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    yeh thanks I will try anything at this stage.
  2. Guys, I done a fresh install of Vista and all upgrades. The problem is that most times when I push the power button the system powers up but the screen dosent come on. I dont get the normal short beep when turning on. All the lights indicate that the system is going. I then press the reset button and it will normally boot up. When it happened last I turned off the power, disconnected the power cable and took the main power of the motherboard (hoping to reset it). Booted up again and it was fine, first time. This seams to becomming common every time I turn it on. Any ideas would be great.
  3. I am currently running Vista HP and I have 2 HDD's. The 320GB HDD has the operating system on and I use the 650GB HDD for music and photo's. I would like to install my games onto the 2nd HDD (non OS). Is that advisable to do or should I just leave them in the default directory upon install. So I am just trying to determine what is the best way / best location to store install these games as I dont want to run out of disk space on the small one. Any advise would be welcome.
  4. Can somebody recommend another Disk Defragmenter other then the standard Windows XP one. Free or not.
  5. I had herd that a lot of the data that you may want to transfer is situated in the "All Documents" / "Documents and settings" folder. I just dont want to go through the process of reinstalling stuff like saved games, Mozilla favorites, email favs etc or should I just bit the bullet and start from scratch.
  6. I currently have windows installed on a 320GB HDD. Just brought a new 640GB HDD. I want to freshly install windows XP onto the 640GB however I dont want to lose all my info on the old drive. What is the best way to transfer the data?? I was thinking about doing a drive back up onto my external drive. Is that the best way to go??. Ideas please. TA