invited? If they don't include Reek i'd be very fucking surprised.
  6. Xap

    Hey guys, just something to say

    I believe without a condom, anal sex can sting for everyone involved.
  7. Xap

    Anyone know what this movie is?

    Atomic is good like that.
  8. Xap

    Steve Jobs. Dead

    Golly atomic used to tell me everything, now it's facebook *shame* Anyhow, it's too bad when the world loses someone worth being famous. Hope god is an apple user.
  9. Xap


    Nope imo. Inc yeti movie that flops.
  10. Xap

    Who's going to the Perth royal show?

    I am against my will.
  11. Xap


    Messing around with people who are just doing their job isn't funny, you can't blame people for what they do to feed themselves and their family. They aren't hurting you, just simply say no thank you.
  12. Xap

    I'd just like to say....

    That sucks man.
  13. Xap

    A fun little diversion.

    I thourally enjoyed myself.
  14. Xap

    Really? I mean, REALLY?!

    I hate the Beatles, that is correct, you heard me, HATE. People act as if they are beyond music, have their own little tier above the rest of the worlds musical wonders. They don't.
  15. Xap


    I have 10 in my fridge.