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  1. SnowSquirrel


    Having recently looked at parenting forums, it's absolutely disgusting the amount of women who are getting their sons circumcised because they think their son will be confused if their willy looks different to their fathers. I've known 2 men who needed surgery as adults. Having babies chopped because of the small risk they'll have medical problems later, is stupid.
  2. SnowSquirrel

    What's on your mind?

    Do you mean mein Gott?
  3. SnowSquirrel

    Where does everybody live these days?

    Nup, Wormstrangler was Cairns and then Whistler, Canada. Last I heard he was back in Aus, but that's going back a few years
  4. SnowSquirrel

    Bill Cosby

    Wait, you're comparing someone who had consensual sex with someone who raped women? How's your wife going, by the way?
  5. SnowSquirrel

    Bullying: The risk with 'accepting differences'.

    Wait, how many moderators does a forum with 5 active users need? LOL
  6. SnowSquirrel

    The one that got away

    So I've been nostalgic the past few days, reading all my old pm's, looking up old threads. Simpler times. I joined the forums when I was probably 14 or 15 years old...which is a heck of a long time ago. But the downside of the nostalgia dives, is I've been reminiscing about long lost love. The young simple giddy love. The pesky one that got away. Or rather, I chased away and sabotaged and never gave a chance. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy with where I am. But I can't help beating myself up just a little bit about the way I conducted myself. I never thought I'd be 'worth' him, so I just ended up fucking up the opportunities I was given. And I was certainly given more opportunities than I deserved. He'll probably never read this, or if he does, he probably won't know I'm talking about him. But it's better that way....to be cryptic. Life moves on and no matter how much you want to go back in time and seize the day, you can't. So how about you guys, eh? Do you have an elusive one? Do you ever feel just a little bit sad about it?
  7. SnowSquirrel

    Where does everybody live these days?

    Perth these days, but maybe back to Victoria at some point. Perth - just as shit as everyone promised Doesn't help you at all, though.
  8. SnowSquirrel

    What's on your mind?

    Stuub - I hope you're okay. That's absolutely awful. I can appreciate that he doesn't want to hurt people but I don't know if withholding it from loved ones is a better alternative. Must be super tough on you :( hang in there. He's lucky he has you
  9. SnowSquirrel

    I'm back

    Wait wait, your wife is in a women's refuge? :/
  10. SnowSquirrel

    Same-sex postal survey is a go

    69% yes
  11. SnowSquirrel

    What's on your mind?

    My dog busted his ACL and vet wants $3000 to fix it. I just can't afford it. Net says people sometimes have good outcomes without surgery by containing the dog for 6 months and not letting them move around, but I just feel awful not being able to get him the surgery. He's 8 and breed lives 14-17. FML
  12. SnowSquirrel

    Board Games thread

    I really want to get into more board games. Only recent one I've played is Relic, which I enjoy, but the play time is so ridiculously long. I want to get City of Horror, but $$ And a lot of games end up being so expensive and then too fiddly or time consuming for people to bother with :( Or boring :( Hector - how shit was QI the board game? :P
  13. SnowSquirrel

    What's on your mind?

    Got engaged in Saturday. Very unexpected but a pleasant surprise. Now the reality of what engagement means....I have to plan a wedding? Sounds awful! Engagement party...wedding...honeymoon, all while doing the inevitable pre wedding diet...is it worth it? :p Considering staying engaged forever.
  14. SnowSquirrel

    Buck(s) parties and hen(s) parties

    Most people I know that are my age and are married/getting married have done the whole strippers thing. I thought it was the norm >.> I know not all men are into it, though. My current partner has no interest and hates being dragged along to strip clubs with me