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  1. rokape

    Guild Wars 2

    lag central atm, server hopping is rife with global pop. spikes very pretty game though...
  2. rokape

    Secret World

    Im enjoying atm, it is reminiscent of Age of Conan in some of its mechanics, very atmospheric. I like the puzzle aspect and the option to research solutions in meatspace as opposed to grabbing spoilers from youtube, for example the morsecode quest near Ellis, at the airport, was a very satisfying solve for me. Graphically superior to SWToR, which I'm also playing but getting a little tired of (Master Dar Nala : Terhminator, Bluhottie), overall it's a quality production that's best enjoyed with a mate and a coffee or beer. Huldar is where I am, still to roll an Illuminati, as I'm enjoying my Templar (Blayderunner) too much, rolled a Dragon, Neoshaman build, (Teknolok ), but didn't know what I was doing. The flexibility to be any class is of merit and the play styles is totally your choice which is refreshing, reminds me of EVE a little bit in that aspect, but without the stratospheric learning curve and brutal 0.0 play style. There seems to be a mature player base in Huldar which is good, (I'm getting sick of trolls in SWToR and my ignore list is constantly growing), there is some bugged quests which, unfortunately, is a staple in any fresh MMO, SWToR is still a bit buggy in some FP's. Haven't progressed too far but what I've seen is promising. I'll still play SWToR due to Guild commitments but this IP is intriguing. :)
  3. Just wondering if the latest Atomic is out on Zinio yet ? Anybody else have any probs ?
  4. rokape

    Rage 5 running 60FPS on Console

    the game itself reminds me of Starlancer the way the world reacts around you when your in town, npc's coming up to you and giving you congrats for a good race etc. it's mechanics are definately on rails and the "open world" description is a complete fabrication which is a shame, not being able to jump over a 1 metre rail reeks of laziness and your avatar customization and adjustments are virtually non existent so I wouldn't describe this as a an RPG, (although the vehicular game is interesting). the graphics are pretty good, I'm running it on twin 4870 x2's at 2560x1600 with no noticable lag initially the textures were pathetic and the frame rate was a slide show, but the RAGE specific Radeon drivers worked like a charm I don't think I would replay this game but I am finding it relatively interesting, it wasn't worth the Steam price I paid for it but that's what you get for being impatient I think the Fallout World wouldv'e benifitted immensly from this graphics engine as long as the "open world" was legitimised Currently I'm at the Underground City and it's keeping my interest so hopefully it'll follow through to end game.
  5. rokape

    Dead Island

    don't know if a topic already exists but check this out http://www.gametrailers.com/video/cinemati...d-island/710652 very impressive oops!! Nuke already did this, soz
  6. rokape

    Dead Island

    You are correct Bushi and so is Nems assumption of my I.Q. ......................and it was in the a.m. and I was on nights...................!
  7. rokape

    Asus Transformer

    Been using one for 2 weeks both at home and at work. I'm finding it quite handy for work looking at plans and procedures that are in PDF and .xml format. I can't install Asus Sync onto work computers so it only shows up as a media player when plugged in so I use a card to grab the updates I need. Apart from that I'm pretty happy with it. It seems very 'snappy' when opening assorted files like .xml, .doc and such. And video looks good as well. Battery life is great. I work 13 hour shifts and I use the pad around 20-30 time a day, with about 30 mins of video being watched during the commute to and from work. After the day is over I'd still have around 85 % of battery life. And this is not including the dock power cell either. The Android market appears limited compared to the Apple juggernaut but it has the stuff that I need so no complaints. Overall I'm happy with it.
  8. rokape

    Dedication of the Japanese nation

    http://www.news.com.au/technology/gaming/j...9-1226024777551 AK 74 whore as well
  9. rokape

    accessing PS3 HD via windows

    Hey guys Just a query. I've just successfully upgraded my PS3 HD to 500 gigs. The back up file file exceeds all my portable usb drives so I can't install any of my saves, pron etc.... I have the 40 gig PS3 HD looking sheepishly at me feeling all neglected. I want to format it and use it as means to port the backup to the console, but not before I save all the data onto PC. Are there any progs that'll allow me to clone the 40 gig PS3 HD to my PC ? Cheers in advance...
  10. rokape

    accessing PS3 HD via windows

    roger that ive attached it to an external HD enclosure, but windows doesn't recognise it hence I can't access it in order to copy over the information, ill give the Admin Tools a whirl and see how that goes cheers
  11. rokape

