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  1. mulder

    What are you playing at the moment?

    Subnautica (has alot of potential) , Decided to keep playing witcher 2 EE and DIablo 3 Season 3
  2. mulder

    Trans Pacific Partnership agreement leaked

    Going via this crap government , they love keeping corporations happy . So they probably will sneakily pass this through .
  3. mulder

    Swear to God* I didn't see this coming

    And the CIA funding Al Qaeda. Which is pretty much the point Leo is making. America fucks it up every time. Nailed It right on the head !!!
  4. mulder

    What TV series are you watching?

    The Librarians , The Flash , Constantine .
  5. mulder

    And What Are You Listening To?

    I love this Song Mark Ronson - Daffodils (feat. Kevin Parker of Tame Impala).
  6. mulder


    I enjoyed the beta over the weekend . I found it interesting is the skill levels for weapons , armor , guilds etc . I liked that if you read books your levels in certain things go up , so it pays off to read every bookshelf . I found the flow , pretty good . Just got slow in certain parts . Public Dungeons where cool , the world bosses are fun . I am umming and arrrree'ing to buy it . Might just see closer to release . The game has ALOT of potential , lets just see if they can pull it off . Not like alot of other MMO's that had great potential , but developers failed to pull it off , hmmm like Age of Conan , Tabula Rasa , Defiance , Star Wars The Old Republic .Just to name a few .
  7. mulder

    WoW - Worlds of Draenor Expansion

    This is just a grab for money , before , they release the new IP MMO . I played up until WoLK . I was over it when I bought Lich King , then , was totally over it after a while . But , if wow , is your thing . Good for you and keep playing .
  8. mulder


    I agree 100% there . Rather wait until they fix the bugs a release better versions .
  9. mulder

    Best gaming monitor?

    Asus VG248QE 24in 1ms Response Looks pretty good
  10. mulder


    Get a 29" AOC $599 PC Case Gear AOC 29"
  11. mulder

    Aliens: Colonial Marines

    I bought , it preloaded and started to play and went Game Over Game Over . I have just finished it . Man the cinematics was shit , pretty much almost everything was shit , Except for most of the original sounds . What in this fucking world made gearbox let timegate fuck up this game so bad . And after all the interviews , saying its this and that , we have the fans in mind and they will love it . WTF dude , if it was like doom 3 when it first came out , but , in the aliens universe . Doom 3 made me jump in my chair and listening to every sound to see whats coming around the corner . My point being Doom 3 had that atmosphere , which aliens CM should have . Glad i only spent $38 bucks on it . Should have waited and got deadspace 3 .
  12. mulder

    Mundine V Geale live stream?

    Lets just hope Mundine gets KO'd . Arrogant wanker . If he loses there will be some excuse .
  13. mulder

    Paperless office

    There will never be a paperless workplace in the next 10 years .
  14. mulder

    Powerline kits.

    The problem with powerline networking is that , if some one else is using a powerline kit as well , if they are on the same circuit they could maybe see your network . We had a situation where my boss is using powerline cameras for the warehouse . And next door another company was using the same setup and it blocked our view on the server , and showed up on next doors . So be careful .