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  1. Cypress


    Long time listener, first time caller....in a while :) How's everyone been? So I bought Skyrim this week and getting into it. Made a pretty default Nord 1H specialist battlemage. As many people have mentioned I've already got several other characters lined up in my head :P The action can be a little slow-paced at times but I guess that's what makes the game so epic, you can spend hours crafting or exploring cities, but when you need to rock out and carve up some fodder it's available. The graphics to me are impressive without being spectacular (playing on a 360) but again, the storyline and sandbox aspect of the game need to be taken into account. I'm just playing through my first few quests with the Companions, currently Level 11. I've spent some time getting Smithing up and looking at improving Enchanting also. I've got my favourites sorted right now but sometimes have trouble bringing the right ones up. Option 1 is Flame/Axe and Option 2 is Heal/Axe but sometimes when I select Option 2 it's Heal/Heal and I have to go back and remap them again. A little frustrating. My favourite moment so far was kiting a Giant around a rock while burning him to cinders, only to loot his corpse and with my puffed up chest go challenge a mammoth he was leading somewhere, that'd didn't end well. I did get a nice view of Winterun when I was tossed 50ft in the air :P One question for the experts, how does the whole Soul tap thing work? I have a 1H axe which sometimes steals a soul from the deceased (only when I have an empty vessel right and below the right level correct?). Are these filled vessels used for Enchanting? ( I haven't started that yet) And if I 'charge' my Axe is that allowing me to capture more souls until it runs out again?
  2. Cypress

    Warhammer 40,000

    The man is a creative genius! Possibly mentioned above but try Titanicus. It's set in the 40K universe and is a one-off rather than a length trilogy. If you like that then get immersed in some of the longer series. I think a lot of the books are intertwined but at the same time can be read individually. Malus Darkblade is my favourite piece of work but that's because I prefer that universe to the 40K one.
  3. Cypress


    Maybe been said already... Speedball Winter Olympics....used to have some epic games on that Ports of Call
  4. Cypress


    Does anyone remember an old-skool RPG game for the Amiga 500? It must have been late 80's or early 90's. You could choose a Minotaur as a race along with your usual Elf, Human...I think Faire/Pixie was one. You basically rocked around a map, entering dungeons and killing stuff. I think some of the baddest guys were Hill Giants and Frost Giants. My memory gets a little hazier at this point :P I think the name was similar to Phantasia or Fantasia or something? I remember it being truely epic back in the day and was hoping to track it down.
  5. Cypress

    New Zealand to become New-Stralia ?

    Gold! I'm a Kiwi and fairly up-to-date with current affairs and haven't heard boo about this topic. Smells like an April Fools joke to me.
  6. Cypress

    KFC Tower Burger

    I'm pretty sure Tower Burgers never disappeared in NZ. The one's with the hash brown thrown in there right? Wendy's was my favourite drunken feed. And they had one open late about 20mins walk from my flat. Great times! They don't have any in London though :( And their kebab's are crap!
  7. Cypress

    Does it make me any less a man...

    Love Actually I can sit through for sex because the cast was pretty good. Notting Hill has Julia Roberts in it right? I'd have to be getting all sorts of craziness to sit through 2 hours of her.
  8. Cypress

    Hold your breath.

    I'm not sure what I do in anticipation. I just know it's not holding my breath because I can't do that for sh*t! I tap my foot sometimes like I really need to go to the toilet :P
  9. Cypress

    Age Of Conan freebie?

    I quit playing after i managed to glitch the best gear in the game and still get ripped to shreds in PvP by barbarians. Hang on, let me get this right... You got purples by glitching the game, instead of learning to play the game as it was intended, nor learning how to play your character and win gear as a reward for accomplishing the objectives set in the game, then... you complain about being beaten in pvp by other players...even when wearing good gear? AoC players have a saying when encountering this kind of attitude: L2PorGBTW. Learn to play or go back to WoW. Pretty harsh, I agree...but your experience (what was it, a month and a half at release?) is more of a reflection of you than it is of the game. Yip, couldn't agree more. When you say the best gear in the game are you talking about PvE gear from Raid's or PvP gear from Arena? Therein also lies your problem if you think the best PvE gear allows you to compete in PvP.
  10. Cypress

    Real Time Strategy

    I'm a big fan of RTS games, ever since I'd go over to a friends place straight after school and stay until I had to be home for dinner. Ah, Dune, thank you for the memories. I think Warcraft 1 followed and how many people can put their hand up saying they happily sat there just clickiing their units constantly....What?! WHAT?! What do you want?! Why do you keep touching me??!! Haha, good times. There are a number of game genres out there and I was almost about to say that to me RTS's are about strategically conquering a map while collecting resources and building a base. But there are always a few games that fall into a gap in different genres. Does anyone remember Syndicate? I loved that game. I'd probably classify that under RTS, but their was no base building involved. Even Lemmings had an element of RTS, although you could pause the clock :P Since the good ol' days I've played or at least dabbled in most of the RTS crowd - Warcraft, Starcraft, Age of Empires, Mythology, Kings etc etc, Empire Earth, DOW. I'll always enjoy the base building, resouce collecting RTS but I think it'll be the ones that break the mold that will hold the most appeal for me in the future. I enjoyed the RPG element and map of the DOW expansions and am looking forward to DOW2. I think they are heading in the right direction.
  11. Cypress

    Red Dwarf voyages back to Earth!

    I just hope they kill off Rimmer and Lister gets the girl :P
  12. Cypress

    Red Dwarf voyages back to Earth!

    Sa-weet! I'm sure they'll put enough effort into making it good. They must be paying the actors enough to come back for a 2 part finale.
  13. Cypress

    Oh no.... I'm a coffee junkie

    Amen brother. I still usually have a coffee in the morning to wake me up and one later on at night but not nearly as much as I used too. Ciggies, completely different story :P
  14. Cypress

    Gym Junkies out there

    QFT. I've never been to the gym and I still maintain a healthy 80kg. I've always exercised so the gym holds no appeal to me.(i.e. walking, running, free weights, press ups blahblahblah)
  15. Cypress

    The cricket

    Geez, when SA have confidence they can chase down anything. Another record broken - highest SCG chase. You gotta rue those dropped catches though, very un-Australian! You're not missing Hayden are you? :P