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    Kevin Smith (is not) too fat to fly

    I'd like to say that I love all of Kevin Smith's work and I am absolutely sure he fit in one seat, but the drama he and the rabid fans have made of this is sort of ridiculous. That's the problem with twitter, turns the whole of human communication into retarded flame wars - even between famous directors and airline PR representatives. Jesus Fuck.
  2. Her twitter feed is also rather hard hitting and witty: And, to throw her hat into the piracy debate ring: Whatever happened to this world?
  3. maxamatosis

    If you had to go to war

    Unless there was a direct tangible threat to this country, and by that I mean Australia being invaded DIRECTLY, I would refuse. And if they tried to make me, I would shoot them. See how they like it the fuckwits.
  4. maxamatosis

    Advice for land freight services.

    It's definitely more than 140. Probably the first time of many I wish I had bought a 76 key piano rather than an 88.
  5. maxamatosis

    Advice for land freight services.

    Since I'm sure many atomicans are eBay veterans and the like, I thought this would be a good place to come with for advice. I have recently purchased an electric piano that currently resides in South Australia and I need to organise a courier to get it to me here in Brisbane. It's going to need to be picked up from the seller's place of residence as it would be unreasonable to expect him to take it out to a depot. Air freight looks like it'll be far too expensive, at least a few hundred dollars and considering I only paid $600 for the piano that's a bit much. There's no rush on the freight so land is fine, it's just I have no idea what's what with courier companies and was wondering if any of you folks could recommend me any companies or at least tips of what to look for in a company and perhaps an idea of what I should be paying. The Piano is in a box 150cm x 40cm x 30cm and weighs about 15kg. Bless.
  6. maxamatosis

    GPU or CPU?

    Umart are okay, always lots of waiting for at least one component going out of stock right after you order and hanging around for half an hour or so at the store unless you go when it is very very dead and warranty claims are normally okay except if you don't plan to pick up the part straight away otherwise they'll pretend that they lost it so they can use it in another build.
  7. maxamatosis

    How is your i7 mobo going?

    So you're waiting months for this mATX i7 board and you're planning to stick it in a standard ATX case? Weird.
  8. Don't do it. Go straight to Windows 7 Beta, you won't regret it. Yes you will. Say good bye to your MBR.
  9. maxamatosis

    Rapist and torturer jailed for 18 years...

    I think that he should be locked away forever, preferably alone, until he draws his final sick breath. But any human who calls for the death of another human is a sick fuck too.
  10. maxamatosis

    Heat makes people do weird things

    There is NO excuse for killing a HUMAN BEING AT ALL, except perhaps in self defense. If you say this man should die, you have the exact same sickness in your heart that he did.
  11. maxamatosis

    KFC Tower Burger

    Dude I would get a plane down to NSW for a burger lol. Brisbane is 3hrs from where i am and ill happily drive 3hrs to eat a burger. Please don't. I can't handle the thought of you being in the same city as me.
  12. maxamatosis

    Does it make me any less a man...

    Yeah, hate to say it but this is pretty much right.
  13. maxamatosis

    Music Players

    Not pretty enough? wtf? Every other program on your computer isn't pretty, why should your media player be? foobar is the best, lighter than any other player, global hotkey support, modular set-up, tabbed playlists, most functional library view. Every display window is scriptable, so you can have your title bar, status bar, playlist and album view displaying the exact text you want and sort your files the exact way you want. Add in the masstagger and file operations that let you use the same scripting engine to re-organise your collection on your computer. Proper EQ and post processing to enhance your audio experience. foobar2000 man, the only choice.
  14. maxamatosis

    What keyboard and mouse to choose?

    Well you're going to need blue tooth if you want to connect it with the PS3, aren't you?
  15. maxamatosis

    Israel - Gaza