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    change is afoot!

    All the best...
  2. GlennsPref

    BRIS: BBQ meat

    Me too! Been off the site for a while, But I'm still lurking around Brisbane. I had to diggup my password, it's been so many reinstalls since. I promise to pay more attention in the future. Happy days to you. Regards Glenn
  3. GlennsPref

    Arcade Project

    Hi Afer reading your thread... There's a few things you have not mentioned. Grub command line for setting vga size before X starts, this works for lilo aswell. 640x480 800x600 1024x768 1280x1024 1600x1200 Ask user at boot 8 bits vga=769 vga=771 vga=773 vga=775 vga=796 vga=ask 16 bits vga=785 vga=788 vga=791 vga=794 vga=798 vga=ask 32 bits vga=786 vga=789 vga=792 vga=795 vga=799 vga=ask A way to demand a particular X(org) graphics driver at the Grub command line xdriver=vesa, and amd, nvidia framebuffers (fb) This will stop the kernel loading a free driver, which blocks the loading of the proprietary driver when X starts, for instance. I have found LinuxMint to be very friendly when it came to setting up a small/old box, and configuring it like my main box. Gateway firewalled server desktop GamesBox. It only has an Intel onboard graphics, but still plays movies and songs and linux games. burning/copying an iso to usb In GNU/Linux I use dd for all this demo stuff with distos. sudo dd if=/home/glenn/Downloads/kubuntu-13.04-desktop-amd64.iso of=/dev/sdd Looks like a great project. I'll keep a look out.
  4. My kubuntu system upgraded to 13.04 and broke steam. I reloaded kubuntu 12.10 but still wouldn't run. I've just finished installing Mageia3 (rc3) Like I use on my main system, mga4 cauldron 64bit Steam works fine , still cooking the other box, updates, et-al
  5. Well, It's back and competitive.
  6. you may create a server from any linux distibution. Because the underlying arch is the Linux Kernel. Cheers, Glenn
  7. Hi, Just wondering what driver you use for your Razer Mouse? I have magnification adjustment (lefthand side buttons), and the main 3 buttons, as well as scroll. I stumbled upon this while playing CS:S with linux, after updating the drivers/firmware in win7 (well it asked me to) The drivers listed in my xorg.conf are gpmdata and evdev. Is this right, or have the settings from windows7 stuck to the mouse now?
  8. Hi, I got steam and CS:S running with custom skins on my Mageia (RPM based packages) system. It's really cool, just as good as win7. I'm getting 260 odd fps with the CS:S video test/benchmark I have not had to change, or switch off desktop effects to run. It's Great! I guess I'll be just as happy when CS:GO is fully converted (not participating in betas atm). I enjoy the extra competition., online "newbie"... lol. I get smacked down real quick!! Thanks for the tips and for your interest. Cheers Glenn, aka GlennsPref105 (Valve) edit, fridy nite hazzardz... I have had kubuntu running CS:S, it was a bit more difficult to get it to run on this rpm based system as the steam installer is custom for ubuntu!(apt-get, dpkg) As usual, GNU/Linux is LOOKING UP!
  9. Hi, I started with Ashton Mills Uber Atomic Firewall Project. It's quite dated now as far as package names go, but still relevant. you can find a copy of it here. Journalist's Awards. I appreciated Ashtons layman approach. still do.
  10. Me to, but for me it's a step in the direction......for valve games.
  11. GlennsPref

    Bent CPU Pins - Return declined.

    Sorry for not reading all the posts in this tread, but, having worked in the repair industry.... I personally, would ask, before insisting, about good will . If, after you insist they still decline, (me knowing a manufacturer would accept them under the good will practice (I think it's global), especially if you got no use fom the item... I think your shop/retailer is copping out on some postage they would usually need to spend anyway sending stuff to Manuf's. Yeah, I remember a caes here with a well advertised shop, never (anyone I know) accept a warranty job. I think it was ... cant say. But they must havre had a tight budget, they would just put you off and tell you you must have made a mistake, and that was your problem. they would not even fix things. Sad
  12. GlennsPref

    bent CPU pin

    If the screw driver option is a bit tight... try a "clutch pencil" to slide over the pin and gently straigten it. Just thinking while typing, ... a Biro/pen cover or pencil may be too big .... Tooth pics are good to, and don't forget that the socket will straighten the pins a bit, that works if they are deep enough to be effective. Breaking a pin off ... I havent done since the Thunderbird (AMD2, opteron, etc(?)) less pins per cm than todays bulldozer. It worked, IMHO, lucky.
  13. Yes They are doing good, I feel this when I see the 13yo here with his mates playing CS:S between Win7 and Ubuntu machines with no real latency issues. I do Like that. To explain what I said in the last post, (Like a child...) how come CS:S (halflife2) works and no others? Is not an engine an engine? Cheers, and I appreaciate your efforts and those of the gaming programmers (my nephew is one(he dosent have a beemer, yet, lol.subaru!)). I'll sub to OSS, but as with Prop. the more I spend the less I get. Regards Glenn (in case you thought noone reads your posts) ;-)
  14. Thank you for the heads'up, nobody813. I get the updates and read them, because you post them (different part of life). Thank you. Yes it's been a year, and the going is good, but It is difficult for me to see that a company would upgrade and old product, when they believe the newer (CS:GO) product is better/ or more desireable to the consumer. Maybe to play CS:GO you have to have M$, otherwise you wasted your money(, like I did for 2 copies.I have 2 of CS:S and CS:GO) I(t) worked for a while, but when I decided not to pay for buggy software, it nolonger was available. Even If you don't, I think that sux. Plenty of shit programmers driving beemers, l,ol....
  15. Bad luck....surely! Hope you get it back up. I've got steam for cs:s running on this Mageia (RPM based) sys and with a kubuntu (DEB based) system. I got CS:S running on the kubuntu system, until I change maps....(prolly a connect issue between the net and system.) 'be'ng doin' a few other projects as well......