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  1. Elfarch

    North Korean Rocket launch

    I'd job in for both. ICBM test that puts up a rinkydink satellite. Might even be something useful for them. Need results on the full flight path, if it came down and if there is a new sat up there.
  2. Elfarch

    The hangover Look ...O_0

    * waves* greetings to you Elfarch :) <quoted Eveln> guk, the lurker uncloaked. *waves back* just a momentary insanity Ev, I should fade back into hiding any old tic now. :o
  3. Elfarch


    Just the usual good luck all for these cases, it's about all that really helps. I'm still on a few antidepressants and will likely have the dosages upped soon but they are mainly for pain control rather than the mental effects these days. Frankly depression is useful when you can't be arsed enough to do anything about ending it all. I can still get some laughs though. All praise to black humour. p.s., I have a support group of morbidly depressive buggers up here that meet every month for, our style of, fun & games.
  4. Elfarch

    The story behind your Avatar?

    Because I couldn't be energetic enough to pick one. Used to have a beloved manic emoticon but lost it with the 2nd (?) forum change over, see above reason.
  5. Elfarch

    The hangover Look ...O_0

    Sooooo, if I effectively apply a machete to the neck of some young thing who did a really good example of this fashion masterpiece would my monopoly get out of jail free card be of any use?
  6. Elfarch

    Remember, remember, the 5th of September!

    Now if your rug rat was on time I'd only be fashionably late to this party instead of disgustingly late. Anyhoos, congrates to all three of you.
  7. Elfarch

    Crime doesn't pay, kiddies

    Lucky your mate wasn't jailed M_S. Booby-traps of any type, let alone of the near / deadly, are illegal here. Pollies have no sense of fun at all. Counter reasons given are innocents (family) being injured and disproportionate response. Nobody deserves to die they say, well what I say about that is not for polite conversation. 8p
  8. Elfarch

    Stop poking the bear you stupid yanks!

    Rather than pissed off I'd say Putin will be rolling around on the floor in laugh induced convulsions pleased as punch. Next time he wants to sabre rattle or actuate a real war he will only have to rant and wave a copy of this as he does it.
  9. Elfarch

    Green slushi story

    I have always loved this story and the related ones. If the lad is mentally scarred by it at his age he's too unstable to exist safely in this world. This is of course only the opinion of this particular blackened walnut of a heart/soul. ;D
  10. Elfarch

    Ban notice: elvenwhore

    Yes, well, under "this" banning criteria I'll still be here when the sun flares into a red giant and possibly when it shrinks back to dwarf status. Couldn't resist emerging from lurkerdom for this "juicy" topic. Wish I could see elven's face when she gets around to noticing this. p.s., nearly got blinded the other day after logging into the new format after a mild panic with the forums being down. Nice job and working through the teething problems pretty well so far.
  11. Elfarch

    [PC] Atomic World of Tanks Thread

    Something for anime types, sorry not fan service or tentacle equipped but actually on topic for this thread. The comments on the episodes you might find of interest as well. Background: All girl schools which are on converted aircraft carriers. Hey, it looks fun. The school activity club of the series is "Tankery", safety modded tanks invisibly keeping the same stats and looks of the outdated models used for PG nonfatal combat. Two episodes marked Epi.5 give most of the detail for the background.
  12. That one just looked like a minor though large area grass fire to me from the visible film. Of course with a decent wind it would quickly be a different kettle of fried fish.
  13. Elfarch

    Euthanise our kids ?

    Nice link Cybes. Makes my multiple spurs look like a bowling lane. On topic I give a big yes, also for anyone that wants it and compulsory execution to those pushing it on someone else.
  14. Elfarch

    Happy VD everybody

    Sleep, game, sleep, cater to cats and eat, sleep, game and forums, sleep, read, sleep. Any time not sleeping adds chockies and occasionally fruit. Not a bad day off.
  15. Elfarch

    What do you wear 24/7

    Hair. Well, mostly always.