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  1. fr3nzystrikesback

    Diablo III

    I'm rocking 60 melee wiz, just about to hit 59 on my barb, 34 dh, and started a WD. should all be 60 by the end of next week. Rolling in ilvl 62 rares atm due to mass crafting (spent 10mil in the last few days on it, and got some fucking epic loot). Spec is: LMB - Spectral Blades - Deep Cuts RMB - Energy Shield - Prismatic Armour 1 - Frost Nova - Cold Snap 2 - Meteor - Star Pact 3 - Explosive Blast - Chain Reaction 4 - Diamond Skin - Crystal Shell Passive 1 - Blur Passive 2 - Critical Mass Passive 3 - Evocation Stats: Str - 479 Dex - 320 Int - 1173 Vit - 699 Armour 4746 (unbuffed), 7830 (Buffed) DPS: 10353.54 Resistances: all 900 +/- 20 32k HP 629 LoH Crit 34% Currently trying to find a new 1h (current is 695dps w/ 629 LoH, look for 900+dps with 900+ loh), and buff my crit hit damage to about 200%
  2. fr3nzystrikesback

    Diablo III

    Wouldn't get too cozy with that build, won't work in Inferno.
  3. fr3nzystrikesback

    Best 1 minute of video you'll see today

    that was shit.
  4. fr3nzystrikesback

    Games with the best stories

    Freespace 1 and 2. Hands down.
  5. fr3nzystrikesback

    V2 Cigs

    I used e-cigs for a while, and the feeling is similar yet different. They definately turn you off normal cigarettes, as initially they seem harsher, then get smoother, and the normal cigs start to kill you when you inhale them. Sadly I've shifted back to the normal smokes, but they did help alot - I felt healthier, more energetic and less shitty hen I wasn't inhaling tar and other shit, yet still got my nicotine hit - and it tasted a fuckton better.
  6. fr3nzystrikesback

    Shimmers (Matt Ingle's Re-work)

    Kick is too heavy. Eq it the fuck down man - and watch your overlapping frequencies, there's a bit of muddy-ing going on. I'll give a more thorough critique later. But those are the main things that stick out.
  7. fr3nzystrikesback

    My fathers experience in our public hospital

    Sadly mate, in this day and age, I dare say the only apology your old man is likely to see is in the form of a malpractice settlement cheque. That's really the only course of action you can really take with any hope of an outcome. They won't apologise as that is tantamount to admission of guilt - and hospitals love to cover their asses. Seriously, seek a lawyer. Sue for damages, and when they want to settle out of court ask for a written apology as part of the settlement.
  8. fr3nzystrikesback

    My 'man cave' in my currently non-existent house

    Well then, you're dating a petulant child who's far more selfish than you. Walk. The. Fuck. Away.
  9. fr3nzystrikesback

    My 'man cave' in my currently non-existent house

    Not that easy with her, trust me. :< Either man up and put your foot down, explaining that your opinion holds merrit, or man up and ditch the self centered tart.
  10. fr3nzystrikesback

    New car?! Post about it on atomic!

    3rd car actually Corpus, been on my L's for the better part of a decade. But thanks anyways mate :P
  11. fr3nzystrikesback

    $20 an hour, 5 hours a day ,365 days a year, 10 years on...

    I'm fairly certain a bunch of us are approaching our 10 year anniversaries here. Congrats on being one of the first mate :)
  12. fr3nzystrikesback

    Anyone a cane toad expert?

    Pretty clearly a frog, toads are much broader.
  13. fr3nzystrikesback

    I finally understand

    This is why whenever I get fucked around by a telco, I make one phone call to them to try and resolve it. If that is unsuccessful, I then lodge a complaint with the TIO. I don't have the time, or patience, to deal with their bullshit. They can cop the fines from the ombudsman.
  14. fr3nzystrikesback

    New car?! Post about it on atomic!

    So he's got a pushrod 5L. I'm guessing AU model. And he managed to make a pushrod go through the head? I wonder what he was doing? I'd take that challenge. I could get a falcon that'd be better dollar for dollar. I think the point completely missed here, is whether I would have wanted a bloody Falcon? It's big, unwieldy and down right UGLY. The best I could have hoped for would have been an AUIII or such, and I fucking HATE the AU falcons. No, for what I paid, I got EXACTLY what I wanted.
  15. fr3nzystrikesback

    Bring back hawkowl

    Yay for the gutless alt troll. And to answer your request. No.