    Star Trek Online Beta Keys

    ive just grabbed the digi deluxe version on Steam does that give me access to the Beta?
  12. 1 room has my PS3 neworked through CAT 6 and a Billion 7500g router the other room is where my main rig is set up on a Netgear router. Can I have my PS3 access the interweb throught the Billion whilst I get ganked playing WoW on the Netgear? Both rooms have phone lines. cheers in advance :)
  13. hmm ah well, looks like I'll be doing a cable run ty for the info :)
  14. rokape

    LAN/Poker night

    Laz Sorry bout the last minute post but the little lady is under the weather and I will be a no show. I Steamed L 4 D and everything, ah well such is life. Enjoy and I hope I haven't stuffed you around. ( and get everyone to gang up on Pine for me ) see you in a couple
  15. rokape

    Like tears in the rain

    Man Buggy... I'm kinda stunned. I wish I could throw you a health pack or something but unfortunately it doesn't work that way in meat space. I sincerely do hope that your recovery is swift. Take care and stay healthy fella.
  16. rokape

    So here I am....projecting.....a

    yeah but Middy, you have the best avatars... :) and Pine I would say that 1st thoughts about ArmA 2 is that it is ...cumbersome, not as refined as CoD in some areas, a lot of potential though. Learning curve can be brutal in some instances, and it will take a little getting used to with liberal use of motion blur and excessive head movement. But a digital killing machine of your calibur will no doubt excel at it. (cunty)
  17. rokape

    So here I am....projecting.....a

    does or will anyone have ArmA 2 on the night ?
  18. rokape

    So here I am....projecting.....a

    Hmm I'm turning 39 on the 18th of July and the wife said she'd divorce me if i come along... Lazz can I get a note from you saying it's a b'day party for me ? I dunno if it will help but at this stage I'm willing to try anything. SPYDOG, when you see her at work you need to put in a good word for me bro...
  19. rokape

    Antivirus for Vista x64 plz.

    I'm using Avast 64 bit, with no hassles so far.
  20. Hi all I was removing a heatsink off of my 8800 ultra for a watercooling project and the ram module came away with it as well. I've placed it back, matching it with the space it was ejected from, and installed the water cooler over it. I was wondering whether it will play havok with the system. I'm sli'ing twin 8800 ultras and water cooling them via a separate circuit from the cpu. I'm still waiting on parts so I thought I'd put the feelers out for some feedback as to what to expect. Hopefully it'll be business as usual, but if not, well... an expensive and disappointing mistake on my behalf.
  21. rokape

    vga ram prob?

    sigh... thought so cheers for the feed back retail therapy to the rescue, gonna grab a 295 gtx and have the remaining ultra for phys x
  22. rokape

    Best space 4X games

    right on Buggy MOO 2 rox
  23. rokape

    [PAC] Opening LAN at Bilko's Mess

    fuck me that shit was funny. and so accurate. Haha thats one of the funnier rants I have read in a while. :D Lady finger banana huh? Hahahahaha. No way can you bunk with me dude - im doing the swag thing (if i stay over at all) and that is strictly a one man band. Sorry to disappoint......I think Im lending pinecoffin the travel bed too, but if I aint, you can have that. And Bilko 3 PM? Man the show'll be half over before we start.......this isn't boding well for your first LAN already........You need to be highly dedicated to host a LAN, to the detriment of everything else! Guess we'll just see on the day wont we. yes please to the bed of travelness. you wouldn't fit on that thing anyway rocky! :P Pine you'd be surprised at how deftly I can maneuver my svelte form... sigh..................your probably right
  24. rokape

    PS3 Hard drive upgrade.

    so what's the largest capacity HD that can be installed?