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  1. Skull

    Wow, electric cars huh?

    Watch the doco "who killed the EV" Interesting, EVs were kicking in the 90s and car companies (even tho they designed them) destroyed them. Some had ranges of 600kms and matched gas vehicles.
  2. Skull

    I want to ride my Bicycle

    new bikes will always need their gearing adjusted after a few rides (more so cheapys) as the cables stretch. Quality bikes and bike shops have better quality pre-stretched cables to prevent this. Take it to a bike shop and get is serviced.
  3. Skull

    Tomorrow, When the War Began

    and? apart from it being about a country getting invaded and kids fighting, I really see f all similarities.
  4. Skull

    Tomorrow, When the War Began

    and does the tmw series of books written also ring a bell?
  5. Skull

    Tomorrow, When the War Began

    mrs loved it, I thought is was ok. It appears to only be the first book.
  6. Skull

    Tomorrow, When the War Began

    seeing tonight, the Mrs is a fan. She got me to read the tommorrow series last year, then the followon of the tommorrow series called the ellie cronicles which is another three books. I thought overall they are pretty good, hopefully the movie is.
  7. Skull

    The fix has gone in

    It has got nothing to do with losing, it is about betting. With that knowledge a person can make a bet against a bookie saying bowl whatever will be a no ball and take the bookies to the cleaners.
  8. Skull

    How many pages is your resume/CV?

    this made my day. :) very lol worthy.
  9. This, when I first saw the head lines I thought this is stupid. Now after reading the article, you can tell that they are using the name teachbook to trade in on the popularity of the facebook branding. or MacBook hang on..... do those other examples also follow a similar purpose as facebook and teachbook?
  10. Skull

    What? Why is the army being stupid?

    Reserves are volunteer based, if you don't want to go you don't have too (a lot of people joined the Reserves or whatever it was called then back during vietnam to avoid getting conscripted). Also deployments are mostly for the full timers with small opportunities (ie. specialist roles) or low risks deployments to the Reserves (ie. Soliman islands)
  11. Skull

    What? Why is the army being stupid?

    They are a barracks environment headdress, they are a lot more practical than slouchies and a bush hat is a field environment headdress and are really only suppose to be worn in a field training situation. Example when inside a building you don't wear headdress, when outside you need to have it on. The beret can easily slip into your pocket, so no need for a hat rack and hats everywhere. Same deal is going on courses, a beret can just roll up slip in your bag, a slouchy is cumbersome and can get crushed easily needing you to re bash it and a general nuisance when travelling.
  12. Skull

    What? Why is the army being stupid?

    well personally I looked quite dashing in my beret.
  13. Skull

    What? Why is the army being stupid?

    you wouldn't wear a beret in them either. In an armoured vehicle anyone with their headout side the vehicle wears a helmet (driver, crew commander and any sentrys) and in a chopper the crew and section commander wear helmets, everyone else would have either their hat off or it would be a bush hat (with choppers it would be no hat) as we don't wear berets in the field and that is usually the only time you are getting around in an armoured vehicle or helo.
  14. Skull

    What? Why is the army being stupid?

    Meh, I don't care. When I left the regs I went from the rifle green beret to the gay blue all arms corps beret, so I didn't like wearing that one.
  15. Skull

    How did you vote?

    yep, he got my vote. I use to be a Liberal fan before Wilkie JG has already contacted him to try and suck his wang, his comment to the press is "I will remain independant" no he wont, he is a former Liberal Party member, however he has been making big mention of remaining independant